Star Wars: Scum and Villainy (and Profit)

How long does it take for a thermal detonator to explode

Episode 12-23-2015

So before we leave Teth’s gravity well and jump to hyperspace. I send Lowhhrick a coded message on his com link. “Short run to Formos. Be back in 1 day. Hang tight. Don’t shoot anyone or get in trouble…Pash” I got a bad feeling Low did something crazy looking for a coin dealer. He has a tendency to be a little extreme. Especially if the dealer he found he thinks is weak. The hyperspace jump takes 4 hours to reach Formos. Not much there as planets go, but they do have a large Imperial garrison planetside. No stardestroyers, just a couple of patrol boats and shuttles. When we get to the spaceport. If you could call it that. It is a huge duracrete pad with a few ramshackle shops along the edge. They do have a pretty good cantina. Riigenk runs a decent place. I might be able to pick up some good cigars here. CH1 loads up ready to leave. I tell him “You got 16 hours and we are out of here” His reply “I need not the allotted time frame” I let him out the ramp then close it behind him. If he was not Osks friend I would leave his metal case all the way out here. I try logging in to the BOSS sight to change the name of the ship to Sand Devil. Can not stand the “Hand of Sorrow” Name sounds so depressing. I am abl to get in but I cant get the name to change. Probably some bureaucratic stamp or fee I missed. While in I check the whereabouts of the Firespray. Presently those Transdocians are at Toschi Station on Tatooine. “FRICK. At least they are not at Mos Eisley.” I busy myself while CH1 is gone. I make sure the 4 crates going to Smugglers Run are stowed and covered. The crate of E-11 blasters I put in the hidden compartment. I check on Osk. Short of bitting my head off. I let her be moody on her bunk. Mathus and I fix a few items that caused some stress on the ship a couple of jumps ago. Just as we are done. The monitors on board flick on recording CH1’s camera and mike. Seems he is having a little trouble. Bet he tried strong arming someone he should have just bribed. At this point a young Rodain is at the door to the ship. He keeps mentioning a delivery. I tell him I have no delivery for him and to go away. He mumbles something about someone not being happy but walks away. My better judgement keeps nagging at me to not go help that fool droid. 5 minuets later I have my armor and coat on. Loaded for Nextu and leaving the Devil. I tell Mathus to not let anyone in. Especially that Rodain kid.

When I get to the end of the duracrete pad there are several small alleyways to get to Riigenks. I take the one with the least amount of low lifes on it. I have been to Formos a couple of times. Not as cut throat as Tatooine but you still need to watch your back. When I get to the square just before the cantina. I find CH1 helping some old human woman named Mama Noba selling water. Her little kid tries to pick my pocket. I grab him and hand him to his mother. I flip her 2 coins and we head to the cantina. The drinks there are safer then what she is selling. Inside I spot a Dabronian I know named Snoo. He is a reputable information dealer. 200 cr later we have the info on Daro Bluntz. Our contact to getting to Bandin Dorba. Daro is at a warehouse a few doors away from the cantina. When we get to the warehouse, Daro and 3 others are inside. They are moving blaster rifles out of a crate. We determine the door has no alarm and CH1 pops the lock. Inside we get the drop on them. Daro will not give us the info on Bandin Doba. When he attempts to draw a blaster I let him have it with both of my heavy blasters. Knocks him back a few feet and down on 1 knee. He is hurt bad but not dead. The other 3 guys scramble. CH1 cant intimidate them with the thermal detonator. So he sets its timer and tosses it in the middle of the group. I see this and duck behind the crate to CH1’s left. After 30 seconds it does not go off. He must have set the timer too long. Someone throws it back and it lands between the 2 of us. I quickly holster a gun. Pick the thermal detonator up. Odd flashbacks of the mishap on Courscant pop into my mind. I pitch it over the crate towards Daro and duck out the door. I think Daro kicked it into the crate we were standing next to. Daro’s posse runs for the door on the opposite wall. I quickly round the building and tell the 3 guys to stop or I will shoot. The 2 in the back stop and raise their hands. The 1 in the lead keeps running. I cant get a clear shot at him before he is out of sight. At this time Daro and CH1 come out of the warehouse. CH1 bars the door and soon we hear a loud BOOM from inside. I look at CH1 “ How long did you set the timer on that thing for?” He just shrugs. It takes a little intimidating but we soon find out that Bandin is at his asteroid hideout near Kessel. “Great. More time wasted. Maybe we need Lowhhrick if we are going up against allot of guys at his hideout? At this time a squad of stormtroopers marches by. They stop to invesigate what is going on. We tell them we caught some arsonists. We point out the mess inside the warehouse. 1 of the guys starts to protest. The Sargent recognizes them. He states, “all 3 are wanted. Good work guys. We will take them from here.” The stormtroopers take all 3 and head off to the garrison. At this point my look stops CH1 from protesting any bounty on those 3. When they are out of earshot “Phew, that was close.” CH1 says “Now we go get Bandin Dorba.” I tell him “We may need Lowhhrick’s help. If he is not captured or Dead on Teth. So, You wont need the allotted 16 hours?” CH1 just shrugs. I shake my head, “Just great. Jabba is going to throw us to his Rankor if we don’t get back with his money soon.”



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