Star Wars: Scum and Villainy (and Profit)

Jabba’s Mine And Ours

Episode 9-30-2015

While still in the short hyperspace jump from Kessel to Gavos. The FX7 Medical Droid comes to me and asks if it can talk privately. We find a spot in Cargo #3. I ask it “what is the matter.” I lean against Cell #1 and nonchalantly rest my right hand on the Gennocian blaster on my right hip. It sees this and keeps its distance. It asks “ I report to you Captain Pash. I am concerned about my patients that I was forced to leave behind. I did not ask to be freed in this manner. Could you return me to my home world soon. I might be able to explain my absence by saying I was mistakenly kidnapped.” I tell the FX7 droid that we can possibly return it to near its original place after we assess a job for an associate of ours. He seems a little depressed by this. My 1st thought is “can droids actually be depressed?” I tell him “By the way, I was not the 1 that freed you. I think you need to put your argument to CH1 for some compensation. He was the 1 that brought you aboard against your will. But….. we could use a good medical droid on board this ship till our doctor gets back. I got a mechanic that can fix and keep you in tip top shape. Is it a Deal for now?” FX7 agrees and rolls away. At this point the navcomputer warning alarm goes off that we will be coming out of hyperspace in 5 minuets. I head to the bridge to use the intercom to warn the crew we will be coming back to normal space. When we emerge, we are in system for Gavos. Takes us a short time to the planet. It is very close to the sun in this system. I radio for landing clearance, nothing. The only thing I can do is follow the beacon in. Once through the heavy wind and cloud cover there is a valley with storm barrier generators ringing the mine processing plant building. I slow and circle the building and I radio again. Still nothing. There is a small odd freighter on landing pad B. I land the Devil on pad A. All seems quiet, too quiet. I shut the engines down and go into the lounge. I tell everyone. “There is no radio contact. We came down by the beacon. Who is coming and who is staying on board?” Mathus and FX7 are staying on board. Osk, CH1, Lowrick and Wally are with me. I put on my armor, goggles and coat and we lower the ramp to file out. As we approach the door it automatically opens. We enter a brightly lit reception area with chairs. No one is here. There are 2 door. 1 to our left with a small window that is scorched on the other side and a door across from the entrance. We go to the door across the room. It is locked. We force it open. On the other side is a canteen with tables, chairs and a cook robot in the kitchen area making pancakes. There are 4 dead human miners at 1 of the tables. They have been dead for several hours from blaster fire. At this time I use the beck-on-call to close the ramp to the Devil. We then question the cook droid but we find that his intellect capacity is severely limited to cooking. He continues to cook and deliver pancakes to the 4 dead bodies, oblivious that they are dead. Behind the kitchen is a small pantry. We find 1 more dead human stuffed into a freezer unit. Nothing else of interest here. Then we hear the warning klaxon that storm generator 3 has failed and repair is needed. We can tell the wind has picked up a little outside. We go back to the other door in the reception room. Lowrick has already forced it open. There is a long hall way with 3 empty freshers on the left and a single door on the right. Lowrick forces the door to the right open. It is a recreation room. It is a bit of a mess in here. Drinks are spilled and stuff is scattered. I find a small box of cigars which I stuff in a pocket. This room has postcards and pictures of Corellia, Naboo and Transdocia. Plus there is a poster of a scantily clad female Transdocian on the far wall. We go back to the hall and it turns to the right. This hall has 6 sleeping rooms on the left. A hallway and 2 sleeping rooms on the right. There is also a door at the end. The door at the end of the hall leads to the managers quarters. There is a deactivated administration droid with a restraining bolt in there. Wally removes the bolt and we reboot the droid. We also find a dead Transdocian hidden in the shower. By this time the driod has re-booted. He tells us his designation is 3D4K administration and reception droid. He has been deactivated for several hours and does not know about any dead miners. We all head to the branch hallway. It S bends to a blast door. Then we hear the warning klaxon that storm generator 4 has failed and repair is needed. With effort we force it open to a bare wall room with a door to the left and 1 across the room. We explain to 3D4K that we are representatives of the new owner. We are here to access the viability and production of the mine and to retrieve the payment owed to the owner. 3D4K informs us that the mine has been running at a slower output due to the fact that the miners needed to dig deeper for the oridium. Also that the veins of oridium are getting fewer and farther apart. The door to the left leads to an office with a computer terminal. I turn to CH1 and Lowrick who are punching each other and arguing. Osk is just shaking her head in disgust. I step in between them and break it up. Next we plug Wally into the computer and try to find out any info as to what happened. I find a listing of shift change papers with all the miners listed. Of the 6 dead we found, they all should be on shift right now. Wally on the computer finds us a layout of the facility. He also finds some security footage. The 1st is of a Transdocian running out of camera and most likely got shot. The 2nd is of the Odd freighters Sulstan pilot landing on pad B and meeting with a EV Supervisor droid. The 3rd and most important camera footage is that of an exploration droid entering and piloting a 2 seat cloud car from landing pad A about an hour prior to us landing. Osk then finds a safe under the desk. We have 3D4K open it. There is cash money chips in there. He quickly closes it. I argue with him to re-open it. He refuses. I ask Wally to replay his recording of the lock sequence. I reopen the safe. There is 165,000 cr in there. 3D4K claims that it is mine operating money for spare parts and pay for the miners. I tell it that the money is last years payment to the owner. At this point we hear the warning klaxon again that storm generator 5 has failed and repair is needed. 3D4K informs us that if 5 of the generators fails this facility will be destroyed. Wally tells us that the generators are not failing. They are being destroyed. I ask 3D4K if the cloud car is armed. He says YES. I ask Walley if he can unlock all the rest of the doors in the place. He beeps YES. I tell the group I am going after the cloud car and for them to keep searching for survivors and or bodies and no more fighting. I take 30,000 in cr chips out of the safe and head to the Devil. On the way I use the beck-on-call to start the engines up. When I get there I fill Mathus in on what is going on and that he needs to get in the lower turret and fire on the cloud car when we find it. I hide the 30,000 cr then head to the cockpit. Ship sensors home us in on the cloud car. When we catch up to it I tell Mathus to fire. He may be a great mechanic but he cant hit a fat Nerf in a narrow gully. I put the Devil in front of the cloud car to block its path. It skirts around me. I am tired of fooling around. We are getting close to the 4th generator. I put the dorsal turret on firing from the cockpit and let loose a barrage on the cloud car. A direct hit rips it into several pieces. The little exploration droid ejects. Its tiny body is tossed in the wind. It pleads with me not to leave it out here or it will perish. Reluctantly I open the air lock and let it in there. Now it is trapped in the lock. Lowrick calls and asks which droids does he shoot. Between trying to keep control of the ship I tell him “Any that are attacking you”. I take the Devil up out of atmosphere and bring her around the planet to where the mine is and follow the beacon down to the landing pad. When we get close to the mine building. I can see Osk, CH1, Wally, 3D4K and Lowrick on landing pad B. I tell them to disable the odd freighter from flying. Not by shooting it this time! They tell me they found a dead human behind a crate on pad B. He is all cut up. They also found the Sulstan pilot. He is dead inside the freighter. I land the Devil on pad A. I leave the engines not completely shut down in standby mode. Just in case. I check on the little droid in the air lock. It is still floating in there. I tell Mathus to not let it out. I go out the lower hatch on the port side and drop down to the pavement. As I look up, the air dam over the building and ship is really swirling and barley holding. I head inside and make my way down the hallway to the left, then down the S hall into the bare room. I cautiously enter the locker room. Next I enter the Cargo room. There are several bins of oridium ready to ship. There is a very large load lifting droid sitting against the wall. I am not sure if it is active or not. Everyone else is at the top of the large vertical lift that goes up to landing pad B. Osk comes over the comlink. “OK, I disabled the engines on the freighter.” There seems to be a recently destroyed R2 unit in this room. It has been blown apart and is scattered all over the floor. Why do I suspect Lowrick had something to do with this? The next large door leads to a workshop. In there is a workbench. Sitting on it is a box with 7 restraining bolt packs in it. There are 4 empty packs scattered on the workbench. There is also a restraining bolt applicator. I stick that in a pocket for use later. While continuing to rummage around the workbench. I hear a door open to my left and metal footsteps enter the room. “Beep….Roger….Roger…Click” I look over and there are 2 old B1 battle droids standing in a doorway holding weapons. As I duck behind a crate I think to myself. “Frick, so that’s what Temo was doing with the B1 droid parts”Pash Edo


Oooh, spooky!


+10 xp

Jabba’s Mine And Ours

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