Mos Shuuta
A small city on the desert world of Tatooine. Mos Shuuta is located on the top of a tall, rocky bluff with nothing but endless desert in all directions around it.

Mos Shuuta includes:
Cantina – run by a Devaronian named “Gault”; a fine establishment that features nightly entertainment and good food and drink (for Tatooine).
Junk Shop – run by a human named Vorn. He often has unusual parts and things, but they often need some rehabilitation before they work.
Shantytown – a riot of ramshackle huts, tents, and hovels clinging to the side of the bluff. Is the home of the poor population of Mos Shuuta. The various “islands” of the shantytown are connected to each other and the bluff by rickety rope bridges and unstable and rusting metal girders.
Water Tower – the tallest structure in Mos Shuuta. Climbing to the top gives an excellent view of the whole town.
Spaceport Control – a low squat building clinging to the edge of the bluff. It has a huge picture window overlooking the surrounding countryside. Inside, about 6 technicians and Overseer Brynn route the daily traffic coming and going from Mos Shuuta. 4 security droid guard the place. It is a thoroughly modern facility.
Landing Bay Aurek – slightly beaten up landing bay on the far side of Mos Shuuta.
Landing Bay Besh – favored landing bay of the Imperials. Most traders try to avoid it for fear of being forced to move on short notice if the Imperials want to use it.
Dewback Stables – one can rent a dewback for 100cr a day here. There are 6 dewbacks total.
Slagworks – consist of 3 mineshafts descending into Mos Shuuta bluff as well as the smelting facility where the ore from the mines is converted to a useable state. The heat and stench are unbelievable. Three Gamorrean overseers run the facility, and the unlucky 2 dozen or so “miners” who are forced to work here.
Warehouse Aurek – this warehouse has a lot of crates, barrels and other goods standing around waiting for transit to other parts of Tatooine, or to an offworld destination. It is also the place of the droid market run by Hotho Allaran.
Warehouse Besh – mostly deserted warehouse near Teemo’s palace and the barracks. The Imperials like to dock at Landing Bay Besh and use Warehouse Besh as a staging area, so only the foolhardy (or completely legal) store their goods here.
Teemo’s Palace – sprawling and heavily fortified home of Teemo and his many minions, supplicants and guests. It has its own landing pad and laser cannon emplacement.
Barracks – barracks complex across from the palace. Currently populated by two dozen of Teemo’s Gamorrean guards.


Nabat – medium-sized spaceport; most of Nabat is actually underground to protect from Ryloth’s harsh environment. The upper levels of Nabat are exposed to the elements and they consist of several landing pads, slum dwellings, and a cantina. The underground part is densely populated and very active with many species coming and going and making deals.
New Meen – hardscrabble ryll mining colony (more like a shantytown) about 6 hours from Nabat. Consists mostly of tents and a few wooden structures. Populated by about 20 Twi’lek mining families.
Angu Drombb compound – consisted of a nice cantina, a prefabricated apartment building/office and a parking area for the heavy mining equipment.


Gogum Hive -Duke Piddock’s hive
Twillik Hive – Duke Dimmock’s hive

Elmo’s Spaceyard

The Umbra Club – Located in Sector 1459 of the hive city, this is a dismal and squalid “club” for those one step above rock bottom. Many death stick dealers and addicts frequent this joint.
The Spyder – an upscale sabaac parlor run by Korsin Fenn. Frequented by many Black Sun operatives.
NovaCORE Factory – kelerium processing plant in sector 943 of the hive. Formerly known as “The Works”, this area of the hive is rundown, but still has several large automated factories that churn out raw materials, droids and TIE fighter parts.


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