Non-Player Characters

Mos Shuuta
- Teemo the Hutt – a Hutt crimelord who “rules” Mos Shuuta and the surrounding countryside. Killed by a falling chandelier.-
- Trex – a Trandoshan bounty hunter who works for Teemo. Killed due to a lack of oxygen in deep space.-
Gault – male Devaronian who runs the Mos Shuuta Cantina
Vorn Tel-Ovis – male human who runs the Mos Shuuta junk shop. He is the top mechanic in Mos Shuuta and even repairs things for Teemo now and then. He is assisted by R5-K3 – Vorn’s R5 unit.
Overseer Brynn Talis – pretty human woman who runs Mos Shuuta spaceport control. Mostly loyal to Teemo, but also very knowledgeable about all things that enter and leave Mos Shuuta via the spaceport.
Hotha Allaran – fat Twi’lek male who runs the droid market at Warehouse Aurek. He is assisted by a timid protocol droid named XL-77.
Bengara – male Twi’lek who runs the Offworld Trader Joe’s.
Clarelle – deeply sunburned human woman who runs the dewback stables
Kweet – male Kubaz major domo for Teemo. Died during the party’s assault on Teemo’s palace.


Thweek – male Kubaz bounty hunter employed by Teemo. Killed by the party in ship-to-ship battle over Nabat when his G1- M4 – C Dunelizard was shot down and destroyed.
Nyn Kablo – a soft-spoken female Twi’lek with buff-colored skin and an air of languid grace
Ota – male Bothan dealing in information. He is helping the Twi’lek miners’ resistance for now.

New Meen
B’ura B’an – aging Twi’lek revolutionary and agitator; advocates for ryll mines owned and run by Twi’leks; pale blue and thin.
Angu Drombb – human male “developer” who was actually a frontman for Teemo; was killed by party in showdown over New Meen.-


Gogum Hive
Duke Piddock – A grand old Geonosian, he wears a shining breastplate and several golden bracelets around his wrists and ankles. A Geonosian duke who oversees Gogum Hive; he was attempting to deal with Teemo; several instances of bad faith on Teemo’s part soured the Duke on the whole plan, and he cancelled the deals.
BG-222 – A Roche J9 Worker Drone, BG-222 is a rather utilitarian design of droid with an off-white carapace and a large head topped with a multifaceted optical apparatus. Accompanies Duke Piddock.
Sivor – one of Duke Piddock’s tech drones sent to work with Teemo. He mysteriously disappeared.
Mu Nanb – A sharply dressed but humble young Sullustan. He is very reserved. Mu Nanb claims to be a tourist from Sullust who has always wished to see the rings of Geonosis. Having been here a week now, he has seen his fill and is keen to go home. A
friend of a friend introduced him to Duke Piddock, and they bonded over a shared appreciation of jatz, hence his invitation to the party. After OSkara gained his trust he said had friends who were doing smuggling for Teemo, and he believes that they were double-crossed by Teemo. They are now serving time in the Kessel spice mines. He thinks Teemo is in league with the Empire.
Vrixx’tt – A large Gand wearing traditional Gand garb. Now deceased.
Maru Jakkar – A slender human woman with coldly sophisticated airs. She wears a close fitting suit of black leather and accessorizes with a flowing, brightly colored headscarf worn in the fashion of wealthy Coreworlders. She says she has an interest in the culture and history of the Geonosians, and is here to buy some antiques from Duke Piddock.
Anatta – A typically shifty member of the Toydarian species with light blue skin. Works for Jabba the Hutt. Professional gossip.
Orpa and Vex Vio – A young pair of humans from Corellia. Orpa wears her brown hair in a shaggy bob and usually dresses in a scuffed flight suit. Wex has a shock of brown hair and wears a buff tunic. They share a strong family resemblance (they are sister and brother). They own the “Lucky Guess”, a fast cargo ship customized from a Nova Courier. They have flown missions for Teemo in the past.

Trellik Hive
Duke Dimmock – rival of Duke Piddock, older and perhaps a bit richer.

Elmo – owns a spaceship repair shop in one of the orbital stations


Speng – a male human death stick dealer who operates out of the Umbra Club
Omacala – a Gotal who runs the Umbra Club
Pillaat and Nerro – Troig bartender at the Spyder
Korsin Fenn – a male Bothan and a clansman of Jovel’s, runs the Spyder
Verannis – human male Black Sun underboss, holds court at the Spyder
Kaa’to Leeachos – a kaDas’sa’nikto bounty hunter-

Non-Player Characters

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