Star Wars: Scum and Villainy (and Profit)

Poor Lowhhrick, Alas We Knew him Well, Too Well

Episode 1-20-2016

Bandin Dorba’s YV-666 In orbit above Formos
CH1 and Lowhhrick after shooting several henchmen, continue searching for Bandin Dorba on his ship. CH1 heads to the lower deck towards engineering. Lowhhrick, off on his own, finds the Armory but has trouble getting into the room. The door is locked and his new disruptor pistol only makes a small hole when he shoots the door. After several tries he finally gets the door open. Everything inside is in locked crates or locked racks. Suddenly the ship is violently shaken by a hit from something.

Planet Formos Spaceport
Oskara finally comes out of her bunk and comes up to the cockpit where Pash is monitoring the scanner aimed at Dorba’s ship in orbit. She sits down in the co-pilots seat. Pash looks up from the scanner at her. Osk asks him “Why are we toating around those 2 morons ?” (Pash) “I have been asking myself that same question” (Osk)”Lets leave them here. We have a decent stash of credits. You still have to give the report to Jabba and give him his 100,000cr” Just then Pash sees through the cockpit canopy. The garrisons heavy turbo laser cannon starts rotating and aiming up to the sky. Pash points and says “Oh frick. That is going to hurt when that hits.” Osk turns to what Pash is pointing at. Just as the turbo laser fires. Pash checks the scanner. A direct hit to the aft quarter of Dorba’s ship. Pash continues the final power up procedures. Osk closes the ramp and goes back to Mathus in engineering. “We are getting out of here, FAST” The R4 astromec droid bleeps that it has called the garrison on the arrival of Dorba’s ship. Osk now pissed. Shuts the R4 astromec down and then places a restraining bolt on it. She pushes it into cargo #3 and locks the door. Mathus is confused at her actions “He was helping me with these power fluctuations” Pash asks the spaceport control for clearance to take off. He lifts the Devil about 10 meters off the duracrete pad and slowly starts heading South out of town. Just then, another ship shows up on the scanner near Dorba’s ship. It is a Bulk Transport and it moves in close to dock with the YV-666. The turbo laser fires again but this time misses.

Dorba’s Ship
CH-1 braces himself in the stairwell as the ship rocks. He continues down to the cargo deck and heads aft through all the strewn cargo towards engineering. Lowhhrick is still in the armory. He breaks open the locks on 2 crates with his vibro knuckles as the ship lists to port. He hears a loud clunk as the ship shakes. “That sound like ship docking?” He opens the 1st crate. It has fragmentation grenades in it. He takes 5 and puts them in his satchel. CH1 when he gets to engineering. Confronts a locked door. He uses the ship intercom to imitate Dorba’s voice. He persuades the crew in engineering to open the door for him.

Imperial Garrison – Planet Formos
The turbo laser fires a 3rd time and hits the YV-666 in the bow. Then a big ship arrives in system over Formos. It is the Interdictor Class Heavy Cruiser “Glorious Retribution.” It fires up its very large system wide Interdiction field. Spaceport control reports “No traffic in or out of Formos. An Imperial Apprehension is in progress. Please stand by.
Dorba’s Ship*
The ship rocks hard. It is now venting atmosphere. CH1 launches most of the escape pods while still empty and leaves 1 for his escape. He attempts to overload the engines but cant find the right controls or sequence to do it. Lowhhrick, hearing the air rushing out the door. Quickly open the 2nd crate. It has stun grenades. He takes 5 of them and puts them in the pouch of the kilt. He calls CH1 to find out what is happening. CH1 tells him “get to engineering, cargo deck. 1 escape pod remains.” Lowhhrick takes a deep breath of any remaining air and heads to engineering. By the time he staggers to the cargo deck. He is hurting bad. His heart is pounding out his chest. He is starting to get light headed. Cargo is flying in all directions. It feels like it takes him forever to get to the engineering room door. It is locked. Lowhhrick bangs on it. He can see CH1 inside. CH1 over the intercom, forces Lowhhrick to use the last of his breath to admit that droids are smarter and better then meatbags. Only after he says the words does CH1 open the door. Lowhhrick staggers in and lumbering follows CH1 into the last escape pod. The door closes and it launches. Lowhhrick finds a breather mask and puts it on and straps in. As the pod arcs towards the planet. Its increasing speed starts to heat up inside. Soon the heat is getting critically hot. Lowhhrick can feel the grenades getting too hot to hold. He decides to stuff them all down the fresher tube before they explode. Just as he flushes the fresher. The grenades go off. Blowing a large hole in the side of the pod. Now the pod is venting atmosphere. Lowhhrick is knocked unconscious and CH1 is power deprived to his control circuits as the pod crashes hard several kilometers East of town.

Sand Devil – Planet Formos
Still watching the scanner. Pash detects 1 life form in 1 of the 2 pods heading East. He turns the Devil in that direction. Pash and Osk are pretty sure CH1 is in that pod with either Dorba or Lowhhrick. They plan to destroy the pod and kill 2 mynock with 1 blaster bolt. Osk climbs up to the dorsal quad laser while Pash inverts the ship so she can get a better shot. Osk soon finds out someone has disabled the targeting computer for the gun. She is pretty sure it was CH1. No one else would have a reason to sabotage it and the job done to it looks like his hatchet style of work. When she tells Pash this he curses and rights the ship. In the process, he gets too close to a sand dune and scrapes the port side of the ship. Putting a stress point on the hull. As Osk climbs down to the ventral gun. Pash closes in on the target escape pod. The radio crackles. A Lamda class shuttle is closing fast from the West. “YT-1300 – Sand Devil. Stand down. This is Imperial shuttle 238TR34. The occupants of that pod are our prisoners. Please leave the area and return to the Formos spaceport until further notice. Respond?” (Pash) “We seen the escape pod come down. We were just going to rescue whoever it was and offer assistance. We will comply and return to the space port. Sand Devil out” (238TR34) “Roger that, Imperial shuttle out” Pash closes radio contact just as Osk reaches the cockpit “Frick! That was really fricken close. If we would have shot the pod. They would have seen us and I am not sure what I could say to get our butts out of that situation” Osk sits back down in the co-pilot seat thinking. All of a sudden she smiles. Pash never likes it when she smiles. He is expecting the worst. She puts out a desperate call to Maru “Maybe Maru can pull strings to get us clearance to get off this rock. Anyway, those 2 are captured or most likely, please I hope, DEAD. From that hard of a crash.” After 7 tries a groggy Maru answers “What do you want? Do you know what time it is? I’m busy with someone.” (Osk) ”I need your help. I am on Formos. There is an Imperial incident taking place. Everything is locked down and we need to get off planet. Can you do something?” Maru looks to the left and says something to someone off the holo. She turns back to Osk smiling. (Maru)“You are going to owe me for this. Owe me big time” (Osk) ”Thats not a problem. Really, not a problem” (Maru) “I will see what I can do” Maru’s holo fades out. Pash lands the Devil back at the spaceport near the warehouse they were sitting at before. He keeps the engines warmed up and running. Mathus peeks his head into the cockpit “I thought we were leaving the system? (Pash) Interdiction field is up. No one in or out till the Imperials above us says so.” (Mathus) “Are we in trouble? What about Low and CH1? Where are they?” (Pash) “Most likely captured or possibly dead. We on the other hand are laying low. Plus Osk called in a favor to get us out of here” (Mathus) “I never signed up for all this terror and confusion. I cant go to jail. I cant handle jail, and I hate being shot at.” Nervously he walks back to engineering. (Osk) “Whats wrong with him?” (Pash) “Weak stomach. No sense of adventure.” After about 30 minuets. Spaceport control comes on the radio. “Sand Devil – you have clearance to take off. What? Who approved this? Sand Devil – I suggest you leave quick before someone decides to change their mind. Heading 285 mark 15. Spaceport control, OUT” (Pash) “Thank You control. We are on our way” Pash hits the vertical thrusters. When clear of the top of the building. Spins the Devil to a heading of 285 and engages the main engines at the 15 degree rise off the planet. The jump coordinates are still in the computer for Teth. When they get out of the gravity well. They jump to hyperspace.

Imperial Interdictor Class Heavy Cruiser – Glorious Retribution
Lowhhrick wakes up on a hard slab in a 3 meter square cell with a short step up to a solid blast door. He has a set of extra large binders on his paws and all his equipment has been taken. He tries the door. It does not open. He sits back down. After a while the door opens and in walks an imperial lieutenant and 2 storm troopers. The lieutenant starts asking Lowhhrick a barrage of questions. Low soon grows tired of the questions. He stands up. Squares his shoulders and easily breaks the binders. As the stormtroopers move to stun him. He grabs the Lieutenant. Squeezes the air out of him and then throws him at the 1st trooper. Knocking the lieutenant out. The 2nd trooper fires and hits Low. The 1st trooper on the floor also fires. Low knocks out the trooper on the floor. Low is stunned to unconscious by the 2nd trooper.
CH1 becomes alert in a mechanical repair bed in a droid maintenance room. He runs an internal diagnostic of all his systems. He is marginally operational. The Maintenance droid in the room moves toward him. (Droid) “You are active? Are you experiencing any lingering malfunctions?” (CH1) “Negative. I am within satisfactory parameters” (droid) “Excelent. I will inform lieutenant Manar that you are – as he puts it – awake” (CH1) Where is this place?” (Droid) “You are on the Glorious Retribution. A Interdictor Class Heavy Cruiser.” The droid leaves the room and an Imperial Lieutenant enters (Manar) “Ah yes. You are awake. I need some information to complete my report and I can answer any questions you have? You have been out of commission for over a day” (CH1) “And what has transpired with Bandin Dorba?” (Manar) “On the tip from your R4 droid. He has been captured and is in the brig with any survivors of his crew. His ship, what is left of it, is in the shuttle bay under impound. Who was the Wookie that was found in the escape pod with you?” (CH1) “I know not. He entered the pod before the doors closed. I was not concerned as to his identity at the time. The escape pod was malfunctioning. We experienced an explosion that caused decompression and the pod to continue to Formos on a non safety parameter course.” (Manar) “I see. Well, You do not know him? (CH1) ”Negative” (Manar) ”Good, anyway you will be given partial credit for Dorba’s capture and receive a portion of the bounty. Where would you like us to drop you off? (CH1) “Tatooine would suffice” (Manar) “Excelent, we are headed in just that same direction. You are free to move about the ship. Please do not venture into any restricted areas. Your equipment and weapons will be returned when you disembark.” (CH1) “Thank you Lieutenant Manar. When will we reach Tatooine?” (Manar) “I am sorry to say. Not for another week. We have several stops along the way.” Manar leaves the maintenance area. CH1 also exits the droid maintenance area. He soon finds out some of the other Bounty Hunters involved in the capture of Dorba are also on the ship.
Lowhhrick again wakes up much later on the bed slab. This time he has 2 sets of extra large binders on his wrists. The door soon opens and an interrogation droid floats into the cell. The door closes behind it. Low jumps to his feet and again breaks both binders. He smashes the floating droid to the floor. When it tries to move again. He continues to beat on it until its lights go out. He removes all the needle injectors and a scalpel. He breaks open the case and removes the power pack and anything he thinks will be useful later to escape. The cell block commander watching on the monitor just shakes his head to the other 2 guards there. “This 1 Wookie may be more trouble then his worth in credits to the Hutts at Kessel. Cant see why we have orders not to disintegrating him?”

Sand Devil
After 4 hours the Sand Devil comes out of hyperspace over Teth. The Devil puts down at the spaceport to refuel. Osk puts out an add on the holonet to anyone that wants to move freight from Teth to Tatooine. By the time the refueling is done there are several requests. Only 1 of them is going to Tatooine. Droid parts to a Toydorian named Watto in Mos Eisley – 3000cr. She takes the run and has them send the crates ASAP. Pash pays the fuel bill 2000cr. Not too bad a price when you consider how far out of the way this planet is. 2 hours later the 4 crates of droid parts are stowed in cargo #2. The bill of laden is filled out. Mathus orders noodle take out for the 3 people left abord the ship from a place down the block. It was recommended as good food by the Sulstin that was fueling the Devil. It arrives 15 minuets before we leave. 27 cr + 3 cr tip. Pretty good noodles. No one know what the meat in with it is, but it is good. Lift off clearance given from control. The Devil takes off and is soon out of the gravity well. Several wild jumps later, about 31 hours and we come out in system in Tatooine. (Pash)“Damn I Love This Hyperdrive.” Spaceport control for Mos Eisley puts us down in landing pad A23. We are not far from Watto’s place. I have met him. He is a very old Toydorian. A little cranky but not as much of a PITA as Anatta. “He may even have the parts to fix the targeting system on the Quad laser.” As we are preparing the 4 crates to go to Watto. Mathus comes up to Osk and Pash with a duffle bag in his right hand and tool bag in his left hand. “I need my cut of the profits. I cant deal with the worry anymore.” We transfer 12,000cr to his account. (Pash) “Where will you go” (Mathus) “ I think I will go help Sol rebuild his shop. He needs a good mechanic” (Osk) ”We will miss you” (Pash) ”Yea, we would not have got through some of the scrapes without you. If you need anything. Call us. We are still friends, Right?” (Mathus) ”Yea, still friends. I just cant take that we get shot at every turn. Bye guys.” He walks down the ramp and out the landing bay door. Looking at Osk and Wally (Pash) “Well, do we need to look for another mechanic or can you and Wally handle it?” (Osk) “We can. Right Wally?” Wally beeps affirmative. Osk will take the crates to Watto. Pash loads the 100,000cr, the holo footage and his report on the bike to go to Jabbas.

Jabba The Hutts Palace
Jabba’s palace makes Temo’s look like an old ladies home for the blind. This place holds the scum of the galaxy. It is also 20x larger then Temo’s place. There are cutthroats, thieves, bounty hunters, corrupt politicians, thugs, drug dealers, murders, smugglers, enforcers and all other sorts of undesirable people. MY kind of place to feel at home. I still lock the bike and pay 1 of the urchins 5cr to watch my bike. Waiting my turn in the back of the throne room, Bib Fortuna ushers many to Jabba’s dias for business, pleasure or punishment. I go over my presentation in my head. Soon it is my turn. At least I know enough Hutties to know what Jabba says. I bow to him. (Jabba) ”You are late. Late by 1 week or so. What you have to say?” (Pash) “We ran into some repairs on Formos. But, I bring a full report and the payment from the mine that you acquired from Temo.” I lay the 100,000 credits out for Jabba and everyone to see. All talking and music stops round the room and everyone is staring at me. A smirk come across my face. I calmly go on with the report and play the holo of the mine. Jabba is more interested in the credits then my report. I end it with the suggestion to offload the mine to some unsuspecting sot. (Bib Fortuna) ”Why would we do that?” (Pash) “As per the head miner Marv and the bore samples he had. The vein that they are mining is running dry. He suspects maybe another 1-2 years and there will be nothing left but rock. Even now their extraction of ore is down 30% from last year. Also there is need of some upkeep in new equipment and personnel. Temo was using B1 battle droids as slave labor.” Jabba says something about Temo that I do not understand and I look to the protocol droid. Its reply. ”You do not want to know what his highness called Temo” (Jabba) “Pash mehbookee. You and your crew have done well. I offer you 10,000cr or I release you from my service. You Choose now?” (Pash) ”Release, but we can still do business together, right? (Jabba) “Yes, more business, more runs, more profit” (Bid Fortuna) “Come with me Pash” As I leave the throne room a Gamorian guard is carrying the 100,000cr out of the room and the music starts up again. Bib Fortuna walks me down to the garage (Bib Fortuna)“Very good. Master is pleased with you, You do know you are more the a week late? A lot more.” (Pash) “I know, but the 100,000cr in chips I laid in front of him made him forget that part” The older Telwik just shakes his head smiling as he walks back to the throne room. I fire up the bike. I pay the urchin another 5cr for a good job of watching the bike and head back to the Devil.

Sand Devil
Osk had delivered the parts to Watto. 3000cr added to the ships account. I put the bike back in cargo 1. Osk tells me the Lucky Guess is on their way back from Drall to Ryloth. I tell her the good news. ‘Jabba release our contract. We can work for whoever we want. Besides he called me mehbookee.” (Osk) “What is mehbookee?” (Pash) “It is more then a friend. Less then family. Like a step-son” (Osk)”ok, but what does that get you other then a cup of java?” (Pash) “Respect, especially in front of the entourage in his throne room. Word will get out. We need to celebrate. At Temo’s Palace. Anatta owes us. Besides I owe Brynn a date and maybe a little more.



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