Star Wars: Scum and Villainy (and Profit)

An Exciting Night On Tatooine

Final Episode 3-2-2016

A long needed night out on the town. The Lucky Guess even made it back to Mos Eisley after its drop off on Ryloth. Pash and Brynn, Oskara and Maru, Vex and Orpa and Grabbo tags along for the excitement. We land the Sand Devil and the Lucky Guess at the new expanded landing area at Anatta’s new and improved Palace. While coming in over Mos Shuto we can see major building and upgrades to the little town. There are even 3 new landing pads and another being built. Guess Anatta really turned this town around. With mine and Oskara’s help getting rid of Temo. I have on my best black suit and I even got my coat dry cleaned. Still have a bunch of weapons hidden in the coat. Brynn is wearing a sequenced black gown with a slit up to her left hip and stiletto heals that lace up her calf. “WOW” Damn near chewed my arm off when I seen her. Osk has on a light green gown showing ample cleavage. Not sure where she is hiding a weapon. On second thought. I don’t want to know. Maru is wearing a flickery silver and purple low cut gown that has 2 slits up to each side of her hips and a pair of thigh high shinny nerf leather boots. Orpa has on a little black dress that bearly covers her backside and black pumps. She has her hair in a high stacked bun. Vex has on a black tux. Grabbo has on a long black nerf leather coat. We look like a contingent of underworld high mucky mucks. Anatta shakes our hands when we enter. Small talk with animated smiles goes back and forth between the 2 of us is as usual of our animosity to each other. Anatta offers us Complementary drinks and each of us 1000 cr line in the casino. The main throne room has been converted to a bar, casino with a dance floor in the center. I chuckle when I look at where the chandler was hanging over Temo’s throne. There is a large lighting fixture attached to the ceiling there. Looks like it has several surveillance cameras integrated into it. We get a table at the casino. Most of the games are integrated into the computerized tables. We order drinks and dinner. Brynn and I split an argu steak and dorla fish medley sauteed in a wine sauce. Osk and Mara order the Chuchu kabobs. Vex orders an argu steak and Orpa orders the same sauteed vegetable platter that Grabbo ordered. After dinner Osk drags me over to the Sabbac tables to show her how to win. Her 1st mistake is that she blows the whole 1000cr on 1 hand. She pulls a good hand and wins the 1000cr that I loose because the Queen of Coins flips for me to a 2 of Swords. “Fricken beginners luck. Well at least I can get back to Brynn” A few more drinks. Some minor games of chance. A little close dancing. “Trying to remember, 2 steps right, 1 back, 1 left or is it 2 right, 2 back and 1 left. Frick… I will just fudge it”

Afterward on the way out to the ships. We all find out that Grabbo taught Vex and Orpa to understand some Shyriiwook speak while he was on their ship. Just as we get out to the middle of the landing pad. A shinny brand new Firespray rises up from the far side of the Sand Devil. “FRICK., it’s the Transdocians !” We hear the loud speaker crack on from the Firespray. “Krate Fang, Hand of Sorrow, Sand Devil. We are the hatchmates of Trex. We challenge…..” I don’t wait for the rest. I sprint for the landing ramp of the Devil. Osk, Maru and Brynn follow me. Vex and Orpa run for the Lucky Guess. By the time I reach the ramp the engines are starting to warm up. “Best thing I ever bought this Beck-on call” Osk climbs up to the dorsal turret and Maru climbs down to the ventral turret. A second after I jump into the pilots seat. Brynn slides into the co-pilot seat. I see her dress riding up her hip even further, showing so much leg that I need to bite my lip. I think to myself “Not Now, Not Now!” She starts balancing the fuel valves. “Oh Yea, Brynn was a pilot. A damn good 1 as I remember.” When I flick the scanner. It comes up RED and reads TARGETED. Grabbo is still standing on the landing platform screaming at the Firespray. He is saying “ I accept challenge. I avenged my people that Trex killed. I pummel him until light in eyes ceased.” the Firespray pivots to deposit 1 Transdocian on the landing pad then resumes its position aimed at us. Gives us just enough time for the engines to complete the warm up sequence. I Raise the Devil about 5 meters off the duracrete pad and pivot facing the Firespray. Osk comes up to the cockpit and jumps into the 3rd seat. “The Quad’s targeting computer is still broken at the gun. We are going to have to fire it only forward from here.” The firespray hits us with a missile. Osk misses with the quad. Maru does hit with the ventral cannon. The Firesprays 2nd missile misses.

On the duracrete pad below. Grabbo is trading blows in a hand to hand battle with the Transdocian. This is going on as the Devil and the Firespray are trading shots at each other over their heads. After we are hit the 2nd time and the shield generator fails. I decide we need some maneuver room. I flood the fuel lines, raise the pressure on the motivators and punch the throttle. Brynn looks at me with a worried look on her face. She knows what a dangerous stunt I am doing.” This hops us to max speed plus whatever I can squeeze out of the Devil. At a 40 deg climb. We are doing a speed of 6. Leaving the Firespray in the dust at the landing pad. Also blowing Grabbo to hold on at the edge of the landing pad. Sending the Transdocian off the landing pad to fall 500 meters to his death. Now flying thought the atmosphere to space at a speed of 6 sounds exciting. It is excruciatingly difficult and scarey as frick. Dodging any ships, satellites or debris takes split second control. Once we are out of atmosphere and have a substantial lead on the firespray. I slow down a little. Brynn with her mouth wide open just shakes her head at me. I throw her a smirk like I know what I am doing. She is really impressed or just scared to frick. Not sure. She says “I will go back and work the damage control listings. Shields are 1st.” she gets up and heads to the shield relay by cargo #3. Osk leans forward from the 3rd seat “ Soil your pants on that maneuver?” I look at her with a frown “NO, you just hit the fricken firespray with the quad when we get close enough again.” Now that we have room. I bring our speed down to 4 and put the Devil into a turn and head back towards the Firespray. “Man, we really gained some room.” Soon Brynn is calling over the ships intercom “Re-initiate power coupling 23 on the main board. Shields should be up. Give me 3 minuets more and I will be able to boost power to them also for a short time” I lean over to the far side and hit switch #23. Shields come up to full. The Firespray has left the atmosphere and is closing. Maru calls from the ventral turret. “Give me a full target to hit and I will get a clean shot and disable that pest.” Just as we get in range most of the lights and air handlers go out on the ship and the front shield power increases. Brynn calls “How is that for shields?” I think to myself. “Man, I got to keep this girl. Gorgeous and talented.” I keep us zeroed in on the target. Osk shoots, Maru shoots, the Firespray shoots, it gets intense. Those Transdocians keep complaining over the radio about a fair fight. “Yea right. Like I was ever going to fight them hand to hand or something.” I keep the Devil on target so we can hit her from behind. The only down side of the Firespray is that she cant rotate her guns to behind her. I loose tract of how many shots hit the Firespray. Soon it is venting coolant. As the firespray goes to hyperjump we hear from the Transdocians “You dishonorable scum. You have not heard……….” I come to a complete stop as we watch the Firespray streak away. I can only hope they misjump when they run out of coolant. Just then 2 Tie fighters show up. “Sand Devil this is patrol 237. What the FRICK is going on here? Over” I use the intercom “ Oh Brynn. We have company up here and need your soft soothing voice.” Brynn walks into the cockpit and sits in the co-pilot seat. She smiles at me and hits the radio controls. “Patrol, this is Overseer Brynn Talis – code: 457623A . We are not in need of assistance. Just a minor disagreement, and the disagreement just left. Please nix the report for this NON-CALL. Over.” (Tie) “Sand Devil. Since you do…I mean did not need assistance. We will continue our flight path. Patrol Out.” The Tie fighters move off to the South. Brynn leans back in the seat. Her chest heaving as she breathes heavy. Maru comes walking into the cockpit and sits in the 4th seat. “I ruined this designer dress. I need a shower. My hair is a complete mess.” Osk leans over to Maru and moves a loose lock of hair in her face to behind her ear. I look at Brynn. “Bestine ( Capitol city of Tatooine ) should have a good hotel with a decent 2 bedroom suite? Maybe even a hot tub. We can be there in 10 minuets.” The 3 girls all shake their head yes. As I punch in the coordinates for the city and hit the thrusters. I realize I am sitting here with the 3 most smoking hot women this far away from Coruscant. A man, cant get any luckier then that.

The next morning I wake up as the 1st sun comes up over the horizon. I look next to me on the bed. Brynn is still sleeping content. I can hear Maru and Osk in the other bedroom trying desperately to muffle what they are doing again. “What a night.” Brynn rolls over towards me and gives me a kiss. “ My shift starts in a little over an hour, Loverboy. You going to get me to work on time? Good thing I keep a spare uniform in my office.” Brynn now hears Maru and Osk in the other room and starts giggling. As we walk to the huge shower room I look around the suite. There are food containers, champaign bottles, clothes and towels everywhere. I ask Brynn “Why is the couch flipped over? Did we do that last night?” She smiles “Yes we did. Yes we did” and pulls me into the shower room. By the time Brynn and I finish in the shower. Maru and Osk are wrapped in towels, sitting on the turned over couch eating leftover food from last night. They are feeding each other cold chocho fries. 15 minuets we are at the front desk checking out. I look at the bill. Room – 400cr, room service – 125cr, bar service – 275cr, 1 couch – 100cr – 900cr total “WOW.! Gonna have to move allot of freight if we do this too often”

We drop Brynn off at the Mos Shuto spaceport control. She kisses me goodbye on her way down the ramp. I tell her “Got to make a short run but I should be back in a day or 2" She says “Call Me.” We next drop Maru off at her hotel in Mos Eisley. She tells Osk on her way out “Its always hot and heavy when I’m around you. I will see if any of my friends have something to move coreward for you guys.” She gives Osk a long kiss and slowly walks down the ramp. Osk turns to me. I am leaning against the bulkhead smiling. (Osk) “What the nerf are you smiling at?” (Pash) “Oh, nothing. We need to drop off those 3 crates at Smugglers Run.’ (Osk) “I need a nap. I got no rest last night.” (Pash) “Yea, I bet. Also, where are we going to find the parts to fix the fricken quads targeting computer?” (Osk) “Maybe someone on Smugglers Run will have them.” (Pash) “Yea, I want to fix it soon. Just in case those Transdocians get another bug up their butt. Now go adjust the fuel levels in the engine room before you take that nap.” (Osk) “Don’t make it a bumpy ride like you normally do.” (Pash) “Yea, Right…”



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