Star Wars: Scum and Villainy (and Profit)

Travel to Geonosis, and a party with a Duke

Oskara assembled an astromech droid while Pash researched the history of the “Krayt Fang”.
Pash also verified that the astrogation charts were complete and up to date.

Pash discovered that Trex had upgraded the “Krayt Fang” with the holding cells in cargo bay 3, and that the “Krayt Fang” is at least 75 to 100 years old.

Pash also discovered that there is no bounty on Trex. He will have to continue cooling his heels in one of his own holding cells until the party figures out what to do with him! Let’s hope that they don’t forget to feed him!

Ota the Bothan gave the party an encrypted communicator to allow them access to Geonosian space, and more importantly Duke Piddock’s party. The party will pose as arms buyers for the Twi’lek freedom fighters to Duke Piddock. To make things more confusing, their cover story for the rest of the party’s attendees will be that they are food suppliers of some Rylothian stew for the hungry multitudes of Geonosis.

The party took off in the newly named and registered “Sand Devil”.

The newly built astromech droid malfunctioned slightly while doing the astrogation calculations, and the “Sand Devil” barely made it to Geonosis on time, and came out of hyperspace ass backwards. This amused the normally uptight Geonosian security forces so much that they gave the “Sand Devil” a pass, and the party made it to Duke Piddock’s party at Hive G. with just moments to spare.

At the party, they make contact with the Duke and purchased samples of the Geonosian weaponry for the Twi’lek resistance. The weapons were of high quality and wide bore – very intimidating! The Duke apologized for not having more to sell on hand – he explained that the Imperials had recently take an extreme interest in where all the arms that Geonosis manufactured were being sold and delivered to. The party and the Duke commiserated over the treachery of Teemo the Hutt, and he said that he might be able to make introductions to his rival Duke Dimmock to allow the party to convince that Duke to also break off his dealings with Teemo.

The party mingled a little after meeting with the Duke, and talked with an uptight Sullustan, and haughty Coreworlder, and two friendly and inebriated Corellians.

Oskara ended up charming the Coreworlder so much over their shared interest in Twi’lek artifacts that she invited Oskara to continue the discussion in her private quarters on board her ship later that night.

After the party, Pash returned to the “Sand Devil”.

A new ship and arrival on Ryloth

Repairs to ship.
Discovery of wookie pelts.
Discovery of tracking beacon.
Discovery of B’ura B’an in holding cell on ship.
Arrival on Ryloth.
Dogfight with Thweek over Nabat.
Meeting with Nyn Kablo.
Journey to New Meen.
Ambush by Teemo’s bounty hunters.
Arrive at New Meen
Confrontation with Angu Drombb’s thugs.
Journey and fight at Angu Drombb compound.
Discovery of more evidence of Teemo’s involvement in Ryll mining.

Escape From Mos Shuuta

January 7, 2015 – In the past few months, Teemo’s opinion of his longtime employees Oskara and Pash had dropped. Pash had wrecked the “Ao Var”, one of Teemo’s ships, and it had to be sold for salvage. Oskara had sent what she thought was a coded and untraceable message to her friends on Ryloth about Teemo’s plans for that planet.

As a test of their loyalty, Oskara and Pash were to deliver a monthly payment from Teemo to Jabba, but were stopped by stormtrooper patrol in the badlands of Tatooine. The stormtroopers confiscated the payment, and sent the PC’s back to Mos Shuuta empty-handed to make their explanations to Teemo.

They were waiting outside Teemo’s palace under guard of his Gamorrean thugs when the very same Stormtroopers showed up back at Mos Shuuta and walked straight into Teemo’s palace. Realizing that they were being set up to take the fall for the “missing” payment, they took advantage of the distraction of the stormtroopers’ arrival to make a break for it. Seeing an opportunity, the Wookie doctor Grabow joined them. The imperial bounty on his head meant he was not too happy to see stormtroopers in Mos Shuuta!

After a chase through the streets, a brief and vicious gunfight in the cantina saw them eliminate the Gamorreans and buy themselves some time. They discovered from their friend “Gault” that Trex’s light freighter was docked in docking back Aurek, but needed repairs. They were able to acquire the part from Vorn Tel-Ovis at his junkyard. They then split up. Oskara snuck in to the docking bay, but found Trex waiting! Meanwhile, Grabow and Pash were able to sneak into spaceport control and release the docking clamps on Trex’s light freighter.

The release of the docking clamps provided a distraction and saw Trex storm off to spaceport control. Meanwhile, Grabow and Pash had been spotted by the stormtrooper patrol and another chase through the streets ensued.

Long story short, they were able to overpower Trex and steal his YT-1300. They made their escape from Mos Shuuta just ahead of the stormtrooper patrol! An extended dogfight with 4 TIE fighters saw the party victorious but their ship heavily damaged.


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