Star Wars: Scum and Villainy (and Profit)

This Will Definitely Be Part Of My Report To Jabba...

The group makes the jump to Gavos…

During the jump, the recently acquired medical droid speaks with Pash privately. It regrets being forced to leave behind its owner and its patients, and wants Pash to turn the ship around and drop it off. Pash tells the droid that he can’t do that right away, but that he will see what he can do after the group checks out the mine. Pash also encourages the droid to speak to CH-1, but it is reluctant to do so.

Later, CH-1 notices the droid moping around and tells it to cheer up. It accuses CH-1 of kidnapping it. Obviously CH-1 does not feel that way, and tells the droid it is now free to do what it wants.

Wally scans the planet Gavos. It is a small inhospitable world with a toxic atmosphere and near constant wind storms.

A ring of storm barrier generators dampen the environmental effects around the mine’s surface facility. Otherwise, the planet’s atmosphere would crush the facility.

The group attempts communication with the miners, but only get an automated response from a nav beacon. Pash circles the “Hand of Sorrow” around once, and notices another freighter on one of the landing pads. They land on the other landing pad outside of the facility.

Pash, Wally, Oskara, CH-1 and Lowrhick leave the ship and enter the mining facility. Right away at the entrance they noticed recent blaster burns on the inside of a window of an office overlooking the entrance. They proceed through a door to the Reception room. All is quiet.

Lowrhick goes through the door to the office, and finds smashed furniture and glass and a large stain on the floor. Tasting the liquid, he identifies it as Tandoshan blood. Pash investigates and discovers a shift change schedule. CH-1 quickly plays a game of chess that is sitting in a corner to completion against the AI. He wins.

A warning sounds about one of the shield generators malfunctioning. It repeats several times at deafening volume.

Lowrhick forces both doors that exit the Reception room. The first leads to a corridor. The group decides to check out the second door first. It leads to a Canteen where a cook droid is busy preparing meals for a shift change. There are 4 miners sitting quietly at a table in the back of the room.

Pash and Lowrhick advance, and CH-1 attempts to interrogate the cook droid. The cook droid mindlessly repeats the same phrases, asking what CH-1 wants for its meal. t looks like it is preparing various breakfast items. Lowrhick smells death, and warns Pash. The cook droid grabs 4 plates of waffles, and brushes past Pash and Lowrhick, and starts serving the men sitting at the table. As Pash gets closer, he can see that each man has several plates of food already in front of him. The cook droid asks each miner how he likes his food before he goes back to the stove. Pash now seems that each man has been shot by a blaster several times. They have been dead for at least 4 hours.

Pash checks the men, but their pockets have been cleaned out. Their overalls all have names stitched on them, and Pash ticks off the names on the shift change schedule. He sees that these men should be in the mines by now.

Lowrhick discovers a pantry, but after a quick glance at it leaves the Canteen. On the way out he grabs a plate of waffles from the cook droid. Pash investigates the pantry and finds another dead human male body in a freezer unit, also shot by blasters.

Lowrhick goes through the first door exiting the Reception Room to the long corridor, and checks the first door on the right. It opens on a Recreation room. Pash, and CH-1 follow. Osk brings up the rear, complaining that her long rifle is not ideal for these cramped conditions.

The Recreation room is empty, but looks like it has been frequently and recently used. Posters of home worlds, post cards from loved ones and sweethearts, and various calendars with scantily clad pictures of various races hang on the walls. Each table has various mugs and cups on it, and half-smoked cigars. Pash finds a half-full box of some premium cigars from Naboo, and stuffs the box into his pack. The box advertises that each cigar was handled by a master Gungan cigar maker, and contains a blend of exotic sounding tobacco plants.

After a brief inspection of the room, the group goes back out into the hallway. Lowrhick opens the door opposite, and it opens on a full refresher unit. It looks like there is someone in the shower, but the water is not running. Lowrhick opens the door, and a badly mutilated Trandoshan falls out into his arms. Lowrhick exclaims in disgust and lets the body fall to the floor. Pash checks the name tag on the overalls, and ticks off another name from the shift change schedule.

Pash tells Mathus to lock up the ship. He uses the beck-on-call to close the ramp.

The group checks 8 empty living quarters. Finds evidence of Naboo, Corellia, Gand, and Trandoshan miners. Each room is set up to handle 3 miners.

Pash investigates a side corridor, but stops when he reaches blast door. He rejoins the party.

The group finds an administrative droid deactivated in the Chief’s quarters at the end of the corridor. CH-1 removes its restraining bolt, and re-activate the droid. It has been deactivated for a full day, and is shocked to learn of the dead miners. It does not know anything about current events. It belatedly welcomes the group to the mines – it should have been waiting in the reception area to greet them! After learning that they are there to do an audit of the mine, it lets them know that it has been run on a shoestring budget the past few years as its owner (Teemo) takes out most of the profits.

CH-1 and Lowrhick suddenly don’t like each other, and brawl briefly before Pash breaks them up.

Another warning sounds about one of the shield generators malfunctioning. It repeats several times at deafening volume.

The group finds the administrative office off of the chief’s quarters. It has several filing cabinets and a computer terminal.

CH-1 goes back to the ship to get his disruptor blaster, and leave behind his repeating blaster rifle. Mathus greets him warily – he was actually holding the blaster behind his back when he saw CH-1 coming back to the ship alone! CH-1 grabs the blaster and tells Mathus to keep the ship locked up. CH-1 notices that he can see that more of the atmosphere is making it through the environmental shield as he returns to the base.

R2 taps into computer, and finds information:
1. shows that maintenance of droids was haphazard, used second-hand parts, and was done by a R2 unit.
2. showed video of a Trandoshan running through the reception area, the other freighter landing and the supervisor droid EV greeting the Sullustan pilot, and a small round droid leaving the base in a cloud car.
3. shows that the profitability of the mine has been declining, and that the miners have had to dig ever deeper to find iridium
4. showed that the previous owner (Teemo) never re-invested any of the profits in maintenance or upgrade of the mining facility, the droids, or the mining equipment.
5. found a general map of the mine facility, and that there is a way station about a kilometer deep

Pash uses the computer’s communications to contact the way station, and talks to the chief miner Marv Moray. Marv states that the droids suddenly rebelled during the last shift change, and killed about a dozen of the miners. The rest retreated to the way station, where they are trying to decide what to do. The have no weapons, only mining gear. Pash also confirms with Marv that the cloudcar is armed, and that if more than 5 of the shield generators are destroyed then the base will be wiped from the face of the planet by the harsh atmosphere.

CH-1 and Lowrhick goes through filing cabinets. Find files on all the miners. They are generally a bunch of roughnecks, but don’t have any criminal records, etc.

Lowhhrick leaves to try to force the blast doors leading to the rest of the base. He is unsuccessful after several attempts.

A third warning sounds about one of the shield generators malfunctioning. This makes 3 that are down. It repeats several times at deafening volume.

Oskara finds safe under computer desk. The get the administrative droid to unlock it, and it holds 165000 credit chips. The droid locks it again before the party can take any. After a brief argument, Pash gets R2 to replay the security to code to unlock it, and Pash unlocks it. He confirms that it has enough to pay off Jabba. The droid protests that doing that will not leave the miners enough to do the necessary repairs and upgrades to the mine to keep it running, especially now that 3 shield generators have been destroyed..

R2 unlocks all doors on the base.

Pash leaves to find the droid in cloud car that has been destroying the shield generators. He grabs 30000 credits to take with him. Maths begins warming up the engines.

Lowhhrick, CH-1 and Wally go off to explore the rest of the base.

Pash and Mathus are able to anticipate where the droid in the cloud car is going next thanks to Wally sending them the coordinates of all the shield generators, and examining the pattern of the generators that have been destroyed so far. They find the cloud car, and after a brief skirmish destroy it. The droid ejects safely, and begs to be taken in. Pash relents and lets it into the ship’s airlock. It takes all of Pash’s skill to keep the ship stable in the harsh atmosphere.

After they return to the base, Pash sees that the droid that they captured has a restraining bolt attached. He leaves the droid locked in the airlock, and tells Mathus to watch it. He heads back into the base.

Meanwhile, CH-1 and Lowhhrick find a medical assistant droid in what appears to be the locker room. After a brief interrogation, it appears to have limited intelligence and defective programming. They leave it alone. The next room is a storage room with a primitive load lifter droid and pallets of oridium everywhere. They spot a R2 unit behind one of the pallets, and after it is spotted it approaches Lowhhrick spouting harsh curses in binary. Lowhhrick sends an explosive bolt into it with his bowcaster, and blows it apart. CH-1 shrugs, and takes the lift to the airlock where the other freighter is docked. He finds a blood trail, and a dead miner behind the freighter’s ramp. The miner looks like he was killed with precise surgical cuts. Lowhhrick and Oskara join CH-1, and they board the freighter. They find the Sullustan dead from blaster fire, and several empty weapons cases. Oskara goes back to the engine room to disable the ship. She goes to work while consulting with Mathus.

Pash makes his way back into the base, and goes through the locker room and the loading/storage room. The next room looks like a combination work room, and ore refining facility. He notices that there are 7 packs of restraining bolts on the workbench, and 4 of the packs are empty. He grabs the restraining bolt applicator. He then notices that there is a lot of oil splashed around the oil bath tub. He fishes around with the restraining bolt applicator, and fishes out a dead human female named Ricca. As he is doing this he hears the other door to the room slide open, and two droid voices say: “We have him. Roger roger”.

To be continued…


A few things I forgot.
The girl in the oil bath for 1.
CH1 going to retrieve his other gun.
Nice recap

Tom C


BTW…I like the new background.
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