Star Wars: Scum and Villainy (and Profit)

Just A Hop Skip and Jump To Getting Shot At

Episode 1-6-2016

4 hours later we are circling Teth trying to find that crazy fuzzball. After 20 minuets of pinging his com link, he finally responds. He is several miles away at a town called Trandor. When we get there. The dock master gives us clearance to land at the Temporary Docking Station. AKA “Taxi Stand” As we descend, CH1 in the dorsal turret spots Lowhhrick running across the roofs of the buildings at the edge of the spaceport. I slowly swing over in that direction. The dock master starts screaming at us to get back into the landing pattern or we will interfere with other traffic. I spin the Devil around so the Starboard side is facing Lowhhrick. I open the docking ring on that side and move close to the last building waiting for that giant nerf to get there. The wind kicks up suddenly on me and the Devil hits the top side of the building, When I bring her around a 2nd time. The wind throws us another way and we hit again. I look out the cockpit canape to see where that fuzzball is and he is holding a black kilt he took off a clothesline on the last roof. Not a care in the world. Like he is shopping on holiday or something. As he admires it to see if it will fit. CH1 targets the local police speeder chasing him that is on the ground in the street below. When they hear the danger targeted beeping in their speeder. They back up real quick. I start screaming and pointing to the open starboard docking ring. Lowhhrick finally takes a running start and jumps onto the ship. When I hear he is aboard. I close the hatch and put the Devil in a steep climb. When we get out of Teth’s gravity well I plug in the coordinates back to Formos again and put us back in hyperspace. Lowhhrick comes up to the bridge smiling. He holds up the Black kilt to his midsection. I just shake my head as he walks out smiling. Later I hear him arguing with Mathus about fixing his broken bowcaster. Afterward he comes up to me on the bridge. Hands me 5 100cr chips and says “You hold. Mathus fix gun. Then I pay him. You got gun I borrow?”. I reach under my seat. Pull out the E11 hidden there and hand it to him. He examines it. Opens the folding stock and checks the site. He smiles, pats me on the shoulder and walks out mumbling something about sleep. I think to myself “ Why am I a taxi service for this lot of Yahoos? I can make a good living skimming off running the Lucky Guess around and flying a few odd errands for Jabba. Why?” 4 hours later we come out of hyperspace over Formos. There is a medium range Imperial troop transport in orbit. There are several Lamda class shuttles ferrying down new troops to the garrison. This is just a waypoint for us. Our computer quickly downloads any local news updates. Wally and I make the calculations for the several micro-jumps to get to the asteroid field where Brandin Dorba’s supposed hide out is.
After 6 hours and several jumps, we are at the edge of the asteroid field. Moving slowly, so as not to hit any big floating rocks. It takes us another hour to find Dorba’s hideout. As we get closer, I am pretty sure we have been detected. There are several old style clone war droid fighters circling the hideout. A closer look at the potato shaped asteroid reveals many worm holes and caverns spotted all over the asteroid base. Then, 2 of the fighters accelerate to attack. Lowhhrick jumps into the dorsal turret. CH1 into the ventral turret. I put the Devil into some wild evasive maneuvers. We take some damage but not too bad. The guys have eliminated 3 fo the fighters when an ugly shows up. This fighter looks like a Headhunter fuselage with Tie fighter power couplings and wings. There is a missile rack under her belly. Vicious looking ship. She is still out of range when she launches her 1st volley of missiles. No amount of dodging and weaving can get away from those missiles. By the time the 2nd volley hits us. I have the 1st jump coordinates in the computer. I am hitting the hyperdrive leavers as that ugly fires his 3rd volley at us. We go limping back to Formos. Now the argument over information starts. The R4 says it did not have accurate information on the armament at Dorba’s hideout. My reply “Great!, Just Great. When we limp our sorry butts back to Formos. I need to find someplace to get new armor plates and other components, or we aint going anywhere. I doubt we will find the parts to fix the escape pod system.” I look at CH1 “Well, now who bit off more then he can chew?” His reply “You are still alive. The Hand of Sorrow still flies.” The Hand of Sorrow comment makes my blood boil. Hate that fricken name. Hate it. I know if I hit him I will break my hand on his armor plating. I just walk to the serving droid at the bar and have him make me a drink. Back at Formos, the Imperial transport is still in orbit. I stay well clear of her. We get landing clearance for a slot near the ports repair facility. I bring her down a little harder then normal. 1 or 2 of the starboard thrusters must be out. Mathus and I make an inspection of what needs repair. A whole lot of plating. The escape pod control system. 1 starboard thruster. 1 burnt clear panel on the dorsal turret. We find a shop that has the plating and the clear panel. While I am haggling price with the owner. Mathus goes 2 doors down and finds the thruster nozzle and fuel feed controller to fix the thruster for only 20 cr. Meanwhile I get the Sulstan down to 2,200cr. We have them deliver it to the dock slot we are at. No one has the parts to fix the escape pod controller. “Oh Well” Back at the Devil. The thruster is an easy 10 minute fix. The clear plate takes us an hour. By this time the armor plates show up. I flip the Sulstan delivery driver 5cr. Remove damaged plate, weld new plate, repeat again and again as we work from the port side aft to the starboard bow. Lunch from a local vendor is real spicy and tastes like duracrete on toast with mayo. We will try something different tomorrow. After 10 hours of this we break for dinner at the cantina. At least the food is better there. Mathus orders a huge shredded nerf and cheese sandwich. I get bowl of oppat soup and chocho fries. I put a couple of feelers out that I am looking for a slicer. No one has any info on 1 that night. Next day, remove damaged plate, weld new plate. Repeat again and again. Tonights dinner. Nextu burgers and chocho fries. Again I ask around about a slicer. No takers. I even sit in on a 4 person Sabbac game. Only loose 50cr. Some of the towns people are annoyed at us. Mostly CH1 for not fulfilling his contract. News that Bandin Dorba is on his way to take retribution on them for the failure to kill him. CH1 cant get through to the towns people that he will still eliminate him. They all want to hand us over to Bandin and claim that it was a misunderstanding. Mathus and I finish our dinner and head back to work the night to finish. Leaving CH1 to deal with his mess. By the looks of this crowd we are going to need to get out of here real fast. CH1 goes to the Imperial Garrison and tries to intimidate Karos and Hamish ( the 2 thugs captured with Daro Blunt ) to defect and help him take down Bandin Dorba. He settles for paying their minuscule bail and they will tell CH1 some info about Bandin, his hideout and his resources. Back at the Devil. Mathus and I work through the night. Very early the next morning a Sulstan stops by the ship. (Sulstan) “Snoo mentioned you were looking for a slicer? What do you need? I can do it. No Problem.” (Pash)“I need the Name changed on this hear ship and the BOSS code modified slightly in the BOSS computer system. (Sulstan)“you cant change the BOSS code. Your engine is the code” (Pash)“Yes I know that, but the body code can be modified by 1 digit. Then you just modify to the same code on the BOSS pad for the ship.” He looks a little overwhelmed by this idea. (Pash)“I knew you could not handle it.” (Sulstan) Wait, I did not say that. Cost will be 500cr / hour. It may take me a couple of hours?” (Pash) “If you can make the changes. It is well worth it. We have a little more work left on the ship. What do you need?” (Sulstan) “I just need a computer terminal and an uplink to the Holonet.” I plug him in and let him do his work. Mathus and I finish up on our work on the ship. When I check on the Sulstan in an hour. He has the name changed to the Sand Devil. He is working on the body code changes. “Great, at this rate we may be able to dodge those Transdocians”
(Meanwhile back at Riigenks Cantina )
Lowhhrick, since he cant find anyone dealing in cybernetic limbs on this out of the way planet. He is deep in haggling over the purchase of a disrupter gun from a not so reputable gun dealer. He is short some cash and calls Pash to weasels 1800cr out of him. Now he has enough to buy the gun. CH1 is still arguing with the towns people about getting the job done of eliminating Bandin Dorba. They all want to hand him over to Bandin when he gets there and beg for forgiveness. CH1 and Lowhhrick together come up with a plan. Daro Blunt has a small shuttle. He is still in a coma at the medical facility. They will use his ship to take Daro up to Badin’s ship. Daro will be on a special gurney. Lowhhrick will hide underneath. CH1 will disguise himself as a Medical Assistant Droid as Daro’s nurse. Once on the ship, they will eliminate his posse and then take down Bandin himself. Neat and simple. They just need someone from town to fly them up to Bandin’s ship in Daro’s shuttle. The towns people all look at the 2 of them like they are crazy. More like they were crazy to hire them to take out Bandin. CH1 finally persuade 1 of them to fly the shuttle. Costs him 1000cr for his trouble to do it. Now they just need to go get Daro out of the garrison infirmary.
(Back at the Sand Devil)
Kunuv the Sulstan slicer gets all the BOSS codes changed for the Sand Devil. Takes him close to 4 hours. 2000cr paid. Just as he leaves. CH1 calls the ship to inform Pash of the plan to get Bandin. Pash sees this as a crazy suicide mission and moves the Devil to a more hidden spot behind a hangar. Bandin Dorba’s Ship, the “Vaigrant” a modified Correlian YV-666 freighter arrives in orbit. Pash and Mathus make sure the Devil is ready. They suspect they will need to extract the 2 crazy heads going after Bandin from the larger ship in orbit and high tail it out of there at top speed.
(Back In Town)
Daro’s ship is a beat up old 10 person short range shuttle. A brick with a joystick and 2 repulser engines in the back. They load Daro with his gurney and life support controls onto the shuttle. Lowhhrick stuffs himself under Daro in the cavity above the wheels. CH1 adds several other sheets to the gurney to help hide Lowhhrick. CH1 informs the Vaigrant that they will be transferring Daro up to their ship. The pilot starts the shuttles engines and preps for take off. 5 minuets later they are docked to Bandin’s ship.
(YV-666 “Vaigrant)
The shuttle lands in the docking bay. CH1 ( Medical Assistant Droid MA-245 ) wheels Darro’s gurney down the ramp. 2 of Bandin’s thugs meet them. (CH1) “Greetings gentlemen. I am Medical Assistant Droid MA-245. Where is your infirmary. I must re-adjust Master Daro’s medication. His condition has deteriorated by 3.876% since leaving the planet.” (Thug 1) “Follow us. We will show you.” (Thug 2) “You don’t look like any medical droid I ever seen?” (CH1) I am an older model. Very limited production. Became active at end of clone wars. Not needed in quantity” (Thug 2) “Sure, OK.” They all exit the landing bay and the shuttle heads back to Formos. The thugs lead our disguised heros down the long central corridor of the ships middle deck. Half way there, Lowhhrick’s fur gets caught on 1 of the wheels. Rips a chunk out. Lucky no one see it sitting on the floor behind them. Lowhhrick bites his knuckle not to scream. When they get to the Medical bay. CH1 quickly disarms and kills Thug 2. Lowhhrick rolls out from under the gurney and shoots Thug 1 with his disrupter gun. Blows a big hole in the thugs chest. He falls to the floor in a heap. Lowhhrick smiles. He is happy, very happy with his gun purchase. He turns to CH1 “OK boss, what we do now?”


Thanks for including everyone’s perspective. Great write up, as usual! All the little details make it come alive.

One correction – the Tie Ugly only fired one missile. One very accurate, very damaging missile…

+15 xp


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