Star Wars: Scum and Villainy (and Profit)

Sunday Shopping with the family…
Oskara Point of View - Session 4.1.15

Oskara’s senses started to come on in full, first the wonderful smell of blood, burnt everything, wookiee, humans, and oils… all she wanted was to get off the ship. As she opened her eyes she noticed Grabow laying there resting, then noticed how long she was asleep for, “half way there, oh joy” she said to herself.

When she got up to the bridge she found Pash with the W4, and this new Splicer Matthus, they had explained to her that they were in the system, the R2 unit figured out a new route, something only they knew as of right now. “Tattaonie to Ryloth in half the time, this could be very useful” she thought to herself.

Apparently at some point of her sleeping the Wookiees spent some time with Trex, it has become more of an uncomfortable silence every time anyone hints at it. All Oskara knew was that Matthus hacked into the IPKC and found out there is no Bounty on Trex. This really upset Oskara because this is her career and she is unable to access this system, she was not happy at about this. Matthus had tried to reverse the lock out on her, but needed to log out before he could.

The knowledge of Trext being dead weight was enough for Lowrhrick to simply toss him out the airlock during reentry to Ryloth, no one else really seemed to care, Trex taunted the shit out of the Wookiees back in Teemo’s Place so just deserves and all that nonsense. To Oskara she didn’t care because he didn’t have a bounty and it’s not like she could collect anyways, her career was being stone walled, she is now losing money.

Anatta had contacted them as they were entering orbit of Ryloth and asked what the status was, Oskara explained that they got all the evidence needed, and that she had killed the Slug he simply hung up, after some ran about, “this is what I said not to do” or something like that, Oskara really wasn’t listening.

Once they landed it was like arriving at the mall with the family for the day, the adults went to speak about big people things, and the kids just ran off and started spending all the money.

Looking to speak to Ota about getting her IPKC fixed, and reversing the bounty on them for killing Teemo as he said he could do, he was nowhere to be found. She immediately started getting this bad feeling about Ota, “very convenient for him to not be here.”

Both Pash and Oskara explained the negotiations with Duke Piddock the new Duke handling the matters of arms. They showed Nyn the weapons and explained the cost, delivery options, etc. Nyn was very happy with what was being offered, and after some negotiating agreed to give them a cut on each deal, and a bonus when making the transport runs themselves. Oskara then proceeded to explain that she had made a very special friend while there and that this friend was interested in acquiring things very unique to Ryloth, with shipment into the Correlian system. Nyn was very pleased by this, the connection was made and they would be the runners for this. This would be more money in the hold for them, but still in the back of her mind was her IPKC.

From there both Pash and Oskara decided to walk the market and get some much needed supplies before they move on. They contact Grabow who howled about being in the medical supplies shop getting some new equipment and bacta. He kept saying how he “needs” to have a full tank installed on the ship ASAP, and some more things that Oskara simply stopped listening to as she heard the credits going right out the account.

Both Pash and Oskara cringed every few minutes as the datapad pinged for another purchase. When they saw the last ping of 1250 credits labeled “Down Payment for Custom Weapon – Bowcaster” that was the breaking point and the account was locked down. They started receiving commincation requests from Grabow, and Matthus, Lowrhick was being silent. Surprising.

Over the comm was Matthus, “I have a list here of things we are going to need for the ship”, he started rattling off a bunch of items which intrigued Oskara and did nothing for Pash, but once he started spitting out numbers they shut that down. “Get it cheaper” was all she said over the comm, and she looked over at Pash who was shaking his head. When Grabow got on the Comm, they broke it down that a full tank was NOT needed at the time, it would require the ship to be modified and they did not have the time and possibly the funds for something that big at the time. “The disappointed growl of wookiee is both sad and a little funny at the same time”, Oskara thought.

Both Pash and Oskara were not planning to really spend any money except on the ship, that was until she walked past, “Mods!”, the local mod shop. It was a very small shop as the demand for such things is so small here. She found herself a scope, and bipod mount for the new rifle. “Few credits here and there on herself for killing a Hutt”, she thought that was more than enough payment, until she found her new barrel for this weapon.

Apparently while she was shopping Pash found out that Lowrick found some legal hand to hand combat fighting. They both decided to check it out maybe place bets, this Lowrick was pretty fierce. When they arrived they caught the tail end of Lowrick knocking out a Barabel, he decided to double down and out walked one of the biggest Gamorreans that Oskara had ever seen, and spending time in Teemo’s Palace she has seen quite a few. The fight lasted a few minutes but in the end Lowrick fell, Oskara was honestly very surprised by this, and thought to herself, “How much did this cost us now!” Then out of nowhere Grabow walked into view and onto the ring, grunting something about the honor of a wookiee or something, and ….. “ONE THOUSAND CREDITS!” Oskara said loudly in surprise! Though no one really heard her say it over the crowd going crazy over another Wookiee / Gamorrean fight.
Grabow lasted a long time she was actually very impressed and from the looks she saw, so was everyone else. He was able to take a beating but couldn’t really dish it out. In the end he fell to his opponent.

Oskara watched the Wookiee’s walk back to the ship with a little less bounce in their steps, losing to a Gamorrean, she would defiantly not let them live this one down. When they got back to the ship there was a message from Anatta, telling them that they are required to return to Mos Shutta, and meet him in the Cantina. He spoke of Jabba’s wrath. Well rested and all agreeing they decided to head back, “who knows maybe the palace will be ours now” is all she could think.

Taking the new route W4 figured out, they were back in Tattonine much faster than Oskara wanted to be, but never the less here they were.

Let's Go To The Mall, Today!

The party finished healing while parking in deep space off of Tatooine. They then headed for Ryloth to settle accounts with Ota, Nyn Kablo and the Twi’lek Miner’s Union.

Mathus hacked into the Bounty Hunter Guild’s system and determined that Trex did not have a bounty on him. Oskara wanted to see if he could lift the block on her license, but he had to unjack quickly after almost getting caught. The 2 wookies and Oskara worked Trex over for a bit, and then dumped him out of the airlock for his crimes against humanity (including Wookies).

There was a message waiting for them when they entered orbit over Ryloth. Anatta, Jabba’s Toydarian “gossip”, wanted them to immediately contact him. Oskara did and let him know that Teemo had been killed. Anatta told him that this was precisely what they should NOT have done, and hung up.

After landing at Nabat and making arrangements for the refuel and restock of the “Sand Devil” they took the cargo to Nyn. She was pleased with the Geonosian guns, and definitely wanted to set up a regular delivery schedule with Duke Piddock. Oskara and Pash volunteered to do the transport, and also managed to weasel their way in to a cut of each deal for helping to facilitate the contact in the first place.

They also discussed setting up shipments of spice to Corellia through Oskara’s contact Maru Jakkar. Nyn was very pleased with this, since the independent Twi’lek miners were having a hard time competing against the oligarchs that control most of Ryloth’s exports.

Ota was not on planet to discuss what he could do about Teemo’s bounty, so the party went shopping for supplies. Oskara managed to find a bipod and scope for her blaster rifle. After some discrete inquiries, Lowrhick managed to find an armorer willing to make him a bowcaster for the low, low price of 2500 credits (1250 down, 1250 at delivery). Grabow procured a number of medical supplies for the ship (bacta, synthskin, medpacs, etc.). He also priced a portable bacta tank, but decided it was too expensive and could be gotten cheaper on a more Coreward system.

Mathus went to a computing center and managed to crack the encryption on Teemo’s datapad in only 2 hours work. The data pad was full of evidence that Teemo had been spying on Jabba and was undercutting him on key deals. In addition, it had dirt on a number of local underworld figures that Teemo had dealt with. Definitely a resource that could come in handy.

Mathus also went shopping for some tech gear that he could use to more fully take advantage of his abilities. Unfortunately, the gear proved too expensive, and the shopkeeper did not like his inquiries about restricted electronics. Mathus left the store quickly, and did not notice that he had a tail.

After discussing the bowcaster’s schematics with the armorer for several hours, Lowrhick left his shop and went looking for a fight club. He quickly found one, and the rest of the party arrived one-by-one to watch him fight. In the first bout he defeated a Barabel quite quickly, but then lost to a huge Gamorrean. Grabow could not let this insult to Wookie honor pass, and stepped into the ring. His fight with the Gamorrean was epic, but ultimately the Grabow lost and the party was out around a 1000 credits. By this time Mathus had finally noticed his “escort”, and let the rest of the party know. With two semi-conscious Wookies and a possible security situation brewing, the party decided that it was time to return to their ship.

When they returned to the ship there was another message from Anatta demanding that they return to Tatooine immediately and meet with him at the Mos Shuuta cantina. He stressed that with his help, the party might survive Jabba’s wrath.

Before leaving Nabat, the party found a potential buyer for several of the holding cells in cargo bay 3.

R2-W4 plotted a new route direct from Ryloth to Tatooine, and the party was in orbit once again before they knew it.

Yea Tho I walk through the valley of Temo. I fear no Chandelier

So, I take a chance & pop my head out of the crate to look around. What do I find? A real friendly face. Matthis is alone in the workshop. Damn, he is a wiz with computers. Just my luck to find the perfect person we most need right now. Except, he has 1 of Temo’s shock collars on his neck. Glad I was mostly flying outside of range to make me wearing 1 of those things effective. Those things are deadly.

When we get to the computer room Matthis starts working his magic with the computers. Then something goes wrong & the terminals all shut down. We are not sure if we have been discovered? Temo’s Major Domo contacts Matthis. Matthis belays his & our fears that he is working on it. We still need to get out of here before that Weekway shows up.

We leave Matthis to reboot the computer system & head down to the gladiator room level. There we find our good friend Lowerick. He is overly happy to see us & wants out of Temo’s palace. There are also 2 humans & a Rodan down there that are willing to go along & help us…but for a price. I outright lie to them & say sure to their price. We need all the help we can get. Osk gets all of their collars off & we head up to the main level. There we find the Weekway Major Domo alone in the workshop inspecting the B1 droid parts in the crates we were hiding in. Lowerick & Doc rush past me & attack him. I put the Weekway out of his misery with 1 well placed shot before he finds out what it feels like to have 2 wookies pull his arms & legs off. We hide the body.

Matthis is almost done with down loading the info by this time. Osk gets Matthis’s collar off of him. We then lock the door at the far end of the computer room that leads to the outer galley & also the door at the beginning of the great hall. The 2 humans & Rodan gladiators balk at Osk’s plan to take out Temo & will not help. They go hide out by the landing pad. I call Wally to have him land the ship at the landing pad at Temo’s. Meanwhile Osk goes to the lower entrance to the thrown room. The rest of us are ready on the upper level at the other entrance to the room. Osk takes out the chandler over Temo with 1 shot. Damn she can shoot. It drops right on that fat ass slugs head. What a HOOT. Now all hell breaks loose in the thrown room. The Music stops, dancers are running, tables are turned, blasters are firing. Did you ever notice the sounds different blastes make? Between the screaming…it is kind of like music itself?

At this point Doc & Lowerick run straight for Temo & his guards waving those vibro axes. Osk runs over to the bar & dives over the counter like a pro. She re-sets up her massive Genocian gun. More like a cannon. She then starts popping off shots at anyone still dumb enough to stick their neck out to help Temo & not run away. By the way. I think Temo has died on his platform from the head injury & massive blood loss. Good for the fat bastard. Doc takes a nasty hit in his left leg from 1 of the gramorian guards & goes down. Soon all the commotion dies down when every opponent is either dead or run off. We roll the fat slug off his platform to get to his safe underneath. The friggen protocol droid he keeps says he dosent know how to open the safe. He is a useless piece of bantha dung. We take the locked safe with us. Wally has finally landed the Sand Devil on the platform. Osk tells the 2 humans & the Rodan that she is going to get their credits from inside the ship. At the top of the ramp she throws a frag down to them. That freaken lucky bastard picks it up & throws it back inside before I can get the ramp closed. Osk takes the brunt of that grenade. Ticked her off to no end. She was livid. She climbed down to the lower turret & blasted those guys while I climbed into the cockpit & got us out of there. Matthis, like a pro gets the safe open. 10,000 credits, a sweet genocian blaster & a encrypted data pad. Not a bad haul when you add in that fat slug Temo is now dead. His operation is in ruins & anyone that was working for him that is still alive is running for beggars canyon. I hope that this finally removes the bounty on the 3 of us?

Wally…Plot us a course for Ryloth. I really love being SO LUCKY.

Grabow - Session 3.18.15

Grabow was never one for hand weapons, he is more comfortable with his fists but this Vibroaxe was something he couldn’t pass up. They may be fun, though he was still unsure how he got mixed up with these two, every time he thought about it he just shook his head.

He paid attention to them the best he could but they always seem to be all over the place, so much chaos just drove him insane. He wished they would just sit back and plan some stuff out, this Oskara seemed to have good on head on her shoulders, it’s such a shame she rarely used it to plan out things, it’s always shoot this or shoot that! Grabow just decided to follow them for now, bandage them when, not if, they get hurt.

When he entered the communications room and server room he was very happy, everything was where it was supposed to be, not like on the ship where shit is just thrown everywhere. Grabow actually started motioning towards Pash and Oskara behind their backs by spreading his arms around in a silent, “Look this is what clean looks like!”

He watched Pash walk towards the computer almost in slow motion, he knew nothing good could come of it, and it didn’t. In his mind it was if when Pash sat down the computers simply stopped working, then people on comms and the Vibroaxe was at the ready. It seemed like every time he was with these two outside of the ship his life was in danger. All Grawbow ever wanted to do was heal people, not himself!

On the move again, they mentioned something about another Wookiee which peaked his interest, if there was another of his kind captive here he would be there to free him. Grabow was thinking that this Mathus guy may be handy, he would put a lid on Oskara thinking she was a splicer, and Pash thinking he can touch a computer, and he was helping them navigate, things are looking up in his eyes. They made their way to the cells and started freeing others, and there he was Lowhhrick, another of his kind. They are so far and few it’s always a great feeling to see and meet another. Grabow felt an instant connection to this Wookiee.

On the way back to the server room the two just talked quietly. When they come upon the workshop they found two of Teemo’s men there, without even saying a word, just giving each other the same glance they rush the pair. Grabow is so relieved to be next to another Wookiee again. Once those two are dealt with, he and Lowhhrick decided to head outside and start getting the landing pad cleared out. Once again they rush the guards and manage to just throw them off. He was much happier now, maybe just maybe things are really starting to look up! Then he heard the arguing.

“But he must die!” is all he heard coming out of Oskara’s mouth. His hand went up to his forehead and all he could think was, “aoacworo rarcwo rrooahwhrr aooo rrwoao scwo orahananwowa…”

Grabow was just watching and not listening to anything as they all argued and then he was Oskara walk back into the building checking her ammo, Pash shaking his head, and Lowhhrick smiling and walking right behind her. He came to learn that they were friends when Oskara was here, so he was happy to help her with whatever she was doing. So he decided to stick with Lowhhrick, they worked well together so far might as well continue the trend.

When Grabow got inside he noticed Oskara going off to the hallway they freed the slaves from, but Lowhhrick was heading to the main entrance. It’s as if he just knew what Oskara was going to do, maybe they planned it out in advance when she was here before who knows, he followed Lowhhrick.
An explosion almost rocked Grabow out of his skin, with that Lowhhrick took off, Grabow still trying to understand what’s happening just followed and kept pace. The next thing he saw was Gumorians, and Humans alike all ready to defend… a dead Hutt? Grabow while running took in the scene of the crushed Hutt under the chandelier who was still twitching but clearly dead. He thought to himself, he wouldn’t even know where to begin to try and help, as he was cut off almost literally by a gomorian and his axe.

This was not Grabow’s forte, he healed and fought when needed, and this big ass axe was not helping. He was just about to drop the axe when he was hit hard in the leg, so hard that axe dropped right next to him on the floor. He was hurt and just about to die when blaster bolts flew over his head and silence had fallen. Next he felt the rush of a stimpak course through his veins, then he was being dragged.

Vision blurred, sometimes going black from pain, his hearing seemed like he was underwater, he knew he was hurt bad. “BOOM!” he shot his eyes open, he was inside the ship he knew, and there was smoke. He started to slip out again, and the ship started to shake, and he heard explosions. He thought he was dreaming it all and let himself succumb to the darkness and sleep.

Hum of the warp engines and some heated talks in the distance….

Silence, hum of the ship, but not warp, they were idle. Then Oskara was there, she was doing something with his leg as she faded away.

The fall of a slug..
Oskara Point of View - Session 3.18.15

Oskara took notice of this human right away, he was helping them and he had some device around his neck. “Did my actions of helping Lochitep escape Teemo cause him to up his security on his captives?” She thought to herself as she inspected the device around the neck of this human.

He introduced himself as Mathus, a captive of Teemo and splicer by trade. He was eager to help us, save him. He explained to the group the best terminal to do what we needed would in fact be the communications hub, which is what they expected. The plus to this all was they now had the man who watched over the hub.

Oskara had been working on her data pad the whole trip over writing up a program that would work at breaking into the computer system and clone all the encrypted files she could. She wanted as much evidence to present to Jabba as she could if she was going to kill this slug, and if it’s not that’s ok it’s a price she’s willing to pay to free her people of this tyrant.

[[File:453431 | class=media-item-align-right | 300×300px | ServerRoom2.jpg]]

While hooking everything up and trying to look into the computer system everything shut down, at first she thought this human had given them up, she was reaching for Blaster Pistol to put it to the base of his skull. Oskara then looked over to see Pash looking very worried. She was unsure if it was because he was worried about what she was going to do, or if thought he just unleashed the entire palace on them, though she didn’t think there was much difference. What seemed to be almost instant Mathus received a call on his communicator from Kweet, asking what has happened. Mathus without skipping a beat convinced the Major Domo that it was a glitch of some sort and that he was going to perform a system reboot. Kweet bought it, and Oskara slipped the pistol back in its lock position.

After the reboot, Mathus helped them splice into the system and hook up Oskara’s data pad. She was very impressed with his skills, she learned out of necessity this man was properly trained. She thought to herself, “I’m sure I’ll find myself over his should often trying to learn new tricks.” They placed the datapad in the mix of one of the desks to be un-noticed by any straying eyes. It was performing its job and copying, but this was going to take some time, so Pash, Oskara, and Grabow decided to go free their friends if they were still alive. Oskara knew Lowrick was alive, that Wookiee is a beast, and she was still very upset he didn’t make it out with them.

Oskara worked with Mathus to remove the neck collar, and now she had a better handle to remove these things, she planned to free anyone who wanted to be free. Mathus stayed up at the communications hub to be eyes and ears for the group as they navigated the palace. He was watching the monitors and keeping an eye on the datapad.

As they started through the palace Oskara started thinking to herself. She was very happy to have this human with them now, they needed someone with tech knowledge, and “he will fit right in, though if he betrays us he’ll get one in the back of the head.” She smiled to herself a little with the thought of having someone other than Pash to talk to, Grabow is ok but a little too meticulous for her liking.
[[File:453433 | class=media-item-align-left | 250×250px | Lowhhrick.png]]
Gladiator Cells, though Teemo tries to call them rooms or bunks. Oskara remembered the layout for the most part and decided to hang back in the servants halls as Pash and Grabow went down the hallway to try and release who they could. After a short period of time she took notice of Lowrick and Grabow right away they took up almost the entire hallway, she could just make out movement of a couple others behind them but didn’t worry too much. After a short knowing smile to Lowrick and seeing he was ok, they headed back to the Workshop. The collars needed to be removed and they needed to get W2 and the Ship down here.

As the group made its way back to the workshop they found 2 of Teemo’s men looking around. What happened next actually put a little fear in Oskara for the first time in a long time. The Wookiee’s raged, and rushed. Oskara actually laughed a little as she took notice of the faces of Teemo’s men as the Wookiees closed, she was sure they soiled themselves, Gods knows she would have.

Oskara went straight for the communications hub to retrieve the datapad, and Matus. She then told W2 to make his way to the landing pad since the Wookiee’s and the other gladiators were going to clear it. It was time for them to go. She made sure the Datapad was done downloading and safe. He plan now was to store the pad on the ship when it landed then go handle Teemo.

When she made it outside the landing pad was free of Teemo’s men, and these gladiators were all ready to just leave, W2 on the other hand was having trouble piloting the ship. “Maybe with the aid of Mathus we can improve him” she thought. Oskara then tried to explain to everyone on the landing pad how killing Teemo needed to be done and it was going to happen but none of them were really listening, she half thought about pushing the two unknown gladiators off the pad. She hated useless people.

After hearing them complain and bitch for a few minutes and W2 in the communicator complaining to Pash about the ship being a piece of Junk, she simply spun on her heals and walked inside checking her ammo. “I’m done waiting” is all she said.

She made her way into the servants hallway and down into the throne room. She thought for a second someone had spotted her before she could get in place, but didn’t care, she knew the layout and what she wanted to do if that fat bastard was sitting in his throne, which she couldn’t imagine him doing anything else. She walked in planted her new rifle on the steps of the stadium style seating of the room took aim and fired.

[[File:453434 | class=media-item-align-right | 250×250px | Teemo_the_Hutt.png]]

There was a flash, then silence…. “Clink” and then as if the world exploded, the chandler exploded on top of Teemo’s fat ass killing him instantly. She took notice to his body still twitching after the fact. His personal guards jumped for cover but suffered no damage. She was hoping for more damage but eh, she took what she could. He was dead.

Unbeknownst to her, the Wookiee pair ran out from the main entrance to the throne room and just plowed through to the throne guards while Pash and the Splicer held back a bit and started blasting where they could. Everything went a bit chaotic at that point, people were running everywhere, gun fire was ensuing in every direction. Oskara found her calm and started taking in the entire room and she took notice of adversaries to left, she needed find cover and fast. She made her way to the bar with haste, knocking over the droid bar tender in the process.

From her assessment before she knew she had to take care of the foes now before her before she could help her companions. “Thankfully they aren’t a bunch of Gullipuds, though where are those others we are helping” she said in the direction of the droid, but more to herself then anything, as she threw a grenade by the table the pair were hiding behind. Please she found her mark she is already peeking on new targets even before the “BOOM!” as they both go flying.

She took notice of men moving clear across the room, going after the wookiee’s who seem to be almost holding their own against the throne guards. She needed to help, she took aim and started shooting anyone who got close, even with incoming fire she would not cower when her friends were in danger. Shot after shot she found her mark, though not always dropping someone she was doing enough to discourage others she believed. She noticed most were just running out of the room. After a few more shots, she noticed Grawbow go down, he was hurt, hurt bad. Everyone focused in it seemed and in what seemed like a blink for Oskara the room was silent except for the faint cries of the creatures in the hallway. She just remembered, they locked the compound down, she looked down to her bandolier of grenades just for a split second. “No time”, she told herself.

She made her away across the room looking for anything useful, when she came upon the Grabow she noted he was alive but his leg was in a bad way. Mathus was handling the safe, Lowrick was banged up but overall ok. Pash had that worried look on his face, so she knew he was perfectly ok.

With all the evidence, and now this pig dead Oskara felt weight come off her shoulders. Now it’s time to go. She heard over the comms during the whole thing W2 having trouble coming in for a landing, he just couldn’t get it. She was actually annoyed more than mad by this and yelled at W2 over the comms , “LAND THAT SHIP NOW R2-W2!”, was all she said. She heard the useless guys say something but paid them no mind, they wouldn’t live through this. Mathus was quick with that safe, credits, a datapad, and a really nice looking gun, good find he earned that weapon.

When they got on the landing pad, W2 was just landing the ship and opening up the bay. The crew loaded Grabow in the ship and as Oskara was berating the pair of useless creatures for not helping, she tried to drop a grenade on a timer at their feet without them noticing, tried. When she took for cover in the ship they managed to pick it up in time and toss it in the ship. Oskara almost made it to cover when it went off but she got banged up pretty good. Now she was PISSED, dazed for a second, ringing in her ears, she fell into the lower turret spun up the weapons system, rotated around as they started taking off, smiled and pulled the trigger.. Now her day is complete, as she looked at the charred stains of the loading dock.

By the time she exited the turret they are parked in deep space trying to lick their wounds. Spending time with Grabow she started to tend to some wounds, they were going to need to figure out the next step.

Today was a good day, a slug has died.

And Down Goes Teemo!

The party encounters Mathus in the workshop. He has a restraining collar on.
Mathus lets them into the computer center, where they access the computers and start to download information on Teemo. Pash manages to trip the security system, and the entire system shuts down!

While the rest of the party goes exploring the palace, Mathus works to restore the computer systems.

The party finds 4 gladiators in residence, and convinces/coerces them to join with the party in the fight against Teemo. One of the galdiators is Lowrhick.

Kweet,Teemo’s Kubaz major domo, enters the computer center to find out why he is getting alerted by the security system. Mathus convinces him that it was just a glitch, maybe an outside hacking attempt, and that he is working to bring the systems back online.

The party returns to the workshop to find Kweet inspecting the crates with the battle droid parts. The two wookies assault him. They are unsuccessful in bringing him down, but a quick shot from Pash does the trick.

The computer systems are restored in record time, and Mathus discovers the feeds from the hidden security cameras around the palace. The heroes see that the audience chamber is crowded with guards, well-wishers and onlookers. They debate approaches to get to Teemo. Their new gladiator allies prove reluctant to directly confront Teemo and his minions.

Mathus starts to download Teemo’s financial data using Oskara’s datapad.

The two wookies venture out onto the landing pad and deal with the gunner of the laser cannon, which allows R2-W4 to land the “Sand Devil”. R2-W4 appears to be having trouble bringing the “Sand Devil” around, and is briefly inspected by 2 TIE fighters, but they leave the ship alone. In a long tirade of beeps and whistles, R2-W4 warns Pash that the changes he did to the transponder registry are not as thorough as he thought.

Oskara grows tired of the arguing with the gladiators, and takes matters into her own hands by quickly walking into the audience chamber and shooting the chain holding the heavy, spiky, chandelier over Teemo’s throne. The chandelier falls onto Teemo and deals him a mortal wound. As he is dying, chaos erupts. Blaster fire zings around the audience chamber, and the rest of the party runs in to help.

The two wookies charge Teemo’s honor guard – two elite Gamorreans. The wookies quickly draw the fire of several other parties in the chamber, and Grabow suffers a critical injury to his leg. Both wookies are injured, but with the help of the party manage to kill the guards. Once the party stops shooting, the rest of the people in the audience chamber prove more willing to flee than fight. Pash graciously allows them to leave…

Mathus grabs the data pad with Teemo’s financial data, and the party makes their way to the landing pad. Oskara forbids the 3 other gladiators who did not help from boarding the “Sand Devil” and for good measure tosses a frag grenade their way as everyone boards the ship. One of the gladiators grabs the grenade and quickly tosses it back onto the ship, where it injuries Mathus. Oskara runs to the ship’s guns and blasts the landing pad and the gladiators.

The party then takes off, and does a quick micro-jump to a spot just off of the Tatooine space lanes. They manage to deal with Grabow’s critical injury and save his leg.

Making things efficient...
Session Recap - 3.4.2015 - Grabow's Perceptive

Content Not Found: grabow_ noticed Oskara walking down the dock looking proud, of what he really didn’t want to know. He continued to try and manage all the supplies. The damn Twe’lik just threw it in here and left! “acoooh oaoohuanwa ohwo wohoworc wwahwhwa ra aoacahwhrr ahwh aoacahc scwocc?” _Content Not Found: grabow thought to himself the night before as he opened the first container.

As Oskara boarded and gave him a nod he could smell human on her. The last time he saw her was when she left for the party, he hopes this was not a bad sign she could be a little unpredictable.

Content Not Found: grabow_ really wanted to go up and figure out what the yelling was about between _Content Not Found: pash-edo and Oskara this time, but he had everything laid out in order and was starting to put everything in its correct place. Next thing he knew they were taking off, he was not expecting that so fast and some of the supplies got mixed up, he needed to get this sorted out before this wild pilot ruined it all. Though to his surprise they landed down fairly quickly and smoothly, he was grateful for that. He was also grateful to find out he would be left behind once again while they go meet with some other bug.

The R2 being his only companion when those two left for their social gatherings didn’t bother him one bit. The droid wasn’t bad, it didn’t stop whining about Oskara but aside from that it helped Content Not Found: grabow out here and there.

Oskara and Content Not Found: pash-edo_ returned in a rush telling him to gather supplies they would be leaving within minutes! All Content Not Found: grabow_ could think to himself was, “ohacraao aoacwo acwoanan acrahowo aoacwocwo aoohoo waoowhwo whoooh.” Unfortunately he knew what the end goal was and he was all for that. Content Not Found: teemo_ must be removed one way or another, and after talking to _Content Not Found: pash-edo about what they learned at the party they actually had a chance! He grabbed his med kit, belt, stimpacks and the Carbine Oskara let him “Borrow”. The R2 unit was left to Pilot the ship to Mos Shuuta in short time to be there escape, Content Not Found: grabow could only think about all the hard work he has done for it to be ruined by a droid.

As they were leaving the ship Grabow being the Doctor that he is thought about the well-being of their prisoner Trex, and thought that he should instruct the R2 to feed him. This is what he thought about as he walked down the dock. This must be why he missed Oskara and Pash jump for cover as Genosians opened fire on them! “waoo rooohu aoohoo akahcc akwoooakanwo oowwww wohoworcroohacworcwo rooohu rroo?!?” was all that Grabow yelled as he saw them exchanging weapons fire and he ducked for cover!

Grabow took in the situation and what was happening around him, he noticed all the points of fire, took in where is companions were and started to work out the plan. Then Pash’s cover exploded! “horarcahrarhanwoc, ah acraaowo horarcahrarhanwoc!” Grabow thought to himself. He was in trouble and he needed to be ready, he tried laying down some cover fire for Pash to get out of there but was to unfamiliar with this weapon and missed wide, and Pash didn’t act on it anyways. As he looked over to check on Oskara she was steady and relaxed, and almost enjoying this. She took out one Genosian and then fired at the wall? It didn’t matter because after that shot he heard someone yelling to stand down and they started flying off. Pash injured ran past and Oskara took off towards the rooftop that she was firing at!

Feeling she could handle herself Grabow followed Pash to try and tend to his injuries, thankfully it was nothing. He pulled out a Stimpack and jabbed it into Pash’s side grabbed him and half dragged half carried him towards this small cargo ship. When they arrived they found more weapons in their faces. Grabow was really reconsidering his choices in companions at this point.

Pash explained who they were and who invited them on-board and they were accepted without issue, he got to work on Pash right away tending to the wounds. He laid out all of his medical tools in their place, and using bandages that were pre-cut all to the exactly same length, and pre-measured solvents all in their own containers. To any on-looker it would appear that he was a bit odd, to Grabow he was being efficient and orderly. As he was getting his supplies out, both Pash and he took note of the striding Oskara, with yet more weapons. “aoacahc ohooscrawh ahc rrooahwhrr aooo rrwoao huc orahananwowa, oorc scraorwo huc wwrascoohuc.” was all he could think.

He watched her walk right up to them and drop some pistol on Pash’s chest causing him to wince in pain. “It was the Gand from last night, Vrixx’tt, I assume he was trying to collect on the bounty. He won’t be an issue anymore. He asked me to give that to you, said it may help you shoot better.” Then she walked off to a corner by herself, and started looking over the new rifle.

After patching up Pash’s wounds and tending to the minor blows him and Oskara took he sat down with the pair and went over the plan of taking down Teemo. Now that a plan had been established he was happy there was finally direction.

[[File:437080 | class=media-item-align-right | 250×250px | Tattoine.jpg]]

Grabow was not happy about being back in Mos Shuuta. He had no issues with Teemo to the magnitude of these two, but he was understood the source of all their problems. He wanted to believe that this Twe’lik could take him out, but at the same time he was on the same mindset of Pash. So he urged them on to gather evidence throughout the town which they managed to do.

Now it was time for Phase 2, the part of the plan that he was not looking forward to at all. As the crate closed his hair started to matt to his body from the sweat, and he thought to himself, “ohacro rasc ah wwooananooohahwhrr aoacahc akanrawh? ohacraao ohrac ah aoacahwhorahwhrr!” Between the heat from this planet, and his lack of desire for closed spaces, he was hard pressed mentally. Grabow on the verge of passing out from the heat didn’t even hear what was going on outside the crate, it felt like a lifetime when the crate opened to find Pash. Without haste and pushing past the human he got out and steadied himself quickly realizing where he was. He took notice of the Droid helping Pash and was a little concerned, this wasn’t part of the plan. He searched around as they headed towards what he figured to be Oskara’s crate, and found himself a Vibro-Axe. He would be ready this time if need be…

Oskara's Return to Teemo's Palace...
Session Recap - 3.4.2015

Oskara looked over and was very pleased with herself, it’s been a long time since she had a night like that. This was a fine specimen of the female human, hopefully this would become a long partnership both financially and personally. She slipped herself out of the bed without disturbing Maru Jakkar, got dressed and walked back to her ship, chin up, and her new shoes over her shoulder. “This was going to be a good day”, Oskara said she walked to the ship.

Once back on the ship she found Pash passed out, and Grobow organizing the ship some more. She made her way to her bunk, and simply got dressed she didn’t want to wash off last night… Not yet. Once they were all ready they headed out to this ”Trellik Hive”, and Duke Dimmok. This Genosian wasn’t much better to look at then the last Duke, but he was her in to Teemo. After some time of convincing him that Teemo was a double crossing slime worm, he finally granted us permission to board “The Lucky Guess”. The ship those two human children own, “Oh Joy” was all that Oskara could think to herself.

In route to the Lucky Guess, Oskara noticed some Genosians in some odd places. Something didn’t seem right as it was fairly hard to tell the difference between a hostile or peaceful bug in Oskara’s eyes. She immediately took cover, she assumed Pash saw the same thing since he acted at the same time. Poor Grabow so concerned with his supplies was left in the open. Right away Pash opened fire, with Oskara following suit, she took out a Genosian that was on top of a roof trying to take out Pash. When he fell off the roof he opened a view point for her to spy on a Gand laying prone trying to take out Pash! He was doing just that too, he took out Pash’s cover, and started taking direct shots at him, she needed to end this asap. With the Gand distracted by Pash, and taking aim with her Rifle she managed to get the perfect shot off, gun came tumbling down but she heard moans. [[File:435968 | class=media-item-align-left | 200×200px | GandAlienNEGAS.png]]She swiftly made her way up the ladder to deal with the rest of these guys as she noticed Grabrow and Pash running towards the ship leaving her to deal with it alone. She would not forget that. The Gand just so happened to be Vrixx’tt, the Gand she met at the party last night, and what she is assuming is a Bounty Hunter. One shot to the head ended that hunt. She now picked up some nice new guns, genosian blasters, “This really is a turning out to be a good day”, Oskara said to herself as she walked to the ship.

During the trip to Mos Shuuta Oskara kept mostly to herself working on a program to try and hack into Teemo’s system and just download as much info as possible. This program will do the job she was sure of it, all she needed to do was plug in and execute. The humans babbled about nonsense while Grabow just looked over supplies. The wookiee definitely has OCD she was sure of it.

They landed down in Mos Shuuta at the same dock they took the Sand Devil from. Oskara found that the door was still broken from there escape, she was happy for that. One of the first thing she took notice of was the lack of Imperial presence this struck her as a little odd, but another favor on her side she thought.

It was time to find out how Teemo is using Mos Shutta to his advantage, and how she could use it to hers to see him burn. She was planning to stop off everywhere to find out what she could, he had to be pissing someone off.
Warehouse Aurek is where they found a parts dealer named Hotho Allarn, he had very loose lips and told them about parts Teemo was looking for. Even supplied them with old invoices, listed on them was parts for Battle Droids. Finally she was getting evidence, maybe Pash would stop crying about it soon.

From there they visited Vorn at the Junkyard. He tried to play dumb with them, but the moment Oskara said B1 Battle Droids he opened up. He pulled them to the back and explained how he is summoned to the palace from time to time to work on some old B1’s he couldn’t supply any hard evidence but that was enough.

Oskara made her way over by the Offworld Traders shop. “My day was just going so good, I just had to walk in there.” She thought to herself as she walked back to the ship. Bengra was simply useless, expect now she knew the chocolate that Teemo liked.

Once she got back to the ship the kids put Pash, Growbow and herself into crates and delivered them to the palace as planned. They were going in as part of the shipment to make it to the loading area of the palace with the hopes of having access to the terminal that’s in there.

The travel was uneventful and successful, within short time they were set down. The damn kid almost ruined the whole thing with his, “OK LOOKS LIKE WERE ALL DONE HERE!! WE’LL JUST BE ON OUR WAY THEN”….. Jackass.

After a period of time the crate opened up and Oskara found Pash standing next 41-Vex, she came across this droid a few times but didn’t know him. She knew right away all was good when she saw Grabow playing around with the Vibroaxe, it looked awkward in his hands but she was sure he would manage.

As she exited the crate she took note of the Restraining bolt on 41-Vex. She had some work to do..

Time to find that terminal!

may the Crate be with you

Sure. simple plan.Get on a squeaky clean kiddy transport to go back to that dust bowl of a planet . sneak into Temo’s palace. Get the info to clear our names. Simple right?….yea right. It really hurts getting shot by bounty hunters rifle…really. Plus Docs bed side manner leaves me to believe he was more of a Coroner then a doctor. Then getting crammed into crates full of 30 year old dirty droid parts. The consolation… we did find 41vex. Now the fun begins. I sure hope Wally made it to orbit. its going to be a long walk if he didn’t.

Old Debts Come Due

The party traveled to Hive Trellick and met with Duke Dimmock. After charming him and presenting the evidence against Teemo, he agreed to follow Duke Piddock’s lead and cut off any future deals with the Hutt. In addition, he granted the party passage on a freighter called the “Lucky Guess” that was making a last shipment of goods to Mos Shuuta. The “Lucky Guess” just happened to be crewed by the siblings Orpa and Vex Vio!

On their way to the “Lucky Guess”, the party was ambushed by a Gand Findsman and a number of hired Geonoisian soldier drones on the docking gantry. Pash had some cover blown up around him and took a bad hit, but Oskara managed to spot the Gand hiding on a rooftop and disabled him with one shot! She scrambled up to the roof and dispatched the Gand despite his pleading for his life. He turned out to be Vrixx’tt, the Gand at Duke Piddock’s party. The Geonosians abandoned the fight and took off after their employer was killed. The Vio siblings were happily oblivious to the firefight happening only several dozen meters away!

The party boarded the “Lucky Guess” and they departed for Tatooine. A short while later, the “Sand Devil” piloted by R2-W2 followed them.

Upon arriving at Mos Shuuta, the party decided to do some rumor-gathering before tackling Teemo. They discovered from Hotho Allaran, the owner of Warehouse Aurek that Teemo had been buying a number of droid parts recently, and managed to acquire a bill of sale from him. After the party left, he closed up shop and departed Mos Shuuta for a long “vacation”.

They then visited Vorn, the owner of the junk shop and Mos Shuuta’s top mechanic. He confirmed that he had paid many visits to Teemo’s workshop and had been trying to re-assemble some B1 Battle Droids. He had not gotten far due to lack of parts and schematics.

The party also visiting Bengara, the owner of Trader Post. He had no information of use, except which brand of chocolates in Teemo’s favorites. Oskara bought some…

At this point the Vio’s let the party know they were ready to start transporting the droid parts to Teemo’s palace. Each character squeezed into a crate with the droid parts, and made the journey on the Vio’s transport to the workshop in Teemo’s palace. There they waited until all was quiet, and finally Pash could no longer stand it and popped open the top of his crate a little. He saw their old friend 41-VEX tending to the workshop…


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