Star Wars: Scum and Villainy (and Profit)

An Exciting Night On Tatooine
Final Episode 3-2-2016

A long needed night out on the town. The Lucky Guess even made it back to Mos Eisley after its drop off on Ryloth. Pash and Brynn, Oskara and Maru, Vex and Orpa and Grabbo tags along for the excitement. We land the Sand Devil and the Lucky Guess at the new expanded landing area at Anatta’s new and improved Palace. While coming in over Mos Shuto we can see major building and upgrades to the little town. There are even 3 new landing pads and another being built. Guess Anatta really turned this town around. With mine and Oskara’s help getting rid of Temo. I have on my best black suit and I even got my coat dry cleaned. Still have a bunch of weapons hidden in the coat. Brynn is wearing a sequenced black gown with a slit up to her left hip and stiletto heals that lace up her calf. “WOW” Damn near chewed my arm off when I seen her. Osk has on a light green gown showing ample cleavage. Not sure where she is hiding a weapon. On second thought. I don’t want to know. Maru is wearing a flickery silver and purple low cut gown that has 2 slits up to each side of her hips and a pair of thigh high shinny nerf leather boots. Orpa has on a little black dress that bearly covers her backside and black pumps. She has her hair in a high stacked bun. Vex has on a black tux. Grabbo has on a long black nerf leather coat. We look like a contingent of underworld high mucky mucks. Anatta shakes our hands when we enter. Small talk with animated smiles goes back and forth between the 2 of us is as usual of our animosity to each other. Anatta offers us Complementary drinks and each of us 1000 cr line in the casino. The main throne room has been converted to a bar, casino with a dance floor in the center. I chuckle when I look at where the chandler was hanging over Temo’s throne. There is a large lighting fixture attached to the ceiling there. Looks like it has several surveillance cameras integrated into it. We get a table at the casino. Most of the games are integrated into the computerized tables. We order drinks and dinner. Brynn and I split an argu steak and dorla fish medley sauteed in a wine sauce. Osk and Mara order the Chuchu kabobs. Vex orders an argu steak and Orpa orders the same sauteed vegetable platter that Grabbo ordered. After dinner Osk drags me over to the Sabbac tables to show her how to win. Her 1st mistake is that she blows the whole 1000cr on 1 hand. She pulls a good hand and wins the 1000cr that I loose because the Queen of Coins flips for me to a 2 of Swords. “Fricken beginners luck. Well at least I can get back to Brynn” A few more drinks. Some minor games of chance. A little close dancing. “Trying to remember, 2 steps right, 1 back, 1 left or is it 2 right, 2 back and 1 left. Frick… I will just fudge it”

Afterward on the way out to the ships. We all find out that Grabbo taught Vex and Orpa to understand some Shyriiwook speak while he was on their ship. Just as we get out to the middle of the landing pad. A shinny brand new Firespray rises up from the far side of the Sand Devil. “FRICK., it’s the Transdocians !” We hear the loud speaker crack on from the Firespray. “Krate Fang, Hand of Sorrow, Sand Devil. We are the hatchmates of Trex. We challenge…..” I don’t wait for the rest. I sprint for the landing ramp of the Devil. Osk, Maru and Brynn follow me. Vex and Orpa run for the Lucky Guess. By the time I reach the ramp the engines are starting to warm up. “Best thing I ever bought this Beck-on call” Osk climbs up to the dorsal turret and Maru climbs down to the ventral turret. A second after I jump into the pilots seat. Brynn slides into the co-pilot seat. I see her dress riding up her hip even further, showing so much leg that I need to bite my lip. I think to myself “Not Now, Not Now!” She starts balancing the fuel valves. “Oh Yea, Brynn was a pilot. A damn good 1 as I remember.” When I flick the scanner. It comes up RED and reads TARGETED. Grabbo is still standing on the landing platform screaming at the Firespray. He is saying “ I accept challenge. I avenged my people that Trex killed. I pummel him until light in eyes ceased.” the Firespray pivots to deposit 1 Transdocian on the landing pad then resumes its position aimed at us. Gives us just enough time for the engines to complete the warm up sequence. I Raise the Devil about 5 meters off the duracrete pad and pivot facing the Firespray. Osk comes up to the cockpit and jumps into the 3rd seat. “The Quad’s targeting computer is still broken at the gun. We are going to have to fire it only forward from here.” The firespray hits us with a missile. Osk misses with the quad. Maru does hit with the ventral cannon. The Firesprays 2nd missile misses.

On the duracrete pad below. Grabbo is trading blows in a hand to hand battle with the Transdocian. This is going on as the Devil and the Firespray are trading shots at each other over their heads. After we are hit the 2nd time and the shield generator fails. I decide we need some maneuver room. I flood the fuel lines, raise the pressure on the motivators and punch the throttle. Brynn looks at me with a worried look on her face. She knows what a dangerous stunt I am doing.” This hops us to max speed plus whatever I can squeeze out of the Devil. At a 40 deg climb. We are doing a speed of 6. Leaving the Firespray in the dust at the landing pad. Also blowing Grabbo to hold on at the edge of the landing pad. Sending the Transdocian off the landing pad to fall 500 meters to his death. Now flying thought the atmosphere to space at a speed of 6 sounds exciting. It is excruciatingly difficult and scarey as frick. Dodging any ships, satellites or debris takes split second control. Once we are out of atmosphere and have a substantial lead on the firespray. I slow down a little. Brynn with her mouth wide open just shakes her head at me. I throw her a smirk like I know what I am doing. She is really impressed or just scared to frick. Not sure. She says “I will go back and work the damage control listings. Shields are 1st.” she gets up and heads to the shield relay by cargo #3. Osk leans forward from the 3rd seat “ Soil your pants on that maneuver?” I look at her with a frown “NO, you just hit the fricken firespray with the quad when we get close enough again.” Now that we have room. I bring our speed down to 4 and put the Devil into a turn and head back towards the Firespray. “Man, we really gained some room.” Soon Brynn is calling over the ships intercom “Re-initiate power coupling 23 on the main board. Shields should be up. Give me 3 minuets more and I will be able to boost power to them also for a short time” I lean over to the far side and hit switch #23. Shields come up to full. The Firespray has left the atmosphere and is closing. Maru calls from the ventral turret. “Give me a full target to hit and I will get a clean shot and disable that pest.” Just as we get in range most of the lights and air handlers go out on the ship and the front shield power increases. Brynn calls “How is that for shields?” I think to myself. “Man, I got to keep this girl. Gorgeous and talented.” I keep us zeroed in on the target. Osk shoots, Maru shoots, the Firespray shoots, it gets intense. Those Transdocians keep complaining over the radio about a fair fight. “Yea right. Like I was ever going to fight them hand to hand or something.” I keep the Devil on target so we can hit her from behind. The only down side of the Firespray is that she cant rotate her guns to behind her. I loose tract of how many shots hit the Firespray. Soon it is venting coolant. As the firespray goes to hyperjump we hear from the Transdocians “You dishonorable scum. You have not heard……….” I come to a complete stop as we watch the Firespray streak away. I can only hope they misjump when they run out of coolant. Just then 2 Tie fighters show up. “Sand Devil this is patrol 237. What the FRICK is going on here? Over” I use the intercom “ Oh Brynn. We have company up here and need your soft soothing voice.” Brynn walks into the cockpit and sits in the co-pilot seat. She smiles at me and hits the radio controls. “Patrol, this is Overseer Brynn Talis – code: 457623A . We are not in need of assistance. Just a minor disagreement, and the disagreement just left. Please nix the report for this NON-CALL. Over.” (Tie) “Sand Devil. Since you do…I mean did not need assistance. We will continue our flight path. Patrol Out.” The Tie fighters move off to the South. Brynn leans back in the seat. Her chest heaving as she breathes heavy. Maru comes walking into the cockpit and sits in the 4th seat. “I ruined this designer dress. I need a shower. My hair is a complete mess.” Osk leans over to Maru and moves a loose lock of hair in her face to behind her ear. I look at Brynn. “Bestine ( Capitol city of Tatooine ) should have a good hotel with a decent 2 bedroom suite? Maybe even a hot tub. We can be there in 10 minuets.” The 3 girls all shake their head yes. As I punch in the coordinates for the city and hit the thrusters. I realize I am sitting here with the 3 most smoking hot women this far away from Coruscant. A man, cant get any luckier then that.

The next morning I wake up as the 1st sun comes up over the horizon. I look next to me on the bed. Brynn is still sleeping content. I can hear Maru and Osk in the other bedroom trying desperately to muffle what they are doing again. “What a night.” Brynn rolls over towards me and gives me a kiss. “ My shift starts in a little over an hour, Loverboy. You going to get me to work on time? Good thing I keep a spare uniform in my office.” Brynn now hears Maru and Osk in the other room and starts giggling. As we walk to the huge shower room I look around the suite. There are food containers, champaign bottles, clothes and towels everywhere. I ask Brynn “Why is the couch flipped over? Did we do that last night?” She smiles “Yes we did. Yes we did” and pulls me into the shower room. By the time Brynn and I finish in the shower. Maru and Osk are wrapped in towels, sitting on the turned over couch eating leftover food from last night. They are feeding each other cold chocho fries. 15 minuets we are at the front desk checking out. I look at the bill. Room – 400cr, room service – 125cr, bar service – 275cr, 1 couch – 100cr – 900cr total “WOW.! Gonna have to move allot of freight if we do this too often”

We drop Brynn off at the Mos Shuto spaceport control. She kisses me goodbye on her way down the ramp. I tell her “Got to make a short run but I should be back in a day or 2" She says “Call Me.” We next drop Maru off at her hotel in Mos Eisley. She tells Osk on her way out “Its always hot and heavy when I’m around you. I will see if any of my friends have something to move coreward for you guys.” She gives Osk a long kiss and slowly walks down the ramp. Osk turns to me. I am leaning against the bulkhead smiling. (Osk) “What the nerf are you smiling at?” (Pash) “Oh, nothing. We need to drop off those 3 crates at Smugglers Run.’ (Osk) “I need a nap. I got no rest last night.” (Pash) “Yea, I bet. Also, where are we going to find the parts to fix the fricken quads targeting computer?” (Osk) “Maybe someone on Smugglers Run will have them.” (Pash) “Yea, I want to fix it soon. Just in case those Transdocians get another bug up their butt. Now go adjust the fuel levels in the engine room before you take that nap.” (Osk) “Don’t make it a bumpy ride like you normally do.” (Pash) “Yea, Right…”

Poor Lowhhrick, Alas We Knew him Well, Too Well
Episode 1-20-2016

Bandin Dorba’s YV-666 In orbit above Formos
CH1 and Lowhhrick after shooting several henchmen, continue searching for Bandin Dorba on his ship. CH1 heads to the lower deck towards engineering. Lowhhrick, off on his own, finds the Armory but has trouble getting into the room. The door is locked and his new disruptor pistol only makes a small hole when he shoots the door. After several tries he finally gets the door open. Everything inside is in locked crates or locked racks. Suddenly the ship is violently shaken by a hit from something.

Planet Formos Spaceport
Oskara finally comes out of her bunk and comes up to the cockpit where Pash is monitoring the scanner aimed at Dorba’s ship in orbit. She sits down in the co-pilots seat. Pash looks up from the scanner at her. Osk asks him “Why are we toating around those 2 morons ?” (Pash) “I have been asking myself that same question” (Osk)”Lets leave them here. We have a decent stash of credits. You still have to give the report to Jabba and give him his 100,000cr” Just then Pash sees through the cockpit canopy. The garrisons heavy turbo laser cannon starts rotating and aiming up to the sky. Pash points and says “Oh frick. That is going to hurt when that hits.” Osk turns to what Pash is pointing at. Just as the turbo laser fires. Pash checks the scanner. A direct hit to the aft quarter of Dorba’s ship. Pash continues the final power up procedures. Osk closes the ramp and goes back to Mathus in engineering. “We are getting out of here, FAST” The R4 astromec droid bleeps that it has called the garrison on the arrival of Dorba’s ship. Osk now pissed. Shuts the R4 astromec down and then places a restraining bolt on it. She pushes it into cargo #3 and locks the door. Mathus is confused at her actions “He was helping me with these power fluctuations” Pash asks the spaceport control for clearance to take off. He lifts the Devil about 10 meters off the duracrete pad and slowly starts heading South out of town. Just then, another ship shows up on the scanner near Dorba’s ship. It is a Bulk Transport and it moves in close to dock with the YV-666. The turbo laser fires again but this time misses.

Dorba’s Ship
CH-1 braces himself in the stairwell as the ship rocks. He continues down to the cargo deck and heads aft through all the strewn cargo towards engineering. Lowhhrick is still in the armory. He breaks open the locks on 2 crates with his vibro knuckles as the ship lists to port. He hears a loud clunk as the ship shakes. “That sound like ship docking?” He opens the 1st crate. It has fragmentation grenades in it. He takes 5 and puts them in his satchel. CH1 when he gets to engineering. Confronts a locked door. He uses the ship intercom to imitate Dorba’s voice. He persuades the crew in engineering to open the door for him.

Imperial Garrison – Planet Formos
The turbo laser fires a 3rd time and hits the YV-666 in the bow. Then a big ship arrives in system over Formos. It is the Interdictor Class Heavy Cruiser “Glorious Retribution.” It fires up its very large system wide Interdiction field. Spaceport control reports “No traffic in or out of Formos. An Imperial Apprehension is in progress. Please stand by.
Dorba’s Ship*
The ship rocks hard. It is now venting atmosphere. CH1 launches most of the escape pods while still empty and leaves 1 for his escape. He attempts to overload the engines but cant find the right controls or sequence to do it. Lowhhrick, hearing the air rushing out the door. Quickly open the 2nd crate. It has stun grenades. He takes 5 of them and puts them in the pouch of the kilt. He calls CH1 to find out what is happening. CH1 tells him “get to engineering, cargo deck. 1 escape pod remains.” Lowhhrick takes a deep breath of any remaining air and heads to engineering. By the time he staggers to the cargo deck. He is hurting bad. His heart is pounding out his chest. He is starting to get light headed. Cargo is flying in all directions. It feels like it takes him forever to get to the engineering room door. It is locked. Lowhhrick bangs on it. He can see CH1 inside. CH1 over the intercom, forces Lowhhrick to use the last of his breath to admit that droids are smarter and better then meatbags. Only after he says the words does CH1 open the door. Lowhhrick staggers in and lumbering follows CH1 into the last escape pod. The door closes and it launches. Lowhhrick finds a breather mask and puts it on and straps in. As the pod arcs towards the planet. Its increasing speed starts to heat up inside. Soon the heat is getting critically hot. Lowhhrick can feel the grenades getting too hot to hold. He decides to stuff them all down the fresher tube before they explode. Just as he flushes the fresher. The grenades go off. Blowing a large hole in the side of the pod. Now the pod is venting atmosphere. Lowhhrick is knocked unconscious and CH1 is power deprived to his control circuits as the pod crashes hard several kilometers East of town.

Sand Devil – Planet Formos
Still watching the scanner. Pash detects 1 life form in 1 of the 2 pods heading East. He turns the Devil in that direction. Pash and Osk are pretty sure CH1 is in that pod with either Dorba or Lowhhrick. They plan to destroy the pod and kill 2 mynock with 1 blaster bolt. Osk climbs up to the dorsal quad laser while Pash inverts the ship so she can get a better shot. Osk soon finds out someone has disabled the targeting computer for the gun. She is pretty sure it was CH1. No one else would have a reason to sabotage it and the job done to it looks like his hatchet style of work. When she tells Pash this he curses and rights the ship. In the process, he gets too close to a sand dune and scrapes the port side of the ship. Putting a stress point on the hull. As Osk climbs down to the ventral gun. Pash closes in on the target escape pod. The radio crackles. A Lamda class shuttle is closing fast from the West. “YT-1300 – Sand Devil. Stand down. This is Imperial shuttle 238TR34. The occupants of that pod are our prisoners. Please leave the area and return to the Formos spaceport until further notice. Respond?” (Pash) “We seen the escape pod come down. We were just going to rescue whoever it was and offer assistance. We will comply and return to the space port. Sand Devil out” (238TR34) “Roger that, Imperial shuttle out” Pash closes radio contact just as Osk reaches the cockpit “Frick! That was really fricken close. If we would have shot the pod. They would have seen us and I am not sure what I could say to get our butts out of that situation” Osk sits back down in the co-pilot seat thinking. All of a sudden she smiles. Pash never likes it when she smiles. He is expecting the worst. She puts out a desperate call to Maru “Maybe Maru can pull strings to get us clearance to get off this rock. Anyway, those 2 are captured or most likely, please I hope, DEAD. From that hard of a crash.” After 7 tries a groggy Maru answers “What do you want? Do you know what time it is? I’m busy with someone.” (Osk) ”I need your help. I am on Formos. There is an Imperial incident taking place. Everything is locked down and we need to get off planet. Can you do something?” Maru looks to the left and says something to someone off the holo. She turns back to Osk smiling. (Maru)“You are going to owe me for this. Owe me big time” (Osk) ”Thats not a problem. Really, not a problem” (Maru) “I will see what I can do” Maru’s holo fades out. Pash lands the Devil back at the spaceport near the warehouse they were sitting at before. He keeps the engines warmed up and running. Mathus peeks his head into the cockpit “I thought we were leaving the system? (Pash) Interdiction field is up. No one in or out till the Imperials above us says so.” (Mathus) “Are we in trouble? What about Low and CH1? Where are they?” (Pash) “Most likely captured or possibly dead. We on the other hand are laying low. Plus Osk called in a favor to get us out of here” (Mathus) “I never signed up for all this terror and confusion. I cant go to jail. I cant handle jail, and I hate being shot at.” Nervously he walks back to engineering. (Osk) “Whats wrong with him?” (Pash) “Weak stomach. No sense of adventure.” After about 30 minuets. Spaceport control comes on the radio. “Sand Devil – you have clearance to take off. What? Who approved this? Sand Devil – I suggest you leave quick before someone decides to change their mind. Heading 285 mark 15. Spaceport control, OUT” (Pash) “Thank You control. We are on our way” Pash hits the vertical thrusters. When clear of the top of the building. Spins the Devil to a heading of 285 and engages the main engines at the 15 degree rise off the planet. The jump coordinates are still in the computer for Teth. When they get out of the gravity well. They jump to hyperspace.

Imperial Interdictor Class Heavy Cruiser – Glorious Retribution
Lowhhrick wakes up on a hard slab in a 3 meter square cell with a short step up to a solid blast door. He has a set of extra large binders on his paws and all his equipment has been taken. He tries the door. It does not open. He sits back down. After a while the door opens and in walks an imperial lieutenant and 2 storm troopers. The lieutenant starts asking Lowhhrick a barrage of questions. Low soon grows tired of the questions. He stands up. Squares his shoulders and easily breaks the binders. As the stormtroopers move to stun him. He grabs the Lieutenant. Squeezes the air out of him and then throws him at the 1st trooper. Knocking the lieutenant out. The 2nd trooper fires and hits Low. The 1st trooper on the floor also fires. Low knocks out the trooper on the floor. Low is stunned to unconscious by the 2nd trooper.
CH1 becomes alert in a mechanical repair bed in a droid maintenance room. He runs an internal diagnostic of all his systems. He is marginally operational. The Maintenance droid in the room moves toward him. (Droid) “You are active? Are you experiencing any lingering malfunctions?” (CH1) “Negative. I am within satisfactory parameters” (droid) “Excelent. I will inform lieutenant Manar that you are – as he puts it – awake” (CH1) Where is this place?” (Droid) “You are on the Glorious Retribution. A Interdictor Class Heavy Cruiser.” The droid leaves the room and an Imperial Lieutenant enters (Manar) “Ah yes. You are awake. I need some information to complete my report and I can answer any questions you have? You have been out of commission for over a day” (CH1) “And what has transpired with Bandin Dorba?” (Manar) “On the tip from your R4 droid. He has been captured and is in the brig with any survivors of his crew. His ship, what is left of it, is in the shuttle bay under impound. Who was the Wookie that was found in the escape pod with you?” (CH1) “I know not. He entered the pod before the doors closed. I was not concerned as to his identity at the time. The escape pod was malfunctioning. We experienced an explosion that caused decompression and the pod to continue to Formos on a non safety parameter course.” (Manar) “I see. Well, You do not know him? (CH1) ”Negative” (Manar) ”Good, anyway you will be given partial credit for Dorba’s capture and receive a portion of the bounty. Where would you like us to drop you off? (CH1) “Tatooine would suffice” (Manar) “Excelent, we are headed in just that same direction. You are free to move about the ship. Please do not venture into any restricted areas. Your equipment and weapons will be returned when you disembark.” (CH1) “Thank you Lieutenant Manar. When will we reach Tatooine?” (Manar) “I am sorry to say. Not for another week. We have several stops along the way.” Manar leaves the maintenance area. CH1 also exits the droid maintenance area. He soon finds out some of the other Bounty Hunters involved in the capture of Dorba are also on the ship.
Lowhhrick again wakes up much later on the bed slab. This time he has 2 sets of extra large binders on his wrists. The door soon opens and an interrogation droid floats into the cell. The door closes behind it. Low jumps to his feet and again breaks both binders. He smashes the floating droid to the floor. When it tries to move again. He continues to beat on it until its lights go out. He removes all the needle injectors and a scalpel. He breaks open the case and removes the power pack and anything he thinks will be useful later to escape. The cell block commander watching on the monitor just shakes his head to the other 2 guards there. “This 1 Wookie may be more trouble then his worth in credits to the Hutts at Kessel. Cant see why we have orders not to disintegrating him?”

Sand Devil
After 4 hours the Sand Devil comes out of hyperspace over Teth. The Devil puts down at the spaceport to refuel. Osk puts out an add on the holonet to anyone that wants to move freight from Teth to Tatooine. By the time the refueling is done there are several requests. Only 1 of them is going to Tatooine. Droid parts to a Toydorian named Watto in Mos Eisley – 3000cr. She takes the run and has them send the crates ASAP. Pash pays the fuel bill 2000cr. Not too bad a price when you consider how far out of the way this planet is. 2 hours later the 4 crates of droid parts are stowed in cargo #2. The bill of laden is filled out. Mathus orders noodle take out for the 3 people left abord the ship from a place down the block. It was recommended as good food by the Sulstin that was fueling the Devil. It arrives 15 minuets before we leave. 27 cr + 3 cr tip. Pretty good noodles. No one know what the meat in with it is, but it is good. Lift off clearance given from control. The Devil takes off and is soon out of the gravity well. Several wild jumps later, about 31 hours and we come out in system in Tatooine. (Pash)“Damn I Love This Hyperdrive.” Spaceport control for Mos Eisley puts us down in landing pad A23. We are not far from Watto’s place. I have met him. He is a very old Toydorian. A little cranky but not as much of a PITA as Anatta. “He may even have the parts to fix the targeting system on the Quad laser.” As we are preparing the 4 crates to go to Watto. Mathus comes up to Osk and Pash with a duffle bag in his right hand and tool bag in his left hand. “I need my cut of the profits. I cant deal with the worry anymore.” We transfer 12,000cr to his account. (Pash) “Where will you go” (Mathus) “ I think I will go help Sol rebuild his shop. He needs a good mechanic” (Osk) ”We will miss you” (Pash) ”Yea, we would not have got through some of the scrapes without you. If you need anything. Call us. We are still friends, Right?” (Mathus) ”Yea, still friends. I just cant take that we get shot at every turn. Bye guys.” He walks down the ramp and out the landing bay door. Looking at Osk and Wally (Pash) “Well, do we need to look for another mechanic or can you and Wally handle it?” (Osk) “We can. Right Wally?” Wally beeps affirmative. Osk will take the crates to Watto. Pash loads the 100,000cr, the holo footage and his report on the bike to go to Jabbas.

Jabba The Hutts Palace
Jabba’s palace makes Temo’s look like an old ladies home for the blind. This place holds the scum of the galaxy. It is also 20x larger then Temo’s place. There are cutthroats, thieves, bounty hunters, corrupt politicians, thugs, drug dealers, murders, smugglers, enforcers and all other sorts of undesirable people. MY kind of place to feel at home. I still lock the bike and pay 1 of the urchins 5cr to watch my bike. Waiting my turn in the back of the throne room, Bib Fortuna ushers many to Jabba’s dias for business, pleasure or punishment. I go over my presentation in my head. Soon it is my turn. At least I know enough Hutties to know what Jabba says. I bow to him. (Jabba) ”You are late. Late by 1 week or so. What you have to say?” (Pash) “We ran into some repairs on Formos. But, I bring a full report and the payment from the mine that you acquired from Temo.” I lay the 100,000 credits out for Jabba and everyone to see. All talking and music stops round the room and everyone is staring at me. A smirk come across my face. I calmly go on with the report and play the holo of the mine. Jabba is more interested in the credits then my report. I end it with the suggestion to offload the mine to some unsuspecting sot. (Bib Fortuna) ”Why would we do that?” (Pash) “As per the head miner Marv and the bore samples he had. The vein that they are mining is running dry. He suspects maybe another 1-2 years and there will be nothing left but rock. Even now their extraction of ore is down 30% from last year. Also there is need of some upkeep in new equipment and personnel. Temo was using B1 battle droids as slave labor.” Jabba says something about Temo that I do not understand and I look to the protocol droid. Its reply. ”You do not want to know what his highness called Temo” (Jabba) “Pash mehbookee. You and your crew have done well. I offer you 10,000cr or I release you from my service. You Choose now?” (Pash) ”Release, but we can still do business together, right? (Jabba) “Yes, more business, more runs, more profit” (Bid Fortuna) “Come with me Pash” As I leave the throne room a Gamorian guard is carrying the 100,000cr out of the room and the music starts up again. Bib Fortuna walks me down to the garage (Bib Fortuna)“Very good. Master is pleased with you, You do know you are more the a week late? A lot more.” (Pash) “I know, but the 100,000cr in chips I laid in front of him made him forget that part” The older Telwik just shakes his head smiling as he walks back to the throne room. I fire up the bike. I pay the urchin another 5cr for a good job of watching the bike and head back to the Devil.

Sand Devil
Osk had delivered the parts to Watto. 3000cr added to the ships account. I put the bike back in cargo 1. Osk tells me the Lucky Guess is on their way back from Drall to Ryloth. I tell her the good news. ‘Jabba release our contract. We can work for whoever we want. Besides he called me mehbookee.” (Osk) “What is mehbookee?” (Pash) “It is more then a friend. Less then family. Like a step-son” (Osk)”ok, but what does that get you other then a cup of java?” (Pash) “Respect, especially in front of the entourage in his throne room. Word will get out. We need to celebrate. At Temo’s Palace. Anatta owes us. Besides I owe Brynn a date and maybe a little more.

Just A Hop Skip and Jump To Getting Shot At
Episode 1-6-2016

4 hours later we are circling Teth trying to find that crazy fuzzball. After 20 minuets of pinging his com link, he finally responds. He is several miles away at a town called Trandor. When we get there. The dock master gives us clearance to land at the Temporary Docking Station. AKA “Taxi Stand” As we descend, CH1 in the dorsal turret spots Lowhhrick running across the roofs of the buildings at the edge of the spaceport. I slowly swing over in that direction. The dock master starts screaming at us to get back into the landing pattern or we will interfere with other traffic. I spin the Devil around so the Starboard side is facing Lowhhrick. I open the docking ring on that side and move close to the last building waiting for that giant nerf to get there. The wind kicks up suddenly on me and the Devil hits the top side of the building, When I bring her around a 2nd time. The wind throws us another way and we hit again. I look out the cockpit canape to see where that fuzzball is and he is holding a black kilt he took off a clothesline on the last roof. Not a care in the world. Like he is shopping on holiday or something. As he admires it to see if it will fit. CH1 targets the local police speeder chasing him that is on the ground in the street below. When they hear the danger targeted beeping in their speeder. They back up real quick. I start screaming and pointing to the open starboard docking ring. Lowhhrick finally takes a running start and jumps onto the ship. When I hear he is aboard. I close the hatch and put the Devil in a steep climb. When we get out of Teth’s gravity well I plug in the coordinates back to Formos again and put us back in hyperspace. Lowhhrick comes up to the bridge smiling. He holds up the Black kilt to his midsection. I just shake my head as he walks out smiling. Later I hear him arguing with Mathus about fixing his broken bowcaster. Afterward he comes up to me on the bridge. Hands me 5 100cr chips and says “You hold. Mathus fix gun. Then I pay him. You got gun I borrow?”. I reach under my seat. Pull out the E11 hidden there and hand it to him. He examines it. Opens the folding stock and checks the site. He smiles, pats me on the shoulder and walks out mumbling something about sleep. I think to myself “ Why am I a taxi service for this lot of Yahoos? I can make a good living skimming off running the Lucky Guess around and flying a few odd errands for Jabba. Why?” 4 hours later we come out of hyperspace over Formos. There is a medium range Imperial troop transport in orbit. There are several Lamda class shuttles ferrying down new troops to the garrison. This is just a waypoint for us. Our computer quickly downloads any local news updates. Wally and I make the calculations for the several micro-jumps to get to the asteroid field where Brandin Dorba’s supposed hide out is.
After 6 hours and several jumps, we are at the edge of the asteroid field. Moving slowly, so as not to hit any big floating rocks. It takes us another hour to find Dorba’s hideout. As we get closer, I am pretty sure we have been detected. There are several old style clone war droid fighters circling the hideout. A closer look at the potato shaped asteroid reveals many worm holes and caverns spotted all over the asteroid base. Then, 2 of the fighters accelerate to attack. Lowhhrick jumps into the dorsal turret. CH1 into the ventral turret. I put the Devil into some wild evasive maneuvers. We take some damage but not too bad. The guys have eliminated 3 fo the fighters when an ugly shows up. This fighter looks like a Headhunter fuselage with Tie fighter power couplings and wings. There is a missile rack under her belly. Vicious looking ship. She is still out of range when she launches her 1st volley of missiles. No amount of dodging and weaving can get away from those missiles. By the time the 2nd volley hits us. I have the 1st jump coordinates in the computer. I am hitting the hyperdrive leavers as that ugly fires his 3rd volley at us. We go limping back to Formos. Now the argument over information starts. The R4 says it did not have accurate information on the armament at Dorba’s hideout. My reply “Great!, Just Great. When we limp our sorry butts back to Formos. I need to find someplace to get new armor plates and other components, or we aint going anywhere. I doubt we will find the parts to fix the escape pod system.” I look at CH1 “Well, now who bit off more then he can chew?” His reply “You are still alive. The Hand of Sorrow still flies.” The Hand of Sorrow comment makes my blood boil. Hate that fricken name. Hate it. I know if I hit him I will break my hand on his armor plating. I just walk to the serving droid at the bar and have him make me a drink. Back at Formos, the Imperial transport is still in orbit. I stay well clear of her. We get landing clearance for a slot near the ports repair facility. I bring her down a little harder then normal. 1 or 2 of the starboard thrusters must be out. Mathus and I make an inspection of what needs repair. A whole lot of plating. The escape pod control system. 1 starboard thruster. 1 burnt clear panel on the dorsal turret. We find a shop that has the plating and the clear panel. While I am haggling price with the owner. Mathus goes 2 doors down and finds the thruster nozzle and fuel feed controller to fix the thruster for only 20 cr. Meanwhile I get the Sulstan down to 2,200cr. We have them deliver it to the dock slot we are at. No one has the parts to fix the escape pod controller. “Oh Well” Back at the Devil. The thruster is an easy 10 minute fix. The clear plate takes us an hour. By this time the armor plates show up. I flip the Sulstan delivery driver 5cr. Remove damaged plate, weld new plate, repeat again and again as we work from the port side aft to the starboard bow. Lunch from a local vendor is real spicy and tastes like duracrete on toast with mayo. We will try something different tomorrow. After 10 hours of this we break for dinner at the cantina. At least the food is better there. Mathus orders a huge shredded nerf and cheese sandwich. I get bowl of oppat soup and chocho fries. I put a couple of feelers out that I am looking for a slicer. No one has any info on 1 that night. Next day, remove damaged plate, weld new plate. Repeat again and again. Tonights dinner. Nextu burgers and chocho fries. Again I ask around about a slicer. No takers. I even sit in on a 4 person Sabbac game. Only loose 50cr. Some of the towns people are annoyed at us. Mostly CH1 for not fulfilling his contract. News that Bandin Dorba is on his way to take retribution on them for the failure to kill him. CH1 cant get through to the towns people that he will still eliminate him. They all want to hand us over to Bandin and claim that it was a misunderstanding. Mathus and I finish our dinner and head back to work the night to finish. Leaving CH1 to deal with his mess. By the looks of this crowd we are going to need to get out of here real fast. CH1 goes to the Imperial Garrison and tries to intimidate Karos and Hamish ( the 2 thugs captured with Daro Blunt ) to defect and help him take down Bandin Dorba. He settles for paying their minuscule bail and they will tell CH1 some info about Bandin, his hideout and his resources. Back at the Devil. Mathus and I work through the night. Very early the next morning a Sulstan stops by the ship. (Sulstan) “Snoo mentioned you were looking for a slicer? What do you need? I can do it. No Problem.” (Pash)“I need the Name changed on this hear ship and the BOSS code modified slightly in the BOSS computer system. (Sulstan)“you cant change the BOSS code. Your engine is the code” (Pash)“Yes I know that, but the body code can be modified by 1 digit. Then you just modify to the same code on the BOSS pad for the ship.” He looks a little overwhelmed by this idea. (Pash)“I knew you could not handle it.” (Sulstan) Wait, I did not say that. Cost will be 500cr / hour. It may take me a couple of hours?” (Pash) “If you can make the changes. It is well worth it. We have a little more work left on the ship. What do you need?” (Sulstan) “I just need a computer terminal and an uplink to the Holonet.” I plug him in and let him do his work. Mathus and I finish up on our work on the ship. When I check on the Sulstan in an hour. He has the name changed to the Sand Devil. He is working on the body code changes. “Great, at this rate we may be able to dodge those Transdocians”
(Meanwhile back at Riigenks Cantina )
Lowhhrick, since he cant find anyone dealing in cybernetic limbs on this out of the way planet. He is deep in haggling over the purchase of a disrupter gun from a not so reputable gun dealer. He is short some cash and calls Pash to weasels 1800cr out of him. Now he has enough to buy the gun. CH1 is still arguing with the towns people about getting the job done of eliminating Bandin Dorba. They all want to hand him over to Bandin when he gets there and beg for forgiveness. CH1 and Lowhhrick together come up with a plan. Daro Blunt has a small shuttle. He is still in a coma at the medical facility. They will use his ship to take Daro up to Badin’s ship. Daro will be on a special gurney. Lowhhrick will hide underneath. CH1 will disguise himself as a Medical Assistant Droid as Daro’s nurse. Once on the ship, they will eliminate his posse and then take down Bandin himself. Neat and simple. They just need someone from town to fly them up to Bandin’s ship in Daro’s shuttle. The towns people all look at the 2 of them like they are crazy. More like they were crazy to hire them to take out Bandin. CH1 finally persuade 1 of them to fly the shuttle. Costs him 1000cr for his trouble to do it. Now they just need to go get Daro out of the garrison infirmary.
(Back at the Sand Devil)
Kunuv the Sulstan slicer gets all the BOSS codes changed for the Sand Devil. Takes him close to 4 hours. 2000cr paid. Just as he leaves. CH1 calls the ship to inform Pash of the plan to get Bandin. Pash sees this as a crazy suicide mission and moves the Devil to a more hidden spot behind a hangar. Bandin Dorba’s Ship, the “Vaigrant” a modified Correlian YV-666 freighter arrives in orbit. Pash and Mathus make sure the Devil is ready. They suspect they will need to extract the 2 crazy heads going after Bandin from the larger ship in orbit and high tail it out of there at top speed.
(Back In Town)
Daro’s ship is a beat up old 10 person short range shuttle. A brick with a joystick and 2 repulser engines in the back. They load Daro with his gurney and life support controls onto the shuttle. Lowhhrick stuffs himself under Daro in the cavity above the wheels. CH1 adds several other sheets to the gurney to help hide Lowhhrick. CH1 informs the Vaigrant that they will be transferring Daro up to their ship. The pilot starts the shuttles engines and preps for take off. 5 minuets later they are docked to Bandin’s ship.
(YV-666 “Vaigrant)
The shuttle lands in the docking bay. CH1 ( Medical Assistant Droid MA-245 ) wheels Darro’s gurney down the ramp. 2 of Bandin’s thugs meet them. (CH1) “Greetings gentlemen. I am Medical Assistant Droid MA-245. Where is your infirmary. I must re-adjust Master Daro’s medication. His condition has deteriorated by 3.876% since leaving the planet.” (Thug 1) “Follow us. We will show you.” (Thug 2) “You don’t look like any medical droid I ever seen?” (CH1) I am an older model. Very limited production. Became active at end of clone wars. Not needed in quantity” (Thug 2) “Sure, OK.” They all exit the landing bay and the shuttle heads back to Formos. The thugs lead our disguised heros down the long central corridor of the ships middle deck. Half way there, Lowhhrick’s fur gets caught on 1 of the wheels. Rips a chunk out. Lucky no one see it sitting on the floor behind them. Lowhhrick bites his knuckle not to scream. When they get to the Medical bay. CH1 quickly disarms and kills Thug 2. Lowhhrick rolls out from under the gurney and shoots Thug 1 with his disrupter gun. Blows a big hole in the thugs chest. He falls to the floor in a heap. Lowhhrick smiles. He is happy, very happy with his gun purchase. He turns to CH1 “OK boss, what we do now?”

How long does it take for a thermal detonator to explode
Episode 12-23-2015

So before we leave Teth’s gravity well and jump to hyperspace. I send Lowhhrick a coded message on his com link. “Short run to Formos. Be back in 1 day. Hang tight. Don’t shoot anyone or get in trouble…Pash” I got a bad feeling Low did something crazy looking for a coin dealer. He has a tendency to be a little extreme. Especially if the dealer he found he thinks is weak. The hyperspace jump takes 4 hours to reach Formos. Not much there as planets go, but they do have a large Imperial garrison planetside. No stardestroyers, just a couple of patrol boats and shuttles. When we get to the spaceport. If you could call it that. It is a huge duracrete pad with a few ramshackle shops along the edge. They do have a pretty good cantina. Riigenk runs a decent place. I might be able to pick up some good cigars here. CH1 loads up ready to leave. I tell him “You got 16 hours and we are out of here” His reply “I need not the allotted time frame” I let him out the ramp then close it behind him. If he was not Osks friend I would leave his metal case all the way out here. I try logging in to the BOSS sight to change the name of the ship to Sand Devil. Can not stand the “Hand of Sorrow” Name sounds so depressing. I am abl to get in but I cant get the name to change. Probably some bureaucratic stamp or fee I missed. While in I check the whereabouts of the Firespray. Presently those Transdocians are at Toschi Station on Tatooine. “FRICK. At least they are not at Mos Eisley.” I busy myself while CH1 is gone. I make sure the 4 crates going to Smugglers Run are stowed and covered. The crate of E-11 blasters I put in the hidden compartment. I check on Osk. Short of bitting my head off. I let her be moody on her bunk. Mathus and I fix a few items that caused some stress on the ship a couple of jumps ago. Just as we are done. The monitors on board flick on recording CH1’s camera and mike. Seems he is having a little trouble. Bet he tried strong arming someone he should have just bribed. At this point a young Rodain is at the door to the ship. He keeps mentioning a delivery. I tell him I have no delivery for him and to go away. He mumbles something about someone not being happy but walks away. My better judgement keeps nagging at me to not go help that fool droid. 5 minuets later I have my armor and coat on. Loaded for Nextu and leaving the Devil. I tell Mathus to not let anyone in. Especially that Rodain kid.

When I get to the end of the duracrete pad there are several small alleyways to get to Riigenks. I take the one with the least amount of low lifes on it. I have been to Formos a couple of times. Not as cut throat as Tatooine but you still need to watch your back. When I get to the square just before the cantina. I find CH1 helping some old human woman named Mama Noba selling water. Her little kid tries to pick my pocket. I grab him and hand him to his mother. I flip her 2 coins and we head to the cantina. The drinks there are safer then what she is selling. Inside I spot a Dabronian I know named Snoo. He is a reputable information dealer. 200 cr later we have the info on Daro Bluntz. Our contact to getting to Bandin Dorba. Daro is at a warehouse a few doors away from the cantina. When we get to the warehouse, Daro and 3 others are inside. They are moving blaster rifles out of a crate. We determine the door has no alarm and CH1 pops the lock. Inside we get the drop on them. Daro will not give us the info on Bandin Doba. When he attempts to draw a blaster I let him have it with both of my heavy blasters. Knocks him back a few feet and down on 1 knee. He is hurt bad but not dead. The other 3 guys scramble. CH1 cant intimidate them with the thermal detonator. So he sets its timer and tosses it in the middle of the group. I see this and duck behind the crate to CH1’s left. After 30 seconds it does not go off. He must have set the timer too long. Someone throws it back and it lands between the 2 of us. I quickly holster a gun. Pick the thermal detonator up. Odd flashbacks of the mishap on Courscant pop into my mind. I pitch it over the crate towards Daro and duck out the door. I think Daro kicked it into the crate we were standing next to. Daro’s posse runs for the door on the opposite wall. I quickly round the building and tell the 3 guys to stop or I will shoot. The 2 in the back stop and raise their hands. The 1 in the lead keeps running. I cant get a clear shot at him before he is out of sight. At this time Daro and CH1 come out of the warehouse. CH1 bars the door and soon we hear a loud BOOM from inside. I look at CH1 “ How long did you set the timer on that thing for?” He just shrugs. It takes a little intimidating but we soon find out that Bandin is at his asteroid hideout near Kessel. “Great. More time wasted. Maybe we need Lowhhrick if we are going up against allot of guys at his hideout? At this time a squad of stormtroopers marches by. They stop to invesigate what is going on. We tell them we caught some arsonists. We point out the mess inside the warehouse. 1 of the guys starts to protest. The Sargent recognizes them. He states, “all 3 are wanted. Good work guys. We will take them from here.” The stormtroopers take all 3 and head off to the garrison. At this point my look stops CH1 from protesting any bounty on those 3. When they are out of earshot “Phew, that was close.” CH1 says “Now we go get Bandin Dorba.” I tell him “We may need Lowhhrick’s help. If he is not captured or Dead on Teth. So, You wont need the allotted 16 hours?” CH1 just shrugs. I shake my head, “Just great. Jabba is going to throw us to his Rankor if we don’t get back with his money soon.”

I Command This Boat And Don’t You Forget It
Episode 11-11-2015

So Osk, Marv, CH1, Mathus, The Admin Droid and I sit in Marv’s quaters/office discussing the fate of the droids waiting in the bunker room. CH1 is opposed to a memory wipe. We are all in agreement the droids that had restraining bolts were unwilling participants in the revolt. The main problem is the 9 B1 droids that are left. I ask Mathus if he can not do a full wipe? Just back them up to a point before the EV supervisor droid arrived. CH1 still does not like this idea. Marv says “The B1s were working fine before the EV showed up here 6 months ago. Afterward they seemed to be slacking off.” I mention the fact that B1s are still illegal and their choices are stay here to work and survive or leave, get caught and destroyed. Mathus says Wally and him may be able to back them up to a previous point and then re-boot them. At this point we hear some commotion coming from the other office. When I go look in there. I find Lowhhrick hiding something behind his back. He says “Nothing here, sorry bother” I ask ”What are you hiding?” He shows me the safe in his hand. When I tell him to put it down and get out. He looks at where the safe was sitting. Below it is another safe in the floor. I tell him to put that safe back on top of the other and we will open it later. Mathus after 1 hour says they have the 1st of the B1 droids backed up to a point before the EV showed up. The B1says he is willing to work to survive. Good job guys. I ask Mathus as to how long it will take him to go through all the droids and each to get an oil bath. He replies “ about a day, maybe a little longer.” The miners collect all the dead bodies and there is a small ceremony for them. They place the bodies outside the air curtain to preserve them till transport arrives to return them to their homes. I take some time to record the entire facility and list all equipment, resources, provisions, miners left, droids left and any odd tools. We eventually get the 2nd safe open. There are only old documents in there tracing back to who owned the mine prior to Temo winning it in a dice game. It was owned by Zen Xisor. I read that name 3 times in awe. That guy is a Black Sun underlord. A really bad guy to cross. All the documents are dated over 6 years ago. Lowhhrick then finds an old 1000 cr Colonial coin in the bottom of the 2nd safe. I let him keep it for finding this safe. I have Marv make sure that his upcoming shipment has an astromech droid on it. Takes a few hours the next day but Mathus and Wally are done with all the droids. They go over the maintenance schedule and oil bath procedures with Marv’s semi-mechanic. We put the Admin driod in charge of scheduling. We return the 48,000 cr to the main safe for them to operate and we high tail it out of there.
Back on the Sand Devil. We stow any loose items. Mathus warm the engines up. Wally starts the calculations for us to jump to Teth. It takes us only about 8 hours to get there. When we come out of hyperspace. I can see the Imperial Star Destroyer heading off at 90 degrees to our port. When it gets out of Teth’s gravity well. It jumps to hyperspace. Wow, lucky for us. We get clearance to land at port #2 – level 3 – docking bay 56945. Osk is still being anti-social so I let her be moody in her bunk. I place a few calls. The 1st to Miss Brynn at the Mos Shuuta control station on Tattooine. When the holo comes up with her face there is a smile from ear to ear when she sees it is me. I throw on the charm. I really, really need to get her out on a date when we get back there. I ply out of her the info on Trex’s 3 hatch mates looking for me. They are flying a modified Fire Spray. I think to myself “FRICK. We are already out gunned.” I promise to take her to the Palace when I get back. Next I call Elmo. Elmo’s smirk on the holo when it appears is a great relief. I tell him to watch his back. I got a trio of Transdocians on the hunt after by back side. They might come looking for me there. He inquires as to what I did. I tell him “You don’t want to know. Just be careful. They fly a Firespray. Oh By The Way. I may need you to pick up a Z93 Headhunter over on Coruscant but I will let you know.” He says “Sure. You be careful with Transdocians on a blood hunt.” We hang up. An automated message pops from Coruscant. It is the Dock master. Hopefully it is good news about the Z93. I call him. He tells me he has a buyer for the Z93 but he will only pay 25,000 cr. I tell him “Do it. 12-1/2 for him, 12-1/2 for us.” He will set it up. I check the computer. Seems Lowhhrick is looking up coin dealers on this out of the way rock. I hope he finds 1. I next run the BOSS code for info on the Firespray. It is brand new off the Kuat yard lot. “FRICK ! ! ! , Forward Mounted Auto-Blasters, Forward Mounted Light Tractor Beam Projector, Forward Mounted Concussion Missile Launcher, Level 4 Armor, Top speed of 4. Well I may be able to outrun it.” There is another automated message coming in from Trevos. It says that he has another run from Drall to Ryloth. I call him back . He says same as the last run 4 weeks ago. 15,000 cr. I tell him I will check my ship that did it the run the last time and call him right back. I put a call to the Lucky Guess. “I hope they are still on Ryloth.” Orpa answers. She says they are still sitting on Ryloth. They did a couple of short runs around the area. Only 1000 cr each but nothing like what we do. I tell them “I have another run for them. Drall to Ryloth. Same shipment as 4 weeks ago. When they complete this run. There is a 5000 cr bonus and they are free and clear of their debt. I don’t have anything going in the other direction.” Orpa says that is OK. They still are good on fuel. She also says she wants to continue to do runs for us since we get the bigger shipments. I tell her “No Problem.” I warn them about the Transdocians and the Firespray. I tell them I will call the contact that they are on the way for the pick up at Drall.” I call Trevos back and tell him that the Lucky Guess will be there in a few days for the pick up. After I hang up I notice how late it is. I grab my coat and head out to find a bite to eat, drink and a good Sabbac game. A few blocks away from the dock is a place called Herman’s Emporium and Chance. Inside it is all done up in red velvet. Gaudy but clean. I grab some dinner and a drink at the bar. Afterwards I squeeze into a friendly Sabbac game. There is a MonCalmari, A Rodan, A Human, A Tel’wik and a Quarren. 500 cr is the buy in with 100 / anti. I grab a seat between the Human an the Rodan. 1st hand goes to the MonCalmari. Then I pull a natural 23 on the 2nd hand. I loose the next 2 hands. We all push the following 2 hands then finally I win the 7th hand. Small talk is loose. I spin a tail that I am a down and out trader named Justafa, just trying to pull a few credits to keep my old boat flying. Mostly the runs are the wrong way. I’m just trying to get back to the outer rim along the Corellian Run. Fash Simma the MonCalmari says that he has freight in need to go to Smugglers Run. I win a portion of the next hand. I inquire “How much freight and how much you willing to spend to get it there?” He says “7000 cr for 4 crates, no questions asked.” I tell him “Sure, I can do that for 7000 cr. Luckily a card flips and I win the whole pot with a 23. Next hand starts. Just then I see the engine power up light blink red on my Beck-On-Call. Not paying attention to the game and more to the BOC I loose that hand. Gauging how much time I have for the Devil to power up. I bow out and collect my 1200 cr. I tell Fash I will call him in a little while. When I get back to the dock. I can clearly see CH1 sitting in my seat attempting to steal my ship. The nerve or should I say short circuit that droid has. Then Lowhhrick sneaks out the ramp before it closes. “Where the frick is he going now?” Well anyway, I will show that dumb droid a ride he will not soon forget. I let him lift off. I have to adjust his control or he would have hit the pylon to the port side of the ship that he cant see. Then I hear my com go off. It is Mathus screaming about what is happening. I pull control away from CH1. Put the Devil in a steep full speed climb. Roll 6 or 7 times to the Port side and then do an immelmann. Then I bring her down to the dock. I am standing at the edge of the dock and make sure that bucket of bolts in my seat sees me. When the Devil is back on duracrete. I open the ramp. At the top of the ramp I grab the E11 blaster I have hidden there. I pass Mathus in the starboard access tube on the way to the cockpit. He is a bit space sick green and heading for the fresher. I get to the cockpit. Wally is plugged into the computer shaking his dome. CH1 slowly turns to me. I have the E11 pointed right at him. Now the argument starts. (CH1)”I was just borrowing the ship to go to Formos.” (Pash)”We past Formos yesterday?” (CH1) “I have need to reach Formos. I must complete a bounty” (Pash)“So take the nearest Fricken taxi or use your thumb digit. Now get out of my seat !” (CH1) ”rusted boat only takes freight to out of the way places. Not where I need to go” (Pash) ”Not my fault. You don’t like where I take this boat. You are free to leave her and go where you want” (CH1)”Anatta would not like that” (Pash)”So you are keeping tract of us for that fricken Toydorian?” (CH1)”Took you this long to figure that out? Not as smart as you think” (Pash)”Remind me to shoot that fricken Toydirian when I see him. Why Formos? We have a delivery to make in the other direction to Smugglers Run. Plus we still need to drop off the payment to Jabba on the way. You know Jabba? He is Anatta’s boss.” (CH1)”Formos not far” (Pash)”Its 4 hours to Formos. 4 hours back. That leaves you 16 hours to kill this guy or I am leaving your plated backside there. Maybe, just maybe we will find and pick up Lowhhrick when we get back here.” (CH1)”I need not 16 hours to eliminate target” (Pash)”You better. Now get out of my seat ! I need to make a call and have them deliver some freight here before we go. AND, You ever try to steal my ship I will make sure that you cant reach where I shove the thermal detonator” CH1 gets up and leaves the cockpit. I calmly sit down, close the door and call Fash. I tell him where to deliver the 4 crates. In 45 minuets when they get here, I put them in Cargo #1. They each have electronic locks on them. I pull out a stencil. I mark each with (Medical Waste). “That should keep even the dumbest customs inspector from trying to open them. “Wally, Please calculate us a trajectory to Formos” As I lift the Devil off I think “We will be back tomorrow to pick up Lowhhrick. I hope. He may do dumb things, but at least I can trust him with my back”

Why are there B1 droids shooting at me?
Episode 10-28-2015

When I hear the door open behind me and in a monotone droid voice “We have him, Roger, Roger.” The 1st thing to go through my mind is “Son of a Frick. That’s the sound of a B1 droid.” The next is seeing myself jump behind the oil bath tank, pulling out both blasters. While I actually do those 2 thoughts. The B1s take a couple of pot shots at me. I aim both blasters at the closest B1. I let him have it. He drops to the duracrete with 2 gaping holes in his chest plate. Love this Genocian blaster. CH1 comes over the comlink in his monotone voice “Is that blaster fire we hear in there?” I yell back “HELP. I’m being shot at!” More shots from the 4 other B1s across the room bounce off the tank I am behind. Then I See CH1 at the door from the ore loading room fire his Ion Blaster. He takes out another B1 with a shower of lightning all over the droid. He yells to all of us. “Set your blasters to Stun” I flick the switchs on both blasters. At this point The EV supervisor droid enters the room with 1 of those huge slow walking load lifters. It is peaking around from the back of the load lifter, so I cant get a good shot. Osk now standding near CH1 has a better vantage point and shoots him. CH1 disables another B1. I take a bad hit in my left arm from a blaster shot. I pull out a stimpack and stick it in my arm to inject the medicine. Man that hurts at first. Then it gets numb while the Stim does its job. I then pop up and aim at the 2 B1s coming closer to me and let them both have it from each of my heavy blasters. They both go down in a wave of sparks. Lowhhrick finally gets to the door. Sees the EV droid and fires his bowcaster at it. I think he hit the arm that had the datapad in it because the load lifter suddenly stops moving. Next I see Lowhhrick drop his bowcaster. Turn and pound the medical droid that is trying to stab him. Soon it is lying on the floor smoking from its motivator. “Remind me later not to get that Wookie mad at me” The EV who is badly damaged slips through the door into the next room. Osk takes off running past the last of the droids following the EV supervisor into the next room. She moves so fast that none of the shots at her hit. That EV was not moving very fast and I could see it is missing the arm that had the datapad in it. I disable the last droid in my path and CH1 gets the last 2 to surrender. I then run past the huge load lifter into the next room. Osk has the EV crawling across the duracrete trying to get away from her. She turns to me and says “Do you have a stimpack? I feel like I’m about to pass out.” I pull out the stimpack. She is facing away from me pointing her gun at the EV. So I jab her with it in the butt. The look she give me is priceless. The EV is screaming at the 2 PK worker droids across the room to attack us. Both of these droids have restraining bolts on them. They seem hesitant but slowly head towards the 2 of us holding mining drills. Osk walks over to the crawling EV and puts a blaster bolt through its head. All the lights in its eyes go out. The 2 PK droids stop where they are. I hear the load lifter behind me in the next room moving again. When I look in there. Lowhhrick has the EVs arm with the datapad still in the hand and is pushing buttons on the pad. Before I can take the pad away from him. We both have to duck 1 of the arms of the load lifter swinging at our heads. I take the pad away from him. “Do you even know what these buttons do?” I ask him. He hoops back at me “ See, I make it move.” I shake my head, shut down the load lifter and go back to where Osk is by the entrance to the mine. We contact Marv with the datapad. He says to send 1 of the mine cars down to the waystation. He tells us they will be up in about an hour. Osk turns to me and says “We should remove all the credit chips from the safe before they get up here. Then we can dole them out back to them as they need.” I smile and agree with her. We go to the office and remove the other 135,000 cr chips and put them into the Devil.
We next sit down at the computer with Wally plugged in. Data shows that there are 12 of the 24 miners left. Each of them gets a 2000 cr pay. Mathus soon shows up with the medical droid from our ship. When Marv gets to the office with 1 of the miners. He looks uneasy and suspicious of us. We send the medical droid with the miner to check out the rest of the miners that are now in the changing room. CH1 and Lowhhrick have moved all the mines droids into the empty room with the 2 blast doors on either side. Even the little flying droid that was trapped in the Devil’s Airlock. Negotiations with Marv becomes intense. We go over what happened up to this point, the past expenses, the future expenses, operating costs, actual needs, hopeful wants and how to go about all the repairs. We agree to send the mines mechanic Ralph and Mathus out to repair 1 of the 3 damaged shield generators. This will allow the mine to continue operation with only minimal problems. The expenses are…
12 miners x 2000cr = 24,000 cr pay
Replacement supplies needed = 10,000 cr
Replacement R2 unit = 4,000 cr
Repair parts for 2 shield generators = 5,000 cr
Extra operating cash = 5,000 cr
Total given back to the mineers = 48,000 cr
Leave us 117,000 credits. Of that, 100,000 cr for Jabba. 17,000 cr for us. We even talk to the medical droid from our ship. He decides to stay at the mine because these men will need his help. Bless that tin heart of his. If it actually has 1. We take 9 of the 10 E11 blasters and put them on the Devil. I hand 1 to Marv and wink. “Here, Just in case it gets out of hand here again” Wally and Mathus are removing restraining bolts from the droids 1 at a time. Checking their programing and updating it to specs. Doing a memory wipe till at least when the EV showed up here. CH1 has a problem with the memory wipe. Osk and I tell him. “Unless we get these droids back to spec. They will remember the revolution and the killing of innocent lives. It is either the wipe or being destroyed. I think the wipe is a better option for them” CH1 wants to free these droids. We tell him “After the wipe and the reprogramming. If they want to leave. Then they can choose at that point. “ Not sure if he agrees or not. He just walked away from us. I still don’t trust that droid. I turn to Osk “Remind me why he is still on our boat” Osk shrugs “ He is an extra gun and a pretty good shot” I shake my head and we get back to straightening out the problems before we leave. Then it hits me. “Oh yea. Trex’s hatch mates are on Tatooine. Frick, got to call Brynn and get an update from her on their ship and where they went.

Jabba’s Mine And Ours
Episode 9-30-2015

While still in the short hyperspace jump from Kessel to Gavos. The FX7 Medical Droid comes to me and asks if it can talk privately. We find a spot in Cargo #3. I ask it “what is the matter.” I lean against Cell #1 and nonchalantly rest my right hand on the Gennocian blaster on my right hip. It sees this and keeps its distance. It asks “ I report to you Captain Pash. I am concerned about my patients that I was forced to leave behind. I did not ask to be freed in this manner. Could you return me to my home world soon. I might be able to explain my absence by saying I was mistakenly kidnapped.” I tell the FX7 droid that we can possibly return it to near its original place after we assess a job for an associate of ours. He seems a little depressed by this. My 1st thought is “can droids actually be depressed?” I tell him “By the way, I was not the 1 that freed you. I think you need to put your argument to CH1 for some compensation. He was the 1 that brought you aboard against your will. But….. we could use a good medical droid on board this ship till our doctor gets back. I got a mechanic that can fix and keep you in tip top shape. Is it a Deal for now?” FX7 agrees and rolls away. At this point the navcomputer warning alarm goes off that we will be coming out of hyperspace in 5 minuets. I head to the bridge to use the intercom to warn the crew we will be coming back to normal space. When we emerge, we are in system for Gavos. Takes us a short time to the planet. It is very close to the sun in this system. I radio for landing clearance, nothing. The only thing I can do is follow the beacon in. Once through the heavy wind and cloud cover there is a valley with storm barrier generators ringing the mine processing plant building. I slow and circle the building and I radio again. Still nothing. There is a small odd freighter on landing pad B. I land the Devil on pad A. All seems quiet, too quiet. I shut the engines down and go into the lounge. I tell everyone. “There is no radio contact. We came down by the beacon. Who is coming and who is staying on board?” Mathus and FX7 are staying on board. Osk, CH1, Lowrick and Wally are with me. I put on my armor, goggles and coat and we lower the ramp to file out. As we approach the door it automatically opens. We enter a brightly lit reception area with chairs. No one is here. There are 2 door. 1 to our left with a small window that is scorched on the other side and a door across from the entrance. We go to the door across the room. It is locked. We force it open. On the other side is a canteen with tables, chairs and a cook robot in the kitchen area making pancakes. There are 4 dead human miners at 1 of the tables. They have been dead for several hours from blaster fire. At this time I use the beck-on-call to close the ramp to the Devil. We then question the cook droid but we find that his intellect capacity is severely limited to cooking. He continues to cook and deliver pancakes to the 4 dead bodies, oblivious that they are dead. Behind the kitchen is a small pantry. We find 1 more dead human stuffed into a freezer unit. Nothing else of interest here. Then we hear the warning klaxon that storm generator 3 has failed and repair is needed. We can tell the wind has picked up a little outside. We go back to the other door in the reception room. Lowrick has already forced it open. There is a long hall way with 3 empty freshers on the left and a single door on the right. Lowrick forces the door to the right open. It is a recreation room. It is a bit of a mess in here. Drinks are spilled and stuff is scattered. I find a small box of cigars which I stuff in a pocket. This room has postcards and pictures of Corellia, Naboo and Transdocia. Plus there is a poster of a scantily clad female Transdocian on the far wall. We go back to the hall and it turns to the right. This hall has 6 sleeping rooms on the left. A hallway and 2 sleeping rooms on the right. There is also a door at the end. The door at the end of the hall leads to the managers quarters. There is a deactivated administration droid with a restraining bolt in there. Wally removes the bolt and we reboot the droid. We also find a dead Transdocian hidden in the shower. By this time the driod has re-booted. He tells us his designation is 3D4K administration and reception droid. He has been deactivated for several hours and does not know about any dead miners. We all head to the branch hallway. It S bends to a blast door. Then we hear the warning klaxon that storm generator 4 has failed and repair is needed. With effort we force it open to a bare wall room with a door to the left and 1 across the room. We explain to 3D4K that we are representatives of the new owner. We are here to access the viability and production of the mine and to retrieve the payment owed to the owner. 3D4K informs us that the mine has been running at a slower output due to the fact that the miners needed to dig deeper for the oridium. Also that the veins of oridium are getting fewer and farther apart. The door to the left leads to an office with a computer terminal. I turn to CH1 and Lowrick who are punching each other and arguing. Osk is just shaking her head in disgust. I step in between them and break it up. Next we plug Wally into the computer and try to find out any info as to what happened. I find a listing of shift change papers with all the miners listed. Of the 6 dead we found, they all should be on shift right now. Wally on the computer finds us a layout of the facility. He also finds some security footage. The 1st is of a Transdocian running out of camera and most likely got shot. The 2nd is of the Odd freighters Sulstan pilot landing on pad B and meeting with a EV Supervisor droid. The 3rd and most important camera footage is that of an exploration droid entering and piloting a 2 seat cloud car from landing pad A about an hour prior to us landing. Osk then finds a safe under the desk. We have 3D4K open it. There is cash money chips in there. He quickly closes it. I argue with him to re-open it. He refuses. I ask Wally to replay his recording of the lock sequence. I reopen the safe. There is 165,000 cr in there. 3D4K claims that it is mine operating money for spare parts and pay for the miners. I tell it that the money is last years payment to the owner. At this point we hear the warning klaxon again that storm generator 5 has failed and repair is needed. 3D4K informs us that if 5 of the generators fails this facility will be destroyed. Wally tells us that the generators are not failing. They are being destroyed. I ask 3D4K if the cloud car is armed. He says YES. I ask Walley if he can unlock all the rest of the doors in the place. He beeps YES. I tell the group I am going after the cloud car and for them to keep searching for survivors and or bodies and no more fighting. I take 30,000 in cr chips out of the safe and head to the Devil. On the way I use the beck-on-call to start the engines up. When I get there I fill Mathus in on what is going on and that he needs to get in the lower turret and fire on the cloud car when we find it. I hide the 30,000 cr then head to the cockpit. Ship sensors home us in on the cloud car. When we catch up to it I tell Mathus to fire. He may be a great mechanic but he cant hit a fat Nerf in a narrow gully. I put the Devil in front of the cloud car to block its path. It skirts around me. I am tired of fooling around. We are getting close to the 4th generator. I put the dorsal turret on firing from the cockpit and let loose a barrage on the cloud car. A direct hit rips it into several pieces. The little exploration droid ejects. Its tiny body is tossed in the wind. It pleads with me not to leave it out here or it will perish. Reluctantly I open the air lock and let it in there. Now it is trapped in the lock. Lowrick calls and asks which droids does he shoot. Between trying to keep control of the ship I tell him “Any that are attacking you”. I take the Devil up out of atmosphere and bring her around the planet to where the mine is and follow the beacon down to the landing pad. When we get close to the mine building. I can see Osk, CH1, Wally, 3D4K and Lowrick on landing pad B. I tell them to disable the odd freighter from flying. Not by shooting it this time! They tell me they found a dead human behind a crate on pad B. He is all cut up. They also found the Sulstan pilot. He is dead inside the freighter. I land the Devil on pad A. I leave the engines not completely shut down in standby mode. Just in case. I check on the little droid in the air lock. It is still floating in there. I tell Mathus to not let it out. I go out the lower hatch on the port side and drop down to the pavement. As I look up, the air dam over the building and ship is really swirling and barley holding. I head inside and make my way down the hallway to the left, then down the S hall into the bare room. I cautiously enter the locker room. Next I enter the Cargo room. There are several bins of oridium ready to ship. There is a very large load lifting droid sitting against the wall. I am not sure if it is active or not. Everyone else is at the top of the large vertical lift that goes up to landing pad B. Osk comes over the comlink. “OK, I disabled the engines on the freighter.” There seems to be a recently destroyed R2 unit in this room. It has been blown apart and is scattered all over the floor. Why do I suspect Lowrick had something to do with this? The next large door leads to a workshop. In there is a workbench. Sitting on it is a box with 7 restraining bolt packs in it. There are 4 empty packs scattered on the workbench. There is also a restraining bolt applicator. I stick that in a pocket for use later. While continuing to rummage around the workbench. I hear a door open to my left and metal footsteps enter the room. “Beep….Roger….Roger…Click” I look over and there are 2 old B1 battle droids standing in a doorway holding weapons. As I duck behind a crate I think to myself. “Frick, so that’s what Temo was doing with the B1 droid parts”Pash Edo

This Will Definitely Be Part Of My Report To Jabba...

The group makes the jump to Gavos…

During the jump, the recently acquired medical droid speaks with Pash privately. It regrets being forced to leave behind its owner and its patients, and wants Pash to turn the ship around and drop it off. Pash tells the droid that he can’t do that right away, but that he will see what he can do after the group checks out the mine. Pash also encourages the droid to speak to CH-1, but it is reluctant to do so.

Later, CH-1 notices the droid moping around and tells it to cheer up. It accuses CH-1 of kidnapping it. Obviously CH-1 does not feel that way, and tells the droid it is now free to do what it wants.

Wally scans the planet Gavos. It is a small inhospitable world with a toxic atmosphere and near constant wind storms.

A ring of storm barrier generators dampen the environmental effects around the mine’s surface facility. Otherwise, the planet’s atmosphere would crush the facility.

The group attempts communication with the miners, but only get an automated response from a nav beacon. Pash circles the “Hand of Sorrow” around once, and notices another freighter on one of the landing pads. They land on the other landing pad outside of the facility.

Pash, Wally, Oskara, CH-1 and Lowrhick leave the ship and enter the mining facility. Right away at the entrance they noticed recent blaster burns on the inside of a window of an office overlooking the entrance. They proceed through a door to the Reception room. All is quiet.

Lowrhick goes through the door to the office, and finds smashed furniture and glass and a large stain on the floor. Tasting the liquid, he identifies it as Tandoshan blood. Pash investigates and discovers a shift change schedule. CH-1 quickly plays a game of chess that is sitting in a corner to completion against the AI. He wins.

A warning sounds about one of the shield generators malfunctioning. It repeats several times at deafening volume.

Lowrhick forces both doors that exit the Reception room. The first leads to a corridor. The group decides to check out the second door first. It leads to a Canteen where a cook droid is busy preparing meals for a shift change. There are 4 miners sitting quietly at a table in the back of the room.

Pash and Lowrhick advance, and CH-1 attempts to interrogate the cook droid. The cook droid mindlessly repeats the same phrases, asking what CH-1 wants for its meal. t looks like it is preparing various breakfast items. Lowrhick smells death, and warns Pash. The cook droid grabs 4 plates of waffles, and brushes past Pash and Lowrhick, and starts serving the men sitting at the table. As Pash gets closer, he can see that each man has several plates of food already in front of him. The cook droid asks each miner how he likes his food before he goes back to the stove. Pash now seems that each man has been shot by a blaster several times. They have been dead for at least 4 hours.

Pash checks the men, but their pockets have been cleaned out. Their overalls all have names stitched on them, and Pash ticks off the names on the shift change schedule. He sees that these men should be in the mines by now.

Lowrhick discovers a pantry, but after a quick glance at it leaves the Canteen. On the way out he grabs a plate of waffles from the cook droid. Pash investigates the pantry and finds another dead human male body in a freezer unit, also shot by blasters.

Lowrhick goes through the first door exiting the Reception Room to the long corridor, and checks the first door on the right. It opens on a Recreation room. Pash, and CH-1 follow. Osk brings up the rear, complaining that her long rifle is not ideal for these cramped conditions.

The Recreation room is empty, but looks like it has been frequently and recently used. Posters of home worlds, post cards from loved ones and sweethearts, and various calendars with scantily clad pictures of various races hang on the walls. Each table has various mugs and cups on it, and half-smoked cigars. Pash finds a half-full box of some premium cigars from Naboo, and stuffs the box into his pack. The box advertises that each cigar was handled by a master Gungan cigar maker, and contains a blend of exotic sounding tobacco plants.

After a brief inspection of the room, the group goes back out into the hallway. Lowrhick opens the door opposite, and it opens on a full refresher unit. It looks like there is someone in the shower, but the water is not running. Lowrhick opens the door, and a badly mutilated Trandoshan falls out into his arms. Lowrhick exclaims in disgust and lets the body fall to the floor. Pash checks the name tag on the overalls, and ticks off another name from the shift change schedule.

Pash tells Mathus to lock up the ship. He uses the beck-on-call to close the ramp.

The group checks 8 empty living quarters. Finds evidence of Naboo, Corellia, Gand, and Trandoshan miners. Each room is set up to handle 3 miners.

Pash investigates a side corridor, but stops when he reaches blast door. He rejoins the party.

The group finds an administrative droid deactivated in the Chief’s quarters at the end of the corridor. CH-1 removes its restraining bolt, and re-activate the droid. It has been deactivated for a full day, and is shocked to learn of the dead miners. It does not know anything about current events. It belatedly welcomes the group to the mines – it should have been waiting in the reception area to greet them! After learning that they are there to do an audit of the mine, it lets them know that it has been run on a shoestring budget the past few years as its owner (Teemo) takes out most of the profits.

CH-1 and Lowrhick suddenly don’t like each other, and brawl briefly before Pash breaks them up.

Another warning sounds about one of the shield generators malfunctioning. It repeats several times at deafening volume.

The group finds the administrative office off of the chief’s quarters. It has several filing cabinets and a computer terminal.

CH-1 goes back to the ship to get his disruptor blaster, and leave behind his repeating blaster rifle. Mathus greets him warily – he was actually holding the blaster behind his back when he saw CH-1 coming back to the ship alone! CH-1 grabs the blaster and tells Mathus to keep the ship locked up. CH-1 notices that he can see that more of the atmosphere is making it through the environmental shield as he returns to the base.

R2 taps into computer, and finds information:
1. shows that maintenance of droids was haphazard, used second-hand parts, and was done by a R2 unit.
2. showed video of a Trandoshan running through the reception area, the other freighter landing and the supervisor droid EV greeting the Sullustan pilot, and a small round droid leaving the base in a cloud car.
3. shows that the profitability of the mine has been declining, and that the miners have had to dig ever deeper to find iridium
4. showed that the previous owner (Teemo) never re-invested any of the profits in maintenance or upgrade of the mining facility, the droids, or the mining equipment.
5. found a general map of the mine facility, and that there is a way station about a kilometer deep

Pash uses the computer’s communications to contact the way station, and talks to the chief miner Marv Moray. Marv states that the droids suddenly rebelled during the last shift change, and killed about a dozen of the miners. The rest retreated to the way station, where they are trying to decide what to do. The have no weapons, only mining gear. Pash also confirms with Marv that the cloudcar is armed, and that if more than 5 of the shield generators are destroyed then the base will be wiped from the face of the planet by the harsh atmosphere.

CH-1 and Lowrhick goes through filing cabinets. Find files on all the miners. They are generally a bunch of roughnecks, but don’t have any criminal records, etc.

Lowhhrick leaves to try to force the blast doors leading to the rest of the base. He is unsuccessful after several attempts.

A third warning sounds about one of the shield generators malfunctioning. This makes 3 that are down. It repeats several times at deafening volume.

Oskara finds safe under computer desk. The get the administrative droid to unlock it, and it holds 165000 credit chips. The droid locks it again before the party can take any. After a brief argument, Pash gets R2 to replay the security to code to unlock it, and Pash unlocks it. He confirms that it has enough to pay off Jabba. The droid protests that doing that will not leave the miners enough to do the necessary repairs and upgrades to the mine to keep it running, especially now that 3 shield generators have been destroyed..

R2 unlocks all doors on the base.

Pash leaves to find the droid in cloud car that has been destroying the shield generators. He grabs 30000 credits to take with him. Maths begins warming up the engines.

Lowhhrick, CH-1 and Wally go off to explore the rest of the base.

Pash and Mathus are able to anticipate where the droid in the cloud car is going next thanks to Wally sending them the coordinates of all the shield generators, and examining the pattern of the generators that have been destroyed so far. They find the cloud car, and after a brief skirmish destroy it. The droid ejects safely, and begs to be taken in. Pash relents and lets it into the ship’s airlock. It takes all of Pash’s skill to keep the ship stable in the harsh atmosphere.

After they return to the base, Pash sees that the droid that they captured has a restraining bolt attached. He leaves the droid locked in the airlock, and tells Mathus to watch it. He heads back into the base.

Meanwhile, CH-1 and Lowhhrick find a medical assistant droid in what appears to be the locker room. After a brief interrogation, it appears to have limited intelligence and defective programming. They leave it alone. The next room is a storage room with a primitive load lifter droid and pallets of oridium everywhere. They spot a R2 unit behind one of the pallets, and after it is spotted it approaches Lowhhrick spouting harsh curses in binary. Lowhhrick sends an explosive bolt into it with his bowcaster, and blows it apart. CH-1 shrugs, and takes the lift to the airlock where the other freighter is docked. He finds a blood trail, and a dead miner behind the freighter’s ramp. The miner looks like he was killed with precise surgical cuts. Lowhhrick and Oskara join CH-1, and they board the freighter. They find the Sullustan dead from blaster fire, and several empty weapons cases. Oskara goes back to the engine room to disable the ship. She goes to work while consulting with Mathus.

Pash makes his way back into the base, and goes through the locker room and the loading/storage room. The next room looks like a combination work room, and ore refining facility. He notices that there are 7 packs of restraining bolts on the workbench, and 4 of the packs are empty. He grabs the restraining bolt applicator. He then notices that there is a lot of oil splashed around the oil bath tub. He fishes around with the restraining bolt applicator, and fishes out a dead human female named Ricca. As he is doing this he hears the other door to the room slide open, and two droid voices say: “We have him. Roger roger”.

To be continued…

Just a hop, skip and hyperjump to freedom
9-16-2015 Episode

No problems landing at Taanab. Fuel cost us 2000 cr but the dock fee was only 100 cr. Osk is still being moody and mostly stays in her bunk. Mathus asks me to oversee the refueling. He has to do something. In between monitoring the fuel I check for any messages. There is a massage from Brinn. That brings a smile to me. At least she still calls me. I listen to the message. Seems Trex’s hatch mates are looking for Trex. “Damn tenacious Transdocians”. Brinn says she has not seen me for weeks and has not seen Trex for months. She says they were heading to Temo’s since Trex was working for Temo last. She is not sure what Anatta will tell them. “Frick and a half. I hope that Toydorian keeps his beak shut.” I check back on the fuel. When it is done I reset the fuel filter and check the disconnect. Afterwards I check around on the holonet to see if anyone has the heavy mount and the heavy cables for the quad laser. Nothing, but some guy from 1 of the yards I checked with says that he thinks he remembers a dealer on Roche that may have the heavy mount. Roche is way off our path and we are several days behind schedule getting to Jabba’s mine. In the morning we leave Taanab. The next jump to Antillies only takes a ½ day. “Love this hyperdrive” Antillies is just a way point. Wally re-calculates for Kashyyk. While in hyperspace to there. I check the radiation levels in the engine room. All reading normal. I put the space suit in the locker. Mathus gives me the worried look. I tell him “Radiation is normal. Stop worrying. By the way, can we figure out how to operate this?” I pull out the lightsaber I found from my coat pocket. Between Mathus and I we figure out which end generates the saber beam. That the power pack is charged. Just cant figure how to generate the beam. I put it away in my pocket for now. We drop out of hyperspace on the fringe of Kashyyk system. We don’t want to alert any Imperials. Wally tells me we can bypass Randon and go straight to Chalata. “Good Boy” I double check his calculations. They look real good. I enter it and we are there in 1-1/2 days. Lorwick has been getting restless. “Crazy walking fuzz rug” Osk is still avoiding everyone on the ship. “Maybe she misses her girlfriend Maru? Never mind I don’t want to know. At least it is quiet and everything is running smooth” I take some time to hide the 3 Imperial blasters at strategic points around the ship. 1 in the cockpit. 1 by the loading ramp and 1 under the game table in the lounge. 3 hours later Lorwick in one of his moods rips the game table out of its mount. I go to him “What the Frick were you thinking!” He starts hooping and pointing. Not a clue what he was saying. I say “Fix the frickin table!” He starts hooping again. Best I can figure he is sorry but he is not sure he can fix it. I think he actually got Mathus to fix it. We come out of hyperspace with a little shudder but nothing major.
Next we are on to Nimban. We are making good time now. Only problem are these short jump, stop, re-calculate, jump again. At Nimban we re-calculate for Steheyon. When we exit hypersapce we hit a large piece of spacejunk and suffer some minor damage. Steheyon is an industrial world. I check for a repair facility. I find a Toydorian named Gatto that has a shipyard where we can make repairs. At his shop Gatto and I get to talking. He has a heavy mount and the heavy cabling for the quad laser. I show him the quad, the 4 motivators and the empty Tibanna gas canister. He says he can mount it. I ask him how much? He says 1000 cr and he has a Full Tibanna gas canister for 300 cr and he gets the empty one. He can have it done in a little under 2 hours. I say “Deal!” When I get back to the ship. There is a message from the Lucky Guess. “Delivery complete, still on Ryloth. Awaiting any other shipments or are we clean on our debt? Let me know ASAP – Orpa” I check the account. 15,000 cr added right on schedule. I need to call them. Might need to pay the refueling on the Lucky Geuss by now. Just then there is a call coming in. It is Salk from the repair shop on Tatooine where we got the new engines from. He says 2 Trandocians came to his shop. They followed the transponder code from the old engines out of our ship. They forced him to give them the transponder code for the engines he sold to us. They killed all his Jawa workers. They seem to be looking for their hatchmate named Trex. I tell Salk we will take care of the Transdocians and do something for his shop when we get back to Tatooine. It may not be for a couple of weeks. He says these guys are mean and are out for blood. After I hang up with him I call Anatta. Fricken Toydorian is actually cordial for once. He asks about our progress. I tell him we are at Steheyon getting some minor repairs and should be out of here latter today. Another day and we will be at the mine and then we can give him our report. He says “Good….Very Good, by the way. I had a visit from 2 Transdocians looking for Trex. You would not have any idea where he is, would you?” I say “No. I have not seen him since we left Tatooine months ago.” He says “OK. I sent them packing out of here but I think they are going to look for you anyway.” I ask him “Do you have any shipments you need moved? I got someone over on Ryloth that owes me money looking for a run. If not you, how about Jabba?” He says “ I don’t have anything. I will ask Bid Fortuna if Jabba has anything to move. Let me get back to you” We hang up. I then go help Mathus and Wally fix the loose panels on the topside. We are almost done when I hear the engines in their start up sequence. I look at Mathus. He gives me a shrug. I shut the engines down with the beck on call. We go back to welding. A few minutes later Gatto says the quad laser is mounted and hooked up. CH1 then comes outside the ship. In his monotone demeanor. He claims we need to leave……right now! I ask him “why?” He explains that he has rescued a driod from slavery and we need to hide him and leave right now. Mathus says Wally can complete the welding while we are in flight. I slide off the edge of the ship by the ramp. When I get inside there is an odd medical droid inside pacing back and forth calculating on the chance of him getting caught and whether they will disassemble him or melt him down. I look at CH1. He says “He needs our help” I say “Frick and a half. Help me get him in the hidden compartment under the floor panel.” Mathus runs past and says he will prep the engines for start up. I run down the ramp to Gatto. He asks “ What is going on?” I say “Got to run. 1300 cr, are we clear?” He says “Yes.” I pay him and run back up the ramp and head to the bridge. Mathus has the engines warmed up. I lift us off while Wally is still welding topside and the ramp is not closed yet. I pivot the Devil and put her in a steep climb. “Hold on everyone!” CH1 goes down to the ventral gun turret. Not sure the quad in the dorsal turret works yet and I don’t want to test it in combat to find out it doesn’t. Traffic is heavy and I have to do some fancy flying to avoid it. There are 3 of those dual pod cloud car patrol craft shooting at us and catching up fast. I try to keep them in CH1s field of fire. Watching the sensors He soon takes out 1 patrol, then 2 then all 3 are gone. Before we reach orbit I tell someone to get Wally down through the upper hatch. He is a little singed but gives us the OK that the weld is complete and sealed. I punch it to far orbit. I run the calculations for our next hyperjump for Kessel. Check the calculations. Enter them into the navcomputer and slide us into hyperspace. Kessel here we come…. at .5 faster then light speed. Fastest hunk of junk in the Galaxy…

A long, strange trip...

Crew fuels up the “Hand of Sorrow” in Tanaab.

Pash supervises while Mathus upgrades CH-1. CH-1 owes him one.

Pash gets a call from Brinn that some Trandoshans were looking for Trex in Mos Shuuta. They are his clan mates. She hopes that Pash is somewhere safe and far away.

Lowhhrick gets a call from “one of the girls” at the Palace with the same information. She tells him Anatta was able to get rid of them, but not without some effort. Anatta was not pleased. She warns Lowhhrick to stay away – she’s worried about him. Trandoshans and Wookies don’t mix well.

They get underway. Many small jumps.

Lowrhhick and CH-1 have several training fights in the “gym” that they have set up in the engine room, until one time Lowhhrick gets overenthusiastic and disables CH-1’s left arm.

After this, Lowrhhick is bored and gets drunk and rips the holochess table out of its mounts. Lowhhrick passes out, and Pash throws him in one of the holding cells in cargo bay 3. Mathus gets to work repairing the table.

Pash hides the 3 carbine blasters that they acquired from the Nikto bounty hunter around the ship. 1 in the cockpit. 1 by the loading ramp and 1 under the game table in the lounge.

At one of their stops, there is a message waiting from Anatta for CH-1. Anatta asks CH-1 to find out what happened to Trex. Is the “Hand of Sorrow” really the “Krayt Fang”? He tells CH-1 that having some Trandoshans on a blood hunt is one of the worst things that can happen to a person. He tells CH-1 to protect the party if they encounter the Trandoshans – they are valuable to Jabba now since he invested in them.

Pash leaves a message for Orpa and Vex Vio to stay away from Tatooine after they are done with their runs.

CH-1 asks Pash what happened to Trex, and Pash fills him in.

Pash gets a message from the Salk, the shipyard owner in Mos Eisley where they swapped the engines. He has been badly beaten, and his Jawa helpers killed. The Trandoshans tracked the “Krayt Fang” engines to his yard using the BoSS codes. He admitted to swapping the engines, but could not tell them where the group was now. They forced him to give them the BoSS codes for the “Hand of Sorrow” engines. Pash promises to make it up to him the next time they are back in Mos Eisley.

CH-1 plants message on several “Merc for hire” boards that Trex was spotted in Ord Mantel. He offers a bounty for Trex.

The party lands at Steheyon, and Pash finds a shipyard where they have mounts for a quad cannon. Gatto, the shipyard owner, also has canisters of Tibanna gas for sale. Pash deals with him and his workers start mounting the quad on the top gun mount.

CH-1 and Lowhhrick leave the ship to wander around. The planet uses a lot of slave labor, both humanoid and droid. CH-1 is increasingly bothered by the number of “restrained” droids that he sees, and strikes up a conversation with a Medical Assistant Droid. It does not really want to be freed, but CH-1 forces the issue and removes its restraining bolt anyway. The medical droid panics, and thinks it will now be treated as a runaway. CH-1 shepherds it to the shipyard where the “Hand of Sorrow” is being worked on. Several police attempt to stop him, and he kills them. More police show up, and attract Lowhhrick. Lowwhrick and CH-1 engage in a running gunfight to get back to the ship, with the medical droid protesting the entire way. Lowhhrick uses his bowcaster to blow up a mobile gun platform.

They get back to the ship just as the install is being completed. Pash is confused, but takes off. R2-W4 completes the final welds as the crew engages in a dogfight with some cloud cars attempting to stop them. They blow up 4 before the traffic clears enough that Pash can get the ship out of orbit, complete the jump calculations, and make the jump into hyperspace. R2-W4 is singed, but otherwise okay. Mathus takes him away to service him.

Looking at the mercenary forums, CH-1 acquires a job from some “shippers” in a nearby system. They need help with a rival shipper that has been treating them unfairly with his hired muscle. CH-1 promises to visit them after they are done with the mine job.


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