Star Wars: Scum and Villainy (and Profit)

No work & All Play Makes Us Suspicious of CH1
Absolute Salvage - Mos Eisley

Bright & early the next morning I move the Sand Devil across Mos Eisley to Absolute Salvage’s work shop hanger. The junk YT-1300 has been moved into the shop and sits about 15 meters from where the Devil sits. Takes us 15 minuets to get all the tools ready & power down the Devil. Salk the proprietor points to everything we will need to switch the sublight & the hyperdrive engines. Salk gives us a quick tutorial on how to operate the chain gauntry. Kind of archaic not to use a grave powered hoist but it will have to do.

We split up into 2 teams. Mathus, Lowrick, the R5 unit & I will work in the junk removing the souped up engines. Osk, Grabbo, CH1 & R2-W4 will remove the engines from the Devil. Mathus lays out the plan of attack on how we are going to do this. 1st out is the hyperdrive unit. Mathus points out all the disconnects & we are done in a little over a hour. Remarkably the bolts come out without too much trouble. We rig a hoist & lay the unit down on a grave sled. When we go to use the freight elevator next to the unit. It does not work. I forgot the engines are off & powered down. I run outside & grab a power cable & hook it up to the temporary plug in on the junk. Now the elevator works. We park the new hyperdrive unit under the aft portion of the Devil & throw a tarp over it. Osk is still working on disconnecting the hyperdrive in the Devil. Good, we are ahead of schedule. Next we erect a scaffold aft of the junk & start disconnecting the starboard sublight engine section. Osk has the hyperdrive out of the Devil & is starting to work on the sublight engines. CH1 has walked away from the Devil & Osk is looking for him. From my point I see him by a side doorway. When I walk over to him to see what is going on. He says in that monotone voice. “ this is taking longer then expected. We should not delay anymore”. I look to the doorway but no one is there. We walk back to the ships. Both sublight engine sections on the junk come out pretty easy & they are sitting on the grav sleds next to the Devil. Osk has 1 section out of the devil and is working on the port side section. Mathus goes over to help Osk remove the last section. 10.25 hours today & everything is ready for the install. The engines from the Devil are on pallets at the far end of the shop. I run out to get us 12 Roast Nerf sandwiches and more drinks. 1 sandwich for Mathus, 1 for Osk, 1 for me and 9 for the 2 Wookies. They can fight over who gets the 4th sandwich. After we eat I go call Anatta. I ask him what is up with CH1. I know you have him on retainer keeping an eye on us. Anatta feigns sadness that I would think such a thing of him. I tell him if CH1 does not stop acting funny. He is going to get blasted…and not by me. He said he will call him and straighten it out. Back out in the shop I go over to the .5 hyperdrive. Lift the canvas off it & hug it like a baby fluff cat. I pull a chair over to it & prop my feet on it & go to sleep dreaming of flying rings around TIE fighters.

The next morning comes around way to fast. Every part of me aches. Mathus informs us that we will also need the bigger power couplings & cabling from the junk ship. Lorwick & I start working on this while Mathus, Osk, and Lorwick start installing the sublight engines. CH1 has disappeared & so has the R5 unit. This is not good. I go into Salk’s office. I ask him if he has cameras in the shop. He pulls up the footage from yesterday & we back track to where CH1 was acting funny. After a couple of camera angles I can see he was talking to 3 Jawas at the side door. They get out of there quick when I started walking over to the door. I tell Salk “Thanks” and go out to where everyone is. CH1 is still not here. I tell the group what I had seen on the video & who CH1 was talking to. I can tell Osk wants to blast that droid into next week.

We get back to work installing the engines. It is a long day but we get it done just before 1st sun down. CH1 has returned with the R5. The R5 is in bad shape. CH1 says “Meatbags attacked us on the way to getting an oil bath”. Mathus while looking at the R5 determines there is a restraining bolt placed in an obscure spot that most would not notice. Mathus removes it but the R5 has had part of his memory scrambled. Not sure if it was the bolt or possibly I suspect the Jawas CH1 was talking to yesterday. Never trust those little guys. They will steal the teeth right out of your head.

Mathus, Lorwick & I want to run the Devil thru a short test. We go through the start up procedures for the sublight engines. “Man are they loud. We could not even sneak up on a heard of Banthas making this much noise”. Mathus peaks his head in the cockpit wearing the environmental space suit before he goes to the engine room. I tell him “ Relax, I know a guy on Corellia that will install the shielding when we get there”. Power levels are good, way good. The bigger motivators & couplings are holding. I radio for clearance & we lift off. Lorwick jumps in the co-pilot seat & starts rattling off readings for all the systems for me. He will make a good co-pilot. I take us up to 700 meters and about a 15 kilometers circle outside of town at a speed of 1. Readings look good. All the checks come back green. I throttle up to a speed of 2. Damn …These engines have massive power. Its getting tough handling them. I need to reset all the governors, control limits and the control settings. I throttle up to a speed of 3. I can tell there is more still in her but I don’t want to push it the first time. Mathus says everything is running fine & smooth back here. The 2nd sun is going down by now. I throttle down to 1 and bring her back to Absolute Salvage. I land her in the same spot we took off from. From the cockpit I can see the old engines sitting on the pallet. I remind Mathus we need to take the “Beck on Call” relay off the old engines. Tomorrow morning we test the hyperdrive to see how that holds.

“ Now whos the fastest Pod in the Park ?”
Got to make sure I don’t look too excited in front of Osk. She would see that as a sign of weakness. Need some sleep now. I will get up early tomorrow to readjust all the settings.

Hand me that hydrospanner, will ya?

The group moved the “Sand Devil” to the junkyard/salvage yard Absolute Salvage and started to work. They divided into two groups, with Mathus leading the group that would remove the faster engines from the “junk” YT-1300, and Oskara leading the group that would remove the “stock” engines from the Sand Devil. As before, R5 stuck with Mathus, and R2 went with Oskara.

A small group of Jawas offered to “help” the group, but Pash told them to get lost.

The removal of the hyperdrive motivator from the old ship was fairly routine, and the group got it onto the pallet and off the ship ahead of schedule.

That group then moved on the the sublight engines, and had some trouble getting the first module hooked up to the gantry correctly. After several tries, everything looked secure and the module came out. The second module came out with not trouble.

Meanwhile, Oskara was trying to get the hyperdrive motivator out of the “Sand Devil”. This was accomplished but not without some difficulty. Oskara then started on removing the first sublight engine module, but when she asked for CH-1’s help she noticed he had wandered off.

Pash also noticed that CH-1 was not paying attention, and started walking toward where he was standing. It looked like he was talking to something or someone at the entrance to the hangar bay, but Pash’s line of sight was blocked. When Pash got there, CH-1 protested his innocence and rejoined the group. With everyone pitching in, the two sublight engine modules eventually came out of the “Sand Devil”. The group called it a night at that point.

Oksara took up an overwatch position on top of some girders near the roof of the hangar to watch for intruders. Pash went to sleep on top of the hyperdrive motivators that were resting under some tarps. The rest of the group also went to sleep or otherwise entertained themselves.

The next morning, Pash went to see the salvage yard owner after CH-1 had disappeared with R5. They rewound security tape from the day before, and saw that CH-1 had been talking to the jawas who had snuck up and were watching the group work.

The group started to install the faster hyperdrive motivator in the “Sand Devil” without CH-1 or the R5 unit. They eventually returned, and the R5 unit looked like it had been shocked, and Mathus found evidence of recent removal of the restraining bolt. CH-1 said that they had been attacked while going to get an oil bath, and CH-1 had fought them off but not before the R5 unit got shocked.

Mathus’ knowledge of the Outer Rim helped him to identify that the shock probably came from some kind of stun weapon like what Jawas use to immobilize droids. Unfortunately, the R5 unit’s memory banks had been damaged, and it had no memory of what had happened. It just remembered being promised an oil bath by CH-1 that morning. Mathus put it in reset/restart mode and went back to work.

The faster sublight engines required the removal of bigger power conduits and stepdown transformers in the “Sand Devil”. These were salvaged from the “junk” YT-1300 and installed in some hours by Grabow, Lowrhick and Pash.

The next hurdle was that the sublight engines were actually larger than the “stock” ones, and the group had to remove most of the shielding between the engine compartment and engineering. Mathus vowed to get an environment suit at the first opportunity, and Oskara thinks that maybe some advanced shielding like what the YT-2400 has might work.

Grabow, Lowrhick and CH-1 head out to sell off the 4 holding cells Grabow removed from the “medical bay” while the rest of the group was struggling with the sublight engines. They managed to get 4000 credits for the units, which Grabow allocated for upgrading the ship’s medical capabilities. No one argued with him.

Having completed ahead of time, the rest of the group starts up the sublight engines and takes the “Sand Devil” for a test run. Pash is impressed with the speed of the new sublight engines, but realizes that they will require much more attention than the old ones. All systems are holding inside the ship, although at 3/4 speed the engineering compartment is getting a bit warm.

The session ended with Pash prepared to take the “Sand Devil” to maximum speed…

A number, a number my ship for a BOSS Code number
Mos Eisley

Mos Eisley. If there was any place that is more dangerous in the galaxy. I have not been there. Yet. Down the block from landing bay Beta is a cantina named the Water Spout. It is cool & dim inside. Booths line 1 wall. Big oval bar in the middle & tables at each end of the bar. A small stage sits on the opposite side of the bar from the booths. It is pretty packed in here. I work my way to the bar & order some local brandy. I scope out a Weequay near by that I suspect is an information broker. When he is done talking to Gand, I move closer & inquire about BOSS code information. He points me in the direction of a X’ting female perched in the corner near the stage. I make my introductions to her & inquiry about obtaining a BOSS code. In broken basic she informs me that she does not deal in Boss codes. She recommends a Gotal named Ugatt down the street at a cantina named “Wooshies “. So I finish my drink & down the street I go. Lowrick gets me on the com. Says he has found a really fun fight club called “Wordiguules” & is doing rather well against 2 opponents so far. I tell him to not get knocked out or he will loose more then his bet. I tell him to meet me a “Wooshies “ when he is done.

“Wooshies “ is a tiny dive bar. There are several Gands hanging in 1 corner watching a pod race holo. At least they are distracted & do not see me. Takes me a while to work my way around the bar. Sitting at the bar & 2 drinks later a Gotal comes in & sits at the far side of the bar. He is swarmed by people as soon as he gets in. I will wait till there is less of a crowd around him. After an hour the crowd around him thins & I work my way around to him. I tell him that I was referred to him by the X’ting female down the block. We start discussing Boss codes & money. By this time Lowrick comes in with a bandage over his left eye & a smile that would stop an imperial walker in its tracks. By this time I can tell this gotal is not the contact we need. He is more interested in selling imperial codes & star destroyer routes. We leave the bar when Anatta calls us from the Sand Devil. “Yea, Yea, we are on our way back…Frick that Toydorian”. Lowrick says he won enough to pay for the rest of his bowcaster on Ryloth. “Great, Are you hurt? Does Doc need to look at you?” He says no, he is fine. On our way to the landing bay we catch sight of a Kubaz following us. I think he was sitting in a booth at the bar just watching people come in & out. We zig zag a few streets to loose him but he follows. We set a trap & as he passes Lowrick grabs him by the neck. I grab his trunk of a nose & ask him why he is following us? He plays stupid & denies it. After Lowrick squeezes his neck tighter he confesses to following us thinking we had important information. At this point I have Lowrick knock him out. We pull 50 credits, a hold out blaster & a datapad off him & get out of there quick. The datapad only has info on people entering & leaving the bat & the times. Maybe useful later. Lowrick just keeps smiling to himself & pockets the 50 cr.

Back at the Sand Devil, Anatta & CH1 are there. He says to hand over all the data we have for him to give to Jabba. I tell him “No way are we just giving this to you” He does not fool us. He wants Jabba to let him take over Teemo’s business dealings. He says Jabba has some opportunity for us & is taking over Teemo’s obigation. We tell him, WE will present the info to Jabba. He balks at this but finally he points to me & say only you get to see Jabba. Osk is ticked at that but I see Anatta’s point. I would not want her to try to shoot at Jabba in his own palace. She would do it too. At this point Grabbo walks past everyone carrying 1 of the holding cells from cargo bay 3. Looks like Doc is clearing room for his office. The Doctor is IN. I take a ½ hour to go over the info & presentation with Mathus & then Anatta, CH1 & I head to Jabba’s in a speeder parked outside the landing bay. It’s a nice 1. WAY out of my price range but it handles great.

Jabba’s palace is several hours outside of Mos Eisley overlooking Beggars Canyon. It is huge compared to Teemo’s. We park the speeder in a sub basement garage & work our way up to the entranceway. A Gramorrian guard comes over to us & checks our weapons into a lock box. I nonchalantly forget to put the holdout blaster in the bin. Oops for me. I’ll just keep that hidden, just in case. Bid Fortuna comes over to Anatta. He remembers me slightly as the Correllian that was making the money drops from Teemo. He tells us to sit tight & we will get an audience with Jabba in an hour or 2. CH1 sticks close by me in the anteroom. I don’t trust that droid. He is here to keep an eye on me. I know that . I keep getting messages from Mathus & Osk. They are looking for new engines for the Devil? New engines? We do not have enough credits for engines. What the frick are they up to now? Soon Bid Fortuna ushers me into Jabba’s thrown room. In my broken Huttes I introduce myself & start the presentation of info on Teemo’s treachery towards Jabba. Jabba is, minorley amused by the presentation. Bid Fortuna seems shocked at some of the evidence. At the end I bow & beg Jabba for his understanding of the position Teemo placed us in. Jabba’s laugh can run chills up your spine. It is frightening, amusing & cruel, all at the same time. My Huttes is not that good & I miss part of what he says as Bid Fortuna ushers me out of the thrown room. Bid Fortuna informs me Jabba will remove the bounty on the 3 of us & that he has many business opportunities to work for Jabba now. He will contact us later today or tomorrow with the details. Anatta is impressed & very happy. He tells me to head back to Mos Eisley with CH1 & either him or Bid Fortuna will be in touch. I look at CH1 & he points to the bins with our weapons.

On the way back to Mos Eisley, CH1 drives. He is quiet the whole trip. About ½ way Anatta “Frick that Toydorian” sends me a message that Jabba has given us a small expense account to work with & is lining up a job for us. He has a mine over by Hutt Space that owes him money for over a year. He wants us to go there & collect for him. That should not be too bad. A collection job. At Mos Eisley, Mathus & Osk inform me they are at a used ship yard & have a great prospect for replacement engines for the Devil. New engines, that will solve our Boss Code problem. I meet them at this ship yard. It is more of a junk yard then ship yard. Mathus pulls me aside & says we have a .5 hyperdrive & a hopped up sublight engine that this Telwik junk dealer knows nothing about what he has under his nose. Mathus takes me up into the ship & shows me the engines. I smile, “Who’s gonna have the fastest ship in the quadrant now Solo you nerf herder”. When we get back outside Osk is haggling with the junk dealer. She is haggling over 1000 cr & for that little we are going to only get 1 of the 2 engines for the 4000cr. I listen for a few minuets & just shake my head in amazement. I yell at her. “Give him the 5000cr for the sublight & hyperdrive engines already!” She gives me that evil stare & storms off. I turn to the Telwik junk dealer. “Do we have a deal?” He nods YES. We shake hands & we are good. I turn to Mathus. “The motivator is good on this hyperdrive…right?” He says, “If not. I can adapt the one in the Devil to make it work in a jiffy” We tell the junk dealer we will be back in the morning to start removing the engines & start heading back to the Devil. With these faster engines. We can make the diverted drop off on Coruscant for Osk’s girlfriend & still make it to Hutt Space faster then the old engines could get us there. Then, it just occurred to me. “This retrieval job for Jabba. What if they don’t pay us when we get there?” We may need some more weaponry for this job. Lots & lots of weaponry.

A Day out on the Town
Oskara Point of View - Session 5.27.15

Oskara no enjoying the company of the toydarian on-board the ship she stuck to the workshop helping Mathus get it in somewhat order. She found that they work well together, he obviously has great strengths with coding, but his mechanical skills are missing something. It’s as if he is missing the hands on experience, she plans to work on that with him.

When they arrive at Mos Eisley Oskara is not surprised when Anatta decides it would be best for them to hang back and he bring his pet CH-1. She simply just does not trust the little imp, but she goes along with it because she does trust Pash, though she would never admit it.

Back in the workshop her and Matus work on the R5 unit, and her Rifle. During this time they converse about what is needed for the ship and it dawns on Oskara, we need to figure out how to change up the BOSS codes, and ident numbers for the ship. “Get cleaned up, i’ll grab some clothes for you, were going out”, is all she says to Mathus.

Dressed to impress the two of them leave the ship smelling and looking like they are of much higher status, with W2 in toe knocking them down a few pegs, she hoped the cleavage made up for it. “We are going to look for a new engine for the ship, by means of purchase or otherwise, I’ll need your knowledge to work with R2 in figuring out which one would be best.” Mathus agreed and just went along for the ride.

They found themselves in front of U-Pull-It Junks, there were multiple ships that were compatible, and one of them even had a Wisperdrive. Oskara and Mathus both were excited by this and tried to negotiate at price down, she even attempted to lay down the charm on the devil. She even accepted an invitation for further negations of dinner. “Only if we cannot find anything else” is all she was thinking.

Continuing there search they came across Absolute Salvage, where they found themselves in front of a ship that was less then par, though the engines looked to be in fairly good condition. W2 scanned the engine with Mathus’s help and they concluded that we needed this engine. With her new found and surprising abilities she was able to feel? understand? sense? that this Devaronian had no idea what was in this ship, he was willing to part ways with the entire ship for 6500 credits. Oskara always needing the upper hand tried working this price down to 4000, she just had a feeling he was high balling her and would go down some, so she went low ball. He was not budging, she knew he would if he felt he would loose the sale, so she decided to leave. “We’ll be in touch”, is all she said as she left.

When they returned to the ship they found that Pash went with Anatta back to Jabba’s palace and worked out details for the crew as a whole. Now she is in service to Jabba, instead of Teemo, the bounty is gone and her IPKC is active! She jumps to a terminal right away looking for any quick bounties she could find to pay for this ship, they needed this new engine! Finding nothing but the usual top 10 and some minors in the nearby systems she went back to the conversations at hand. “We found a new engine and we NEED it now” she told Pash, who of course started to whine right away.

After some time of Mathus and Oskara breaking down the specs of this engine and what it could do for them, and the fact that the owner had NO IDEA what he has, Pash finally came around and agreed. Oskara could not believe the length they had to go to to convince a Corellian Pilot that they needed to obtain this much faster better engine! Then it came down to figuring out the best course of action since now they had a job from Maru, and Jabba just informed them of a job they needed to complete, no where near in the same direction.

Maybe it was because they spent so much time together these past few days, maybe it was “the date” they were on today but there minds were as one! Mathus and Oskara came up with a brilliant idea of swapping out the engines in the salvage yard, renting the equipment, and selling the junker the old engine. Surely he would like an engine that is already uninstalled professionally over one that is encased in a pile of junk. The idea was it would lower the cost of everything all around. With a plan now set they all headed back to Absolute.

“4,000 and thats it’s, and that includes us using your equipment and leaving our old engine for you to sell.” was Oskara’s opening argument, which was countered by “6500, why would be willing to give up a perfectly good engine for this junk”.

This went on for a few minutes, when Pash…… Oh my dear Pash how I like you, and trust, and i’ll one day most likely end up being the one who kills you, interrupts with “5,000 credits, take it and thats it.” Granted Oskara was planning to settle on 5,000, but she was enjoying this and was still hoping to pay less. The Junker agreed right away, obviously this was his settling point as well.

Oskara and Mathus came up with a game plan, each one would start removeing an engine with aid from the crew, Mathus was ultimately in charge, but with his lack of “hands on” with mechanical things, Oskara was going to keep a close eye when she could. This “should” take them 3-4days max, then it’s back to dealing with Maru and their mis-understanding of increased risk = increase pay.

Meet the new boss...

The party split up to take care of some errands.

Oskara put aside her meditation and blaster repair and went looking for ship parts.

Pash, Mathus and Grabow went to a nearby cantina looking for someone who knows something about BoSS codes.

CH-1 did some fast talking with the Gamorrean guards in Jabba’ palace about what he was doing with the data pad, and was rescued by Anatta. He bargained/argued for a while with Anatta about the 50000 credit bounty on Pash, Grabow and Oskara, and how Anatta was going to deprive him of future potential profits if he got Jabba to lift the bounty. Eventually, Anatta pulled his trump card of threatening to slap a restraining bolt on CH-1 if he did not stop arguing (and making Anatta lose face in front of Bib Fortuna, who was watching the whole thing with growing amusement). Anatta left him to guard the door as he and Bib Fortuna went in to talk to Jabba.

Meanwhile, Pash did not get far with anyone in the first cantina he went to, although he got a contact in another cantina further away. Maathus learned all he could about the BoSS codes and how they are assigned, tracked, etc.

Finding this tedious, Lowrhick went off to find some “fun”.

Lowrhick found another fight club, and this time had better luck. He fought a Gamorrean, a Barabel, and a Nikto over the course of the night, and eventually won the entire thing! With his bets on himself, and the overall purse, he made almost 2000 credits on the night.

Oskara found a shipyard, and several old ships. One of them had a “whisperdrive” sublight engine in a decrepit YT-1300 that was missing its cockpit canopy, among other things. She was not able to bargain the shipyard owner down enough to her satisfaction, but accepted an offer of dinner later that night for further “bargaining”. R2-W4 was having a hard time getting a clean BoSS code off of the engine, which further dimmed her enthusiasm.

She then wandered to another shipyard, and found a YT-1300 in poor condition, but with intact engines. R2-W4 was able to pull a complete BoSS code off of the engine. Oskara called Mathus to come and check it out, and he noticed that the engines were “supercharged”. In addition, the hyperdrive motivator was rated for 0.5 lightspeed. The Devaronian who ran the yard did not seem to realize what he had on hand, and was willing to part with both for 6500. Oskara wanted to pay only 4000.

Anatta and CH-1 returned from Jabba’s palace, and Anatta said that they were ready for Pash to present the evidence to Jabba.

Pash and Lowrhick returned to the ship, and ambushed a Kubaz “spy” who was tracking their (and other peoples’) movements. They took his datapad, his holdout blaster and some credits.

Anatta, CH-1 and Pash returned to Jabba’s palace and Pash presented the evidence of Teemo’s duplicity to Jabba. Jabba was well pleased and offered to lift the bounty on the group in return for them giving him priority on any jobs that he needed done.

Anatta, Pash and CH-1 returned, and Anatta announced the deal – the removal of the bounty on Oskara, Grabow and Pash in return for them working for Jabba. The group arranged for a line of credit with Jabba so that they could upgrade the ship.

Among Teemo’s holdings was a mine on the far end of Hutt space, and it seemed that the payments had not been made to Teemo for over a year. Jabba wanted the group to go there and pickup the payment – a simple pickup job.

Oskara contacted Maru Jakkar and let her know that they would be delayed in making the shipment of “antiques” to Corellia. Maru was not pleased, and also said that the plan had changed and she wanted the “antiques” shipped to Corsucant instead. Oskara balked at this due to the increased danger.

The group returned to the shipyard run by the Devaronian, and Oskara resumed her negotiations. Pash grew weary of the dickering between 4000 and 6500 credits and settled with the Devaronian for 5000 credits. Oskara was not pleased by this at all.

A Menagerie to Mos Eisley

Brynn decides that she will be safe at the Space Port Control if she can get the doors to lock properly. Takes us a few minuets but we get them to lock. Doc decides to stay with her. His leg is starting to throb a bit & does not want to chance going back to the Sand Devil. I go catch up with the Lowrick Osk & CH-1 by the water tower. CH-1 then works his way around to the slagworks gate from the left & Lowrick & I work our way there from the right. By the time we get to the gate. Osk has taken out the 1 grammorian in the open yard. Just as we get to the gate 2 more Grammorians come out of the office & charge at us. Boy these little guys are tough. I hit him square …twise! He still came at me & knocked me down with that vibroaxe. I was able to deflect it a little with my left hand blaster. Got the stupid gun jammed into the axe. While the grammorian was trying to free it. Lowrick punched his lights out for good. Nice shot. When I try to get up. Oh Boy…I’m bleeding. Frick that hurts. Where is that stimpack. Sssshhhh…pop. That’s starting to feel better. I think CH1 took care of the other grammorian . Looks like it was not easy. CH1 is leaking hydriodic fluid & is kind of broken up in the middle. He is still standing. I get back to my feet & we head to the office building. Check the hand scanner. Nothing or interference, cant Frick tell. We work our way in. No one, only an empty office.

Osk is down from the water tower by this time & comes into the office. We find nothing of use here. She says there are people in the shack for the elevator shaft. How the Frick does she know that? Mathus shows up. Huffing & puffing. He does not like this heat. Him & Lowrick say they are headding for Temo’s to see if they can get in & check it out. Go then. I work my way around the left side of the Slagworks yard to the shack. Osk just walks straight across the yard. I am starting to suspect she has a death wish. I just hope I am not standing next to her when she gets her wish. CH1 justs follows her. These Bounty Hunters are Fricken Nuts. Inside the shack is an elevator with a deep shaft going down to the mine. The elevator has an R5 unit in it. It is the R5 from the junk shop. Osk, CH1& the R5 go down the elevator. I stay in the shack. I try calling on the comlink. No answer. She is probably ignoring me. Then the elevator is coming up. I back up not sure who is on it. Its Osk, CH1 & that R5. “So.? Where are the people?”
She ignores me. Sends the elevator back down & walks out of the shack like she is wearing Mandalorian Armor. I have to make sure I am not standing next to her when that lightning strikes her.

We head to the Cantina to find Anatta. “Frick that Toydorian”. We get there & he is hiding in a back booth. CH1 walks up to him & says ”I found the Dumb Asses & retrieved them to you” I plop down in the booth across from Anatta. “WELL?” Anatta composes himself & tries to look not too afraid. He starts sprouting that we need to give him the information to take to Jaba & maybe he will let us live. “WHAT? Hold on there. This info is precious. Temo was going to kill Me, Osk & Grabbo. He was stealing back the money he was suppose to pay Jabba. He was spying on Jabba & cutting into his money deals. He was even building a robot army of B1 droids. Cant get any more illegal then that”. We tell Anatta that we do not believe he is doing this for the goodness of his heart & that we need to present this info to Jabba. He thinks it over. Looks at all of us. Points to me. OK. But only you see Jabba. I say I need my computer expert and point to Matthis for the presintation. He agrees. Osk looks really ticked at this point. “ So, do we meet you in Mos Eisley?” Anatta says “No. You are taking me there. “ Great, now we are a taxi service. Matthis leans over to me & tells me he fixed the aft landing gear. It was not as bad as I thought.

The whole group all head back to Temo’s & I head to the Sand Devil to move her over to the landing pad at Temo’s. Temo’s palace is a wreck. The grammorians really threw stuff everywhere. They even emptied the crates of B1 parts. We all go through the place & load what we can use into the Sand Devil. Matthis resets the palace computer & security protocols. We tidy up as we rummage. Then off to Mos Eisley. What a menagerie we have here now. 2 Wookies, a trigger happy Tel’wik, 2 flaky astromec droids, a bounty hunter droid, a Toydorian, a Corisanti & a dumb ass Correllian toting them all around the planet.

Mos Eisley is only an hour & half away. At least I get some quiet time to myself in the cockpit. “They never come in here. They have no clue how to fly her. What would they do without me?” We circle once when we getover the city. I get clearance to land in landing bay Beta. I bring her down gentile as a Selune Fuff Cat this time. Anatta flutters to the ramp & says “Don’t go too far past the Cantina. I will call you when I get you an audience with Jabba”. CH1 follows Anatta down the ramp & they disappear through the hanger bay exit. Not sure if I trust that Bounty Hunter . I need to find someone to get me a better BOSS code for the Sand Devil. Maybe I can find someone at the Cantina to slice me one. Besides I REALLY NEED A DRINK ……

Out of the Frying Pan...

While walking to the “Sand Devil”, Brynn decided that she needed to continue to monitor the situation from spaceport control.
Pash escorted Brynn back to the spaceport control.
Grabow was overcome by his Obligation and lost his nerve (his Stress limit was lowered to match his accumulated Stress damage). He joined Brynn at spaceport control. They locked the doors after Pash left.

Pash rejoined CH-1, Lowrhick and Oskara outside the slag mine complex.
Mathus fixed the rear landing strut of the “Sand Devil”, and then hustled to join the group.
The blast furnaces were running at full blast.

The R5 unit rolled his way into the slag mine complex, providing a convenient distraction.

Oskara took out the first Gamorrean guard that appeared to investigate the noise.
The next two guards spotted CH-1, Pash, and Lowrhick and charged them.
Blows were exchanged – Pash and CH-1 took heavy damage, and Pash lost a pistol, but the guards went down.

Mathus arrived. He and Lowrhick decided to investigate Teemo’s palace.

Oskara climbed down from the tower as Pash and CH-1 investigated the offices. Oskara did not sense anyone in the offices, but faintly sensed presences in the slag mine complex.
CH-1 investigated the storeroom next to the offices and found some gear (toolkit, repair kits).
Oskara and Pash approached the mine complex. Pash took a cautious path, but Oskara strode right in.
The elevator was down. Oskara summoned the elevator. It appeared after a little while, with the R5 unit in it. The R5 unit proudly announced it was “rescuing” people.

The group took the elevator down, and found the townspeople. They freed the townspeople, and R5 took some revenge in his former owner Vorn.

Meanwhile, Mathus and Lowrhick worked their way around to the back entrance of the palace. The door was open, and the computers were near to overheating from the desert heat. The rest of the palace smelled horrible from the decomposing bodies, especially Teemo’s. Using some fancy computer tricks to manipulate the lights and HVAC, and some frag grenades they had found, Mathus and Lowrhick took out remaining Gamorrean guards. Mathus also found his old slicer gear.

Pash, Oskara, and CH-1 rejoined Anatta in the cantina. They bargained for a bit about the data that they had found, and what had happened to Teemo, and finally Anatta said that they needed to come back to Mos Eisley with him, where he would see if he could get an audience for them with Jabba. He was not open as to why he wanted to help the group, which made everyone suspicious. He stated that Jabba was very upset with them, and considered them and their ship, gear, etc. “his property”.

Oskara contacted Ota, who wiped his hands of the situation and reminded Oskara that he had also advised her to not kill Teemo. He also could not get the bounty reversed, as Jabba had assumed it for now.

Anatta worked with Mathus to change the security codes for the palace, and lock it down. Pash took the “Sand Devil” over to the palace’s landing pad, where the group loaded what they could on the ship. The battle droid and their spare parts were tossed over the cliff into the desert.

They also grabbed the serving droid from behind the bar, and the R-5 droid decided to join them.

They flew to Mos Eisley, and Anatta and CH-1 went to Jabba’s palace. Anatta gave the group orders to not venture too far from the ship. Pash received a call from the Sullustan contact they had made at Duke Piddock’s party, asking for their availability. Oskara received a call from her contact saying that a “shipment” was ready for transport.

Mathus was trying to clean the R-5 droid, who was a mess. He was full of sand from years of neglect. Eventually, Mathus had to shut him down.

After some more maintenance, Mathus and Pash left for the nearest cantina.

CH-1 was left by Anatta in an outer waiting area for retainers and bodyguards, but CH-1 bluffed his way past the guards by stating that he had an urgent message for Anatta. He caught up with Anatta arguing with Bib Fortuna about the fate of the group. Anatta wanted Bib’s help in getting Jabba to show leniency, since his recent actions vis-a-vis Han Solo meant that they were “short on skilled pilots”.

CH-1 started streaming this argument to the “Sand Devil”, but was interupted by a guard…

The Taking of Mos Shuuta...

Unbeknownst to the party, Mos Shuuta had been overrun by Teemo’s Gamorrean guards after he was killed and the party left. Anatta had arrived after several days of not hearing from Teemo, fearing the worst, and had gotten trapped in Mos Shuuta. In addition, an assassin droid named simply CH-1 had also been trapped when the Gamorreans closed the gates to the town. He had come to Mos Shuuta to seek employ with Teemo.

Anatta and CH-1 formed a temporary alliance after CH-1 found Anatta in the town’s cantina. Anatta asked CH-1 to scout the town and find out what had happened to everybody. Anatta had been hiding out in the cantina trying to figure out how to get out of Mos Shuuta.

CH-1 scouted the town and met Bengara, the trader who runs Offworld Trader Joe’s, but no one else. Bengara had been hiding in his storerooms, and knew that a lot of the other townspeople had been dragged off by the Gamorreans. They briefly bartered about a can of premium oil, which Bengara eventually let CH-1 have in exchange for his help. CH-1 then snuck out. Along the way he went to dewback stables and fed the hungry dewbacks. Clarelle, the woman who runs the stables, was also not there. He then snuck to the junk shop and met Vorn’s abusive R5 unit. There were some human blood stains on the counter of the front office. The R5 unit had a restraining bolt that CH-1 could not seem to remove. For lack of anything better to do (or so he claimed), the R5 unit followed him around as CH-1 followed the tracks from the shop. They seemed to lead to the slag mines, which was definitely in full operation. The R5 unit went on ahead, and reported that there were a number of Gamorreans at the slag mines, and that multiple tracks led into the area and into the mines.

CH-1 reported back to Anatta, who told him about the party arriving and asked him to meet them and help them at the landing bay. Along the way, CH-1 noticed that there was a trashed protocol droid lying in the dirt outside of Teemo’s palace. He decided to ignore it for now and kept going to the landing bay where a TY-1300 freighter was rapidly coming in for a landing.

After coming down into Tatooine orbit, the party was contacted by Anatta and once again reprimanded for killing Teemo and for not dealing with the consequences. They tried to scan Mos Shuuta for signs of life, but got only readings of Gamorreans.

Pash contacted Mos Shuuta Spaceport Control and got Overseer Brynn on the comm. From her tone he could tell that something was wrong. This was confirmed when Brynn gave him an old Imperial code that signified that the spaceport was compromised as his landing clearance code. The party decided to come in “hot” and be prepared for trouble. As the Sand Devil entered Mos Shuuta airspace, Oskara popped the top hatch of the Sand Devil and climbed out. The Wookies took position by the hatch. Unfortunately, in his haste to land Pash put down the old freighter a little hard, and caused some strain to one of the landing struts. Oskara almost tumbled off the top of the freighter, but gracefully caught herself and her rifle.

Four Gamorreans guards were already charging for the landing pad as the ship landed. Oskara tossed a grenade at them and wounded each of them. The wookies charged out and engaged the guards, with Pash following behind. The guards briefly gave as good as they got with their vibro-axes, but were all killed in short order.

CH-1 killed two other guards that were coming up to reinforce the 4 that were engaged.

After the gunfight was over, CH-1 met the party and explained that he was sent by Anatta. They agreed to try to find out what was going on at spaceport control first.

Oskara tried to jump from the top of the Sand Devil to the roof of the landing bay, but misjudged the distance badly and fell. She bounced off of the Sand Devil and fell on her back in the dirt. More important than her damaged pride was the fact that she had damaged her new scope of her blaster rifle. She went back into the Sand Devil, cleaned off the rifle, and handed the scope to Mathus to fix.

The party made their way to spaceport control. Oskara climbed up on a building and shot 2 guards in front of spaceport control. The security droids that are normally outside had been destroyed.

The party entered spaceport control and Brynn met them at the entryway and told them everything was fine. As she was doing that, she signaled that there were 4 Gamorreans in the room with her. Pash and CH-1 left and went around to the back door, while the wookies pretended to leave but waited out of sight.

Pash and CH-1 hacked the security on the rear door, and charged into spaceport control. Brynn dived behind a console as the wookies, Pash, and CH-1 made quick work of the guards.

CH-1 took up position on top of spaceport control, and spotted 6 more guards coming towards the party from the slag mines. Long range gunfire from CH-1, Oskara, and Pash took out 3 guards, and the wookies charged and killed the rest who were hiding behind the water tower. Oskara joined the party and climbed the water tower. She saw more Gamorreans in the slag mines, but no one else. Pash and Brynn headed back to the Sand Devil.

To be continued…

1 little , 2 little, 3 little Grammorians...

Nice and quiet sitting in the pilot seat. Away from all the others and their arguing. I was starting to get a headache from trying to keep up with translating what Grabow and Lowrick were saying to each other in shyriiwook “whahoawo aooo acrahowo cooscwooowhwo aooo aoraanor aooo” . The hyperdrive alarm goes off, right on schedule and we pop out of hyperspace in system for Tatooine. Instantly the holo-net comes to life & the computer starts the download the local information. There is a news blerb that Mos Shuuta is diverting incoming traffic to other surrounding towns. I quickly check the scanners for any Imperial ships or starfighters. Funny there is none. I will take that as luck on our side. I intercom back to Osk to call that pain in the…. Toydarian Anatta. After a couple of tries she finally gets through to him. He sounds a bit afraid and frazzled at the same time. Seems like Tomo’s Grammorian guards are trying to run the town in his absence. They are defiantly not the smartest little guys out there but they are tenacious in getting stuff done. Even in their heavy handed nature. This does not look good. Not good at all.Brynn.jpg

I put a call into The Mos Shuuta traffic control. Brynn comes on the line “ Pash…oh Thank God Its You !…Ah..I mean Traffic Control. Can I help you?” She is no doubt under surveillance by someone. She tells me the port is closed and we need to divert. On the side she lets me know the B landing pad is clear. Then she rattles off a couple of codes to me. [ ΑΩΔ45Ζ2 ] It took me a few seconds to remember the old Imperial codes. Good thing she remembered I was an Imperial Pilot a long time ago.
[ under surveillance, control room compromised, need assistance, status urgent ] FUDGE & A HALF HEARD OF NERFS….. This is going to be a problem. “ Osk !… Can we get a scan of the town & get an idea where these Grammorians ar all located? She gets a partial scan of where some are. The town is deserted. Even for mid day that is a bit odd. We ready all our weapons & equipment. I tell everyone we are going into landing pad B….HOT. Hold on and when we hit duracrete. That ramp is going down.

No flying casual here. I circle around outside of town at about 4000 meters & put her into a steep dive for the landing bay. I pull level over the bay at around 100 meters. Spin 180 deg and drop her down vertical. She lands hard. Real hard. FRICK.!… I am going to have to fix that port aft landing gear for this screw up. Ramp is down and both the wookies are already on the pavement. I am out of the cockpit and right behind them. Where the FRICK is Osk, Damm it? She is on the top deck of the Sand Devil. Not sure what she is going to do up there. We rush the entrance to the landing bay and come across 4 Grammorians. 1 of them rushes me and whacks me pretty good with that ax of his. The wookies take care of these guys. I meanwhile inject a stimpack. “OUCH….Ok that starting to help” From across the street we see a droid handling a big gun taking out some other Grammorians. He comes over to us and says “Anatta sent me to help a group of dumb asses. I am CH-1 ” Frick that Toydarian. At least he sent us some help. We then hear a scream and a oomff and a crash. We then see Osk limp up the boarding ramp holding her cannon in 1 hand and a broken scope in the other. I know she is not in a good mood if she broke her gun. I think it is time to get moving.

I use the hand scanner to determine where the Grammorians are. 2 are at Temo’s front entrance and 2 are at Port Control. We need to get to Brynn first. We make our way past the warehouse. No one there. We continue down the road and then take some of the alley ways to get closer without being spotted. Osk ( somewhere high up ) takes out 1 of the 2 and we take out the other 1. Once inside the entryway. I call out to Brynn. I can tell by her reply that there is something wrong. She tells me she cant leave right now & that we will have to postpone our date to later. I try the hand scanner again and determine that there are 4 Grammorians in the control room with her. I signal to the wookies to charge when you hear CH-1 and I come in from the other side door. I tell her “OK. We will leave for now”. CH-1 and I go out the front, circle around to the side door. A few seconds and we have the door open and we are in the side access hall. I charge into the main control room guns blazing. Brynn dives for cover behind a consol. The Grammorians panic. CH-1 follows me blasting. The wookies enter and soon enough the Grammorians are taken care of. Brynn runs over into my arms for a reassuring hug. She pulls away and punches my shoulder twice. “ What took you so long to get here?” I shrug “ I am here now.” She plants a kiss on me . My head is spinning…OK…! I think this one is a keeper.! “I need to get you safe back at the Sand Devil”
By this time, Osk has moved closer to our location and is now atop the water tower checking out the Slagworks. She tells us that there is allot going on at the mine / slagworks. I tell everyone “I will meet all of you there after I get Brynn to safety. Brynn finds a hold out blaster in the office and we then start heading for the Sand Devil. The rest of the group starts for the Slagworks. I think to myself. “We must have taken out more then half the damn Grammorians by now?” “I really need a stiff drink ”

Money for punches - Nothing is free Or Easy come...easy go.

Wally, that clever little R2. Ran the Astrogation course from Tatooine to Ryloth. Little bugger came up with a real viable shortcut. Cuts the travel time in half. Not sure if we want to keep this to ourselves or get some credits for selling the route. I am leaning towards keeping it secret. Mathus & I figured out where to install the Beck On Call on the ship. Cant do it in hyperspace, its too dangerous. Doc gives everyone the once over check up, patch up, fix up. That hip is still bothering him but allot less then before.

10,000 credits in the ship fund. Boy can we do some serious mods on the ship with that. Yea… I know Osk wants a scope for he cannon. Not that she cant hit the eye out of a womprat at 1000 meters already. I think we need a few supplies to be safe. Some of the stuff that Trex had on the ship got thrown out with the trash, because that was all they were worth. Osk, Lowrick & Doc get a little personal with Trex. Who by this time has 1 foot in the grave & someone is tripping his other foot. I don’t want to know what info Osk works out of him or what they end up deciding to do to him. When she asks me to “Take a swing past Ryloth’s moon”. I give her the questionable look. She says “We need to hide…drop some garbage”. I don’t want to know. Out of sight, out of mind.

So, down to the Nabat spaceport. We have clearance to land in docking bay 14. Full service & the fast charge up on the batteries only costs us 130cr. Hope they clean the windows on the cave? We are only going to be here 1…maybe 2 days at most. The Holonet is jumping with info. Osk gets a message from Anatta. That freaky little Toydarian that has an “IN” with Jabba. Hope it is good news? Just a message to contact him. Mathus installs the Beck on Call in engineering but needs some electronics to fix the portable call device. He will need to pick them up in town. He is heading off to a computer café to slice Temo’s encrypted datapad. Meanwhile Osk & I get some porters to hump the crates of “CARGO” to Nyn Kablo. After she inspects the goods. She is impressed & defiantly wants more. We let her know Duke Dimmock can only supply approximately the same ammount every 2-3 weeks. She will take it. We horn in on the cargo shipments & we pull 5% on top of the 1000cr transport for every run we make on the guns. Then we pull the same deal on running Rill Spice the other way for Osk’s blond bed buddy Maru. Got to find some “old crapp” to pass off as antiques we can hide the Spice in. Ding, Ding, Ding… someone is spending money from the ship account. 1250 credits….! what the frik? Lowrick wants a freaking Bowcaster. Well OK. That will come in handy during a good fire fight. Ding, Ding, Ding. Someone else is spending from ship account. Oh it is Mathus. 50 cr for the computer café. Ok..I hope he gets that datapad cracked. Ding, Ding, Ding…. What? No you cant give him more to make the bowcaster faster!. You lived all your life without it. You can last 2 more weeks before you get it. Freaking idiots think money fall out of the hyperdrive. I run past the supply shop & get 1 slightly used space suit & 4 new breather masks. Defiantly need this. I drop them off at the ship. Doc finds a place that has a small portable bacta tank with the operational controls. Cost around 2000cr. Not bad but we need to sell some of those cages in bay 3. Plus we need a few other things for doc to set up a makeshift operating room in there. Maybe we can find the tank cheaper if we go coreward.

On to some R & R. We all meet up at the center of town & Mathus informs us of what he found on Temo’s datapad. Sweet, maybe that will give us some extra brownie points with Jabba. We then head to a fight club on a back street called the “Broken Knuckle” Not a bad place. With 2 Wookies in tow everyone parts for us to get through the crouds. Lowrick wins the 1st round but looses the 2nd round. Doc seems to do allot better & last allot longer. Still looses in the end. Several hours have passed & we are only down 1050cr…not a bad night. Oh By The Way… Mathus informs us that he has security tailing him. What the freak did you do in that Café? We head back to the ship for the night. There is a message from Anatta. Seems we mis-interpreted his last message. We need to get back to Tatooine ASAP & meet him in the Mos Shuuta cantina. Seems we left a bigger mess then we thought we did. Plus the death of Temo has not been taken lightly by the Hutts. I turn to Osk….”I Told You SO”. She shrugs it off. Osk turns to Matthus “ we need all the info on Temo catagorize & in some form of presentation for Jabba, or we are going to need allot more armor & that bacta tank sooner then we can afford it. Down to 5835cr in the account. MAN.! Was that an expensive trip to Ryloth……Well Easy Come, Easy go.


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