Star Wars: Scum and Villainy (and Profit)

Old Debts Come Due

The party traveled to Hive Trellick and met with Duke Dimmock. After charming him and presenting the evidence against Teemo, he agreed to follow Duke Piddock’s lead and cut off any future deals with the Hutt. In addition, he granted the party passage on a freighter called the “Lucky Guess” that was making a last shipment of goods to Mos Shuuta. The “Lucky Guess” just happened to be crewed by the siblings Orpa and Vex Vio!

On their way to the “Lucky Guess”, the party was ambushed by a Gand Findsman and a number of hired Geonoisian soldier drones on the docking gantry. Pash had some cover blown up around him and took a bad hit, but Oskara managed to spot the Gand hiding on a rooftop and disabled him with one shot! She scrambled up to the roof and dispatched the Gand despite his pleading for his life. He turned out to be Vrixx’tt, the Gand at Duke Piddock’s party. The Geonosians abandoned the fight and took off after their employer was killed. The Vio siblings were happily oblivious to the firefight happening only several dozen meters away!

The party boarded the “Lucky Guess” and they departed for Tatooine. A short while later, the “Sand Devil” piloted by R2-W2 followed them.

Upon arriving at Mos Shuuta, the party decided to do some rumor-gathering before tackling Teemo. They discovered from Hotho Allaran, the owner of Warehouse Aurek that Teemo had been buying a number of droid parts recently, and managed to acquire a bill of sale from him. After the party left, he closed up shop and departed Mos Shuuta for a long “vacation”.

They then visited Vorn, the owner of the junk shop and Mos Shuuta’s top mechanic. He confirmed that he had paid many visits to Teemo’s workshop and had been trying to re-assemble some B1 Battle Droids. He had not gotten far due to lack of parts and schematics.

The party also visiting Bengara, the owner of Trader Post. He had no information of use, except which brand of chocolates in Teemo’s favorites. Oskara bought some…

At this point the Vio’s let the party know they were ready to start transporting the droid parts to Teemo’s palace. Each character squeezed into a crate with the droid parts, and made the journey on the Vio’s transport to the workshop in Teemo’s palace. There they waited until all was quiet, and finally Pash could no longer stand it and popped open the top of his crate a little. He saw their old friend 41-VEX tending to the workshop…



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