Star Wars: Scum and Villainy (and Profit)

Don’t Touch The Fricken Thermal Detonator

Osk goes thought the broken window to the landing on the other side. I follow right behind her. As Ka’ato flies with his jet pack past Lowrick. Lowrick grabs a hold of him. The added weight brings the Nikto down to the floor with Lorwick on top pummeling at him with his vibro-knuckle in 1 hand. I feel sorry for that Nikto. They both drop out of our sight. As we move closer to the edge of the landing. We hear several security droids coming closer on the catwalks outside the broken window. Osk takes a shot at the Nikto when he tries to reactivate the jet pack. It only sputters, must be clogged with Wookee fur. Osk turns to the droids to explain that this is a sanctioned Bounty. As the Nikto pulls a thermo detonator from a pouch. I shoot his hand and the detonator rolls away. Good thing he did not have time to activate it. I go to the stair/ladder, holster my guns and climb down. When I get to the 3rd step I catch a glimpse of a thermal detonator triggered by the step. So not to trigger it. At this point I am hanging off the stair/ladder by 1 hand. I try to defuse the detonator but it is booby trapped and explodes when I try. I land on my back at the bottom of the stair. “Frick that hurts. Stimpack time”. The Nikto’s arm has been blown off and is bleeding out, fast. By the time I inject the stimpack in myself and get up. I think the Nikto is dead. About this time Osk comes in through the door that was somehow blown off its hinges on the lower level. 2 of the security droids are right behind her. Lowrick is hooping, dancing and playing with the disembodied arm of the Nikto. When I take a picture of our dead Nikto. Lowrick photo bombs the picture with the disembodied arm. When I search the body. I find a few item but not much. We find all 6 crates of Antiques. The crate of Rill Spice we sold Ohm for 5000cr and there are 2 more crates there. In 1 of these crate, there is 3 model E-11 Imperial blaster rifles with folding stock. “Sweet” The other crate has 3 levels of foam compartments. The top level has 2 fragmentation grenades. The 2nd level has 4 stun grenades and the bottom level has 2 mini thermal detonators. “Real Sweet ! We may need these if we run into trouble with whoever is at the mine”. I think CH1 has pocketed the other 2 missing thermal detonators. “Still not sure if I trust that droid”. Osk is arguing with the lead security droid about payment for damages. At this point CH1 informs us about the Z93 headhunter that he disabled inside the exhaust port. When we look at it. There is no way to fly her. The main board is shot. I tell them “If we can get her out to the end of the exhaust port. I can pick her up with the loading clamps on the front of the Devil”. Osk says, “OK, you go get the ship and we will get the crates and the headhunter to the end of the exhaust port” On my way out I see CH1 removing the cybernetic left leg and right arm off the Nikto. Not a pretty picture.
Takes me close to 45 minuets to get back to the Devil. I park the rental speeder near our berth. When I get inside. Mathus has just woke up from sleeping. I tell him we have to go pick up the crates that got hijacked and by the way, we found a Z93 headhunter. Once we are powered up. I radio for clearance and back her out of the berth. I punch in the coordinates of Osk’s communicator and plot a course to it. “Cant stand a planet with this much traffic any more”. Takes me 30 minuets to get back to them. Would have taken 5 minuets on Tatooine to get there. As I pull along the exhaust port and open the ramp. I can see they have all the crates sitting at the edge and the headhunter is floating right behind them. At least they got the repulsers to work on her. The wind is whipping around allot over this vertical vent. Keeping the Devil level takes allot of adjustment. Soon all the crates are loaded. I rotate her around and activate the forward loading clamps. Then I remember we never tested them before. “Sure hope they work”. Nice and easy I slide the nose into the end of the vent. Osk, Lowrick and CH1 push the headhunter out to the very edge. I activate the clamps around the nose of the headhunter. After it is secure in the clamps. I notice that something has broken loose. Oh well. I swing her back around and pick up the 3 of them at the edge of the vent. Then we take our time getting back to the X47 dock with the headhunter in the clamps facing backwards. Along the way Osk asks me to find a spot to drop off our dead Nikto friend. Takes me 20 minuets but I think we have a good spot. Osk and CH1 drop our friend out the ramp. When she comes back to the cockpit. I tell her to “Call Vern with the good news”. She gives me the questionable look. “You mean Voranus?” I say “Yea….Vern”. She just shakes her head and puts in the call. Voranus says to met him at the Spider to discuss what has transpired.
Back at slot 31 in dock X47. I place the Z93 in an open spot next to the rental speeder before I land the Devil in our berth. I open the ramp and power us down. We tell everyone we will be back soon. Osk and I take the speeder to see Voranus. We park near The Spider and go inside. Voranus is at a Sabbac table in the back. After his hand is over and he wins the remaining credits from the few at the table. He pulls us aside. We show him the picture of a dead Ka’ato. He takes the data pad, smiles and deletes the picture, then hands the data pad back to me. He tells us he will have a few guys pick up the crates at our ship in a little while. Before we leave. Osk loses a couple of hands of Sabbac. She drops me off back at the Devil and she goes shopping. “Again?” And then she gives me that look. I shrug , go inside and get washed up after I get out of the armor. I tell Wally to keep an eye on thing and let me know if anything happens. Sleep is next on the list. I crash in my bunk for a couple of hours. When I wake up, Wally tells me Anatta has called. “Frick that Toydarian. What does he want?” I call him back. He answers and is very cordial at 1st. He wants to know about the mine. I tell him I am at Coruscant making repairs. He starts getting cross. “Why didn’t you go straight there?” I said “ There are Imperial patrols blocking that path. We were trying to go around them to cause less hassle. We put into Coruscant to repair a few things.” He says “ If I did not know better. I would think you were running stuff on the side?” I change the subject. “So, How is the Night Club business?” He replies “ Going great. You need to stop by the Palace. I will comp you in” I tell him “Your Welcome” After a few more barbs at each other we hang up. “Frick that Toydarian”. After I hang up. I can see 2 CorSec officers at the ramp to the Devil. I go out to meet them. They pres me for info on the body drop. They then show me the camera footage. “Frick” Stammering a little. “He owed me money. Lots of money” They are not amused. “Cant I pay a littering fine?” At this time 2 dark suited humans come over to where I am with the officers. 1 introduces himself a Aramis, “Voranus sent us”. While he plays with a ring on his left middle finger. The 2 CorSec officers get real compliant. They show Aramis the footage. Aramis looks them in the eye and says “ I see nothing in that footage. Why don’t you delete it?” The officers get real scared at this point. After the officer deletes the file. They charge me with littering, 50cr fine. Then walk away very fast. I tell Aramis “Thanks, I got a bottle of Ryloth Scotch for you inside for that help” We get their 7 crates out for them and they are soon gone. I grab my coat and go in search of motivators for the quad. The 1st place “Ship Parts Abound” does not have them. He tells me there is a Uganot 3 levels up that will probably have them. I go up the 3 levels to a place calls “Honest Uganauts Reasonable Parts”. Not the best part of town either. The Uganaut inside is a bit ornery and ready to close. I tell him I need motivators and a gas canister for a SW-6 Heavy Ion Quad Cannon. He digs around for 5 minuets, then pulls out 4 and says 1000cr. I work him down to 900cr. He takes it. I make him test them before I leave. Then he hands over the gas canister. It is empty for 100cr. I take that also and head back to the Devil. Osk comes back in a little while. She says she set up a deal for the dock master named Born to try to sell the Z93 Headhunter for us. He will get 15% of the sale. I shrug and say “OK” She also informs me she has an order for a new outfit to pick up in the morning. I tell her I got the motivators and tank for the quad. Now we just need the heavy mount and new cables. CH1 gets back from getting an oil bath. Something looks different about him. Crazy killer droid.
Morning comes. Osk retrieves her new outfit then she take the speeder back. We fill our water and air tanks. Flush the fresher tank. I make a walk around the outside of the Devil to check for any potential problems. Pay our dock fee. 750cr. Power us up. Run the standard diagnostic. All green. Radio for clearance to leave port. Set the beacon and back her out. Line up for orbit and make the slow accent. I help Wally run the astrogation check to Tannab. Wally has a problem and the calculations do not come out right. I clear the program and start from scratch. This takes us a little too long and we are blocking the lane. I move the Devil farther out into orbit and re-run the astrogation check. This time it comes out right. Set the coordinates and engage the hyperdrive. Off we go. A day later we arrive in system Tannab. “Love this KDY Jumpstar Hyperdrive. 4 times faster then the old one.” Pash Edo

Do Droids Dream Of Winning Big At Sabbac

Sitting in the line of traffic waiting to land on Corscant can be tiring. Even after the Excelsior reached orbit. Its support fleet of ships still took a long while to clear the lane. A really long while. Gave me time to research how to change the name of the ship listed for our BOSS code. I cant understand why Osk likes “Hand of Sorrow” ..UUUGGGGHH. Cant stand that name. Just as the line of traffic was about to move. Frick, along comes the Customs Shuttle. Just our luck. We drew the short straw and now we are the recipients of a customs inspection. I pull out of line and move us over about 1000 meters. They tell me they will dock at the port side docking ring. I run back to check all our cargo. Make sure the hidden compartments are covered. The Quad laser has a tarp over it. All the crates of antiques are situated. Then Lowrick comes over to me to see what I am doing. Frick, he’s a Wookee. I tell him we are being boarded. He needs to get into holding cell #2. He starts arguing with me and flailing his arms as I push him towards cargo bay #3. I say “Look. Would you rather be in that holding cell for an hour or you can have customs call the storm troopers to take you away to a work for life for the empire at some slave colony?” He thinks it over and gets into the cell. The girl in #1 is still out cold. Just then I hear the Port docking ring being clamped on by the shuttle. I close the door to cargo #3 and run to the port ring. Set our side of the clamp, then open the hatch. In walks the customs agent and 2 heavy customs guards. As I hand him our manifest he asks “What is that smell?” He looks over the 1 B/L for the antiques and says. “Long way for you guys to travel” I tell him “ If someone wants to pay me to deliver old furniture. Who am I to complain” He agrees. They open 1 of the crates and they run their scanner over it. I think it comes up clean. This Agent Jint Krakow. He turns to me and says. “ If you don’t want me to open every crate. It will cost you 2000cr” I give him the sad face and tell him I can swing 1000cr. He agrees. He sees CH1 behind the bar with BT1. “They make any good drinks?” BT1 rattles off several drinks they can make real fast. After all 3 customs guys get drinks. They check cargo bay 1. See the speeder and the quad. Then they mention their should be another bay in the back. I tell them it is no longer a cargo bay. It is more a Dr office/work room. When they enter cargo #3 they see the girl in holding cell #1 and Lowrick. Smiling like a fool in cell #2. Jint turns and looks at me. I tell him “ I just fly this boat . Those 2 are bounties for the 2 hunters I got aboard” You need to ask them for the info. Jint decides not to ask. On his way out he passes the bar and sees the bottle of Ryloth whiskey. He takes that also before he leaves. Once they are out. I close the hatch, disconnect the clamps and breath a sigh of relief. I let Lowrick out and run to the cockpit. I move us back into line to land. When Landing control gives us the ok to land in bay X47. I set its homing beacon and guide us down there. Osk comes out of the bunk room. I bring her up to date on what has transpired in the past several hours. We then put in a call to Maru’s contact, Ohm Jabu. I give him our ETA. He lets us know he will meet us at the dock. Damn.! These core people cant drive. 3 time I had to swerve to avoid someone making an unannounced turn in front of me. Dock X47 is huge. The dock master puts us in slot 31. It is early evening, local time when I shut the engine down. Ohm Jabu shows up in a short time. We all shake hands. They open some of the crates and retrieve a packet of spice. He takes it to the table an when he opens a knife to test it. I yell “STOP! Not directly on the table. I can have residue show up the next time I get boarded” I put a section of crate under it before he tests the spice. He is satisfied. I tell him I have another crate that I can unload for the right price. I retrieve the crate from its hiding place. He tests it and finds that this is real pure Rill. He offers 5000cr for the crate. I agree. He transfers the 45,000cr to our account. Ohm’s 3 muscle guys are loading the crates onto grav sleds and getting them down into his speeder truck. Soon they are gone. Ch1 walks past me with the Balosar girl in binders. Osk is operating the front elevator and is taking the bike out. I tell her not to do anything stupid on that bike. She gives me a snide look and flicks her legus at me. Im pretty sure I know what that gesture means. I go back to researching the Boss Code of the Hand of Sorrow . That cost 1000cr but I got enough info. I then try to get an hour or 2 of rest.

I wake up for a call coming in. It is Osk. I say “Whats up?” She asks “How many guys were with Ohm and did I get a # off the truck?” I tell her he had 3 guys with him and I will call her back in a few minuets with the truck #. I go over to the dock master control room. I ask him about the cameras in the dock and if they can go back a few hours to show the truck that made the pick up at my boat. While watching the back up loop. I can clearly see Lowrick in a cloak leave the ship an hour ago. I think to myself. “Dumbass! He is going to get his furry ass in trouble” The dock master does not take notice of him leaving and keeps backing up to when the truck is there. I read the numbers off the truck and tell him thanks. I go back to the Devil and call Osk back. I tell her the truck #is XZ125T. “So whats going on” She fills me in that the shipment has been hijacked. Maru is actually working for Black Sun. And she promised Maru that we would track down the hijacker and get her shipment back. I sit back down. “Great….Just Great. Wait till Jabba finds out we have been working on the side for Black Sun. We wont be able to move glass marbles across a flat floor without a grav crutch. Do you have a lead on who took the shipment?” She says to meet her at a place called The Umbra Club. Some info broker Spang may be able to help us. I put on my Armor, long coat, check all my weapons, pocket extra power packs, stimpacks, the scanner, goggles and my hat. I look up the address and head over there. The Umbra Club. Calling it a seedy dive is an understatement. The smell of blood, countless species of urine and burnt death sticks saturates the place. We are way over dressed for this place and I notice everyone is death stick jumpy. I make sure no one pulls a gun on us. Osk is talking to Spang. I walk over and put my back to the wall. He asks “how may?” I tell him “None. Answer to the Telwik” Spang tells her it was an inside job. One of Ohm’s men probably owes money and talked. Spran has no other info. Osk says we need to try another club called The Spider. It is not far. Once there, to my amazement, we see CH1 sitting at a Sabbac table and Lorwick walking with a pit boss. Osk heads for the Sabbac table and since I am the only one that understands some Wookee. I head over to Lowrick. I pull some info from the pit boss. The hijacker was a Nikto named Ka’ato Leachos. He has been rumored to be holed up at a Kelchen Processing Plant. Other than that the pit boss knows no more. We head over to the Sabbac table. Osk has taken a seat and is talking to a high mucky muck wearing a Black Sun ring. His name is Veranne. I think he is Maru’s boss. I look down at the table. These 2 nubes know nothing about Sabbac. Ch1 should have pressed the bet higher and not waited for the card to flip. Osk is just pumping Veranne for more info. I whisper to her about the Nikto. She tries to charm this Under Vito for more information. She finds out that Ka’ato is at the process plant in section 943 South of here. Veranne tells us Ka’ato is woking for a new gang called PYK. He would like us to deal with this new gang and he would very much appreciate it. After another hand, not sure how much they lost. We head to get a speeder to head South to the processing plant.

At the Kelchen processing plant. CH1 decides to enter via the exhaust vents on the far side of the building. The rest of us enters near the landing pad. Inside the 1st computer / control room the 3 technicians do not know who we are looking for. We tell them not to raise the alarm. If they know whats good for them. Once inside the plant. There are catwalks in all directions. We head to the far side area that has windows and check to see if they are open. Lowrick climbs down to the ground floor and tries to open the large blast door to this office/control room area. Then we hear a boom and then a loud crash inside. I try to force the window open but it does not budge. Osk breaks the window. We see Ka’ato, Lowrick and CH1 in there. Ka’ato activates his rocket pack and flies past Lowrick to escape. Osk is aiming her cannon. I point my pistols and we both fire at the same time…

To be continued…

A short quiet stop at home
Quiet is a relative term

After Elmo got a good look at the bike and tuned it up for us. Mathus, Elmo and I head out scrounging for the shielding at some of the less obtuse places that we might find it at. The first place we stop. A small yard not far from Elmo’s garage, has nothing we are looking for. Then, Elmo remembers a guy named Zen that might have enough shielding laying around. We head to Zen’s yard. I should have said “Junk Yard”. There were piles of this. Piles of that. Piles on top of other piles of other this and that…..all mixed in with a whole lot of crap. Zen is a middle aged, balding, pot bellied mess in a tee shirt that was white a long time ago. He is a friendly guy. Tells us we may find some shielding down 18 rows to the left of the pile of empty Tibanna gas containers. There was nothing we were looking for in that row, but 6 rows after that we found a junk YT2400 that looked like it hit the broad side of a planet. Part of the shielding had already been cannibalize. We removed what was left. After another 3 hours Zen’s wife brought us some citrus aid. Now this really confused me. Zen’s wife was maybe 22 years old, long blond hair, nice rack and legs to die for in a pair of cut off jeans that were so short that part of her gorgeous butt was showing. She gave each of us our drinks, smiled and sashayed back to the house. I looked over at Mathus and reach over with my right hand to close his jaw. It was a wide open gape like he never seen a Corellian girl before. Elmo just chuckled at him and we went back to scrounging for the shielding. After a few more hours we finally assemble enough shielding. We load it all into Elmo’s grav truck to take it back to the house. On the way back there. I spot what looks like a quad laser sticking out of a large pile 8 rows from the house. As Zen an I discuss price. Zen’s wife is sitting in a hanging chair reading with a baby playing on the ground by her feet. I look over at Mathus, who is trying not to stare at Zen’s wife. He sees me looking at him and smiling. Now Mathus gets all flustered and stomps over to Elmo’s grav truck to wait for us. I turn to Zen and ask “OK…How much?” We haggle a little more on the price and finally settle on 2500cr plus Zen gets the old light shielding from the Devil. I mention the quad laser to Zen. He did not think he had one but he said if we knew where it was, we can pull it out tomorrow when we come back with the old shielding.
Back at Elmo’s we unload the truck and then we order some food from a deli down the block. Mathus goes and takes a shower after dinner and gets some sleep. I sit there with Elmo, his chief mechanic Marrit and his Drall bookkeeper Pertie. We discuss old times and catching up on the changes in the old neighborhood where we grew up together. Good times, good times.

Next morning we get an early start on pulling the existing light shielding out of the Devil and installing the heavy duty stuff. CH1 and Osk are nowhere to be found. GOOD, less aggravation for me. It takes the 3 of us most of the morning but Elmo works his magic and makes the odd size shielding fit like it was meant to be there. I can see, even Mathus is impressed with Elmo’s work. Now he will not need to wear that space suit in the engine room. Back at Zen’s, we drop off the light shielding. Zen’s wife is still sitting in her chair, now with 2 babies crawling around on the ground. Elmo asks her a with a confused look on his face. “Didn’t you only have 1 baby yesterday?” She tells him the younger boy was asleep in the house yesterday when we were here. Elmo shrugs and says “OK.” We head out to the pile where the quad laser I saw yesterday was. Takes us a few minuets to find the right pile. Then takes us just over 2 hours to get all the junk off of it. We take it back to near the house. Elmo runs a cable from his truck to the power coupling on it. It powers up but all 4 motivators are bad and it will need some other work. Zen says 6000cr. I frown at him and say “1000cr.” He says “quads go for 8000cr new” I say “ 1, 0, 0, 0 credits or I go hide it in a pile where it will never see the light of day …EVER. Besides it needs other work and will need 4 new motivators. Those alone will cost me 1000cr” He relents. “OK…OK…1000cr. I never knew I had that quad out there anyway”. Back at Elmo’s we stuff the quad in cargo bay 2 on the Devil. Lorwick is the only one still on the ship. He is playing with his new bowcaster. I tell him not to blow a hole in the side of the ship. He nods yes with a big smile on his face. Elmo chimes in “Time for a drink old boy and you are buying” We find a little place a few blocks away called the Blue Rose Inn. Small joint, decent drinks and food. Place is packed. There is a big group of guys watching the Lazerball game on the holoviewer. Marrit, Pertie and Elmo’s other mechanic Martin is with us. Couple of rounds of drinks and dinner goes down real good. At that point, I am leaning back in my chair smoking a cigar listing to the Laserball game, when a news flash comes on the holo. There is a firefight going on at a spacedock. Up there clear as day in the picture is CH1 holding a knife to a red headed girls neck. And standing at a blown out window above him is Osk with a large laser rifle in her hands. She is shooting at a group of thugs down on the dock charging towards CH1. The firs thing running through my mind is “Great…! I am going to have to bail that adrenaline jockey and that bucket of bolts spy out of jail or pick up their bodies at the morgue” Elmo sees me with my mouth gaping at the holo. He leans over to me and says. “Ain’t that the stacked Telwik girl you shacked up with on your boat?” I say “Yup. Thats Osk. And that droid is CH1 down there holding the girl with the knife. And…OSK AIN’T MY GIRL !” On the holo we see CorSec finally show up and break up the altercation. The holo cuts back to the Lazerball game. I raise my hand for the waitress. I need another drink, maybe 2.

By the time I get back to the Devil, everyone is aboard. There is even a female Balosar in holding cell #1. Looks like the red headed girl from the holo. I ask loudly to anyone in earshot “where are we depositing this cargo?” Osk looks up from what she was doing and says “ We will figure that out later.” I shake my head and head out to say goodby to Elmo. I pay him the 1000cr for the shielding install. He says “ Don’t be such a stranger. You gots to stop by more often.” I tell him I will try. Back up in the ship I make sure everyone is ready for takeoff. I get Wally to plot us a course to Coruscant. I back us out of Elmo’s garage and head out to the hyperspace jump point. I check Wally’s #s. They look good. I engage the Hyperdrive. I don’t want to push it so I set us to run at a jump of 1. Not the point 5. I want to save some fuel. Besides it is only a 1-1/2 day jump.

At Coruscant we come out of hyperspace right on schedule. The spacelane is cordoned off. We need to fly casual for an hour or so. We put in a call and check on the Lucky Guess and their progress. Their 1st run is done. 8000cr in the account. Sweet. Orpa brings up the subject of getting out from under the debt. Osk tells her to not worry. They will get a % from each shipment they do. We will pay any expenses. We set up the runs. After they pay us back their % will go up. Orpa seems satisfied. Now we see why the spacelane has been cordoned off. There is an Excelsior class star destroyer leaving the planet with the rest of its huge fleet behind it. “DAMN….That ship is HUGE !” As it gets closer to our position. I look over and notice Osk getting the shakes. The pale faced bad shakes. She runs off and I hear here chucking in the fresher. She better not be pregnant. We don’t need no babies on this boat.
Pash Edo

The Awakening and Understanding....
Oskara Diary Entry - 7.22.15

24.7.0 ABY

So Corellia is interesting to say the least.

The day started off fairly well yesterday, CH-1 and I scouted out the area of the spaceport for our bounty. At first I was ready to work with the bounty since my Intel told me she may be part of the rebel force. I tested the waters with this droid which was still uncertain to say the least. He seemed to dislike the empire, but when I suggested helping someone who may be a major player against the empire he was taken back. Not sure if I tipped my hand too far with him, I’ll have to keep an even closer eye on him at this point.
After scouting out the area, and coming up with a plan which CH-1 did not like we headed back to the ship to rest and prepare. It appears the shields are going in nicely, this Elmo may become a good contact in the future. I really didn’t mingle with anyone much, figured this was all the conversation I needed..

I keep trying to go over the plan, how I’m going to approach this woman. How do I say, “I want the empire to fall, and oh hey do you work for the rebels how do I get my membership card?” The possibilities of my plan failing outweigh success in every way, but I have to try. We have a decent thing going here, and it’s just starting, but how long will it be until the Empire does something to ruin it? Like my father always said, “If you’re not part of the solution, your part of the problem….”

Why did I even start this diary…
25.7.0 ABY

As theorized today was interesting, and my plan failed. Though I still do believe it would have been the correct course of action, if my Intel was correct and she worked for the rebels and not Tirello the Hutt… This may come back to bite me, but in the end it’s my job. Jabba has to know that, there were no orders from Jabba of who not to touch. He knew my profession, he should have given orders if it matters.

I think I’m starting to finally understand the extent of what is going on with me, I had my suspicions but now, after today… The fabled myth, the force I believe is within me, this bounty and I were engaged in a battle without lifting a finger. It’s as if we were fighting just without minds. I read her thoughts, and she in return read mine and I could tell she was, it’s as if we were talking without talking. It was incredible and scary at the same time. The amount of focus that came over me was altogether new to me, but it’s as if she grounded me. I believe she also awakened something much more within me, it was like a switch was turned on when she disregarded me, and the true battle broke out. I just knew I could do it, and I put fear within her mind. I’m still not sure exactly what or how I did it, but at that moment it was very clear and it just happened. I am going to need to find out information about all of this, I don’t know who I should tell, for now I tell no one.

The good news is, the Balosar known as Ferrika Lazerra is now in our custody, and what a show that was. She is alive though very hurt, by her own choices. This will bring in a 10,000 bounty, which will be split by CH-1 and I, 5000 each, minus 250 each for damages to the restaurant. As much as that Barabel hurt me, between the shot that blew out his neck and the window and the things waking within me, it all is worth it.

As I look at this bitch laying in the cell, waiting for her to wake all I can think is how stupid she must be if she does work for the rebels. Now we are bringing her directly to the heart of the Empire, Corasant where we will turn her over, unless she gives me reason to believe otherwise.

Ahh wait she is coming too…

So that was useless, she started rambling on about how I have useless information and something about who I’m dealing with.. She was cut off from the stun setting in the cell, she is asleep once more. Time for me to do the same before we arrive.

Coruscant-EotE.jpgSo we are preparing for docking now…. It looks like what the Deathstar was described as, I see not one smidge of green, and yet all of that pales in comparison to what I just felt. As we entire the system we were ordered to clear the lane for the flag ship was departing, as it went by… Words cannot describe this, it was as if the hairs on the back of my neck raised, while my stomach flipped, all senses of logic went off, something pure was on that ship. I do not say evil because the overwhelming feeling I felt was not evil, though I felt that big time, but it was more sorrow, confusion, despair, regret… I almost feel bad for it, but at the same time truly in the depth of my heart scared for the first time to this degree. I do not wish to remain here any longer then we need to.

a month ago

Nice recap +10 xp

Why do I get the feeling that when the Hutts get together its like a meeting of local township police captains exchanging PBA cards that they confiscated from motorists?

“Yeah, sorry my bounty hunter took out your smuggler.”
“It’s alright, too bad my bribe to the Senator ruined your trade deal.”
“Eh, bygones…”

a month ago

Thank you, yea there is some meetings of them in clone wars that’s why i have that mind set. You are very close on that though, the big council never want to really step on someone else’s toes unless it’s over something very very important, like a minor hutt stealing from major hutts (teemo). :)

CH-1 Datbase Entry: Logistical Nightmares and You
Counting Beans, Killing...Time.

Data Log:
Successful Capture of Acquistion #340789 Vex. 0 Fatalities, non-lethal options used. After review I must re-calculate my non-lethal methods, I have come to be too optimized only for deletion. Lowrick continues to be “unpredictable” though is too useful to discard for now. Reticence on holder of contract has lead to bringing them to the Hand of Sorrow. The acquisition and Pash are familiar, this leads to the leasing and subjugation of the ship and the previous owners. CH-1 is given no credit. SRV-4, bartending droid, makes a Corellian Mule in the 98th percentile of effectiveness. Must buy better mixing oil on next stop..

Group morale is high. Credit acquisitions through illegal means i.e. “smuggling” are the primary source of income. Profitable and Risky. My risk calculations calculate the odds of Imperial interference at 2:1. My processors long for conflict. I agree to split a bounty with Oskara [designation: fellow bounty hunter] <cod>. This form of credit acquisition is more satisfying and bring my processors to an optimal level as I satisfy my original programming. Deletion of target is a possibility. : ) : ) Query: That is the correct facial twitch of the meatbag, yes?

I have made a special purchase on Byblos, should increase combat effectiveness by 9%. Pleased sigh

{End of Entry}

No more running...
Oskara Point of View - Session 7.8.15

Early Afternoon (7.8.15 Session)

Maru was still asleep when Oskara awoke and she was happy for that, she went over how she would work out pricing for this spice. After all they were going right into the belly of the beast. She assumes she did everything right the night before, because there was next to no negotiations. 40,000 to Corasant for the cargo. Done.

Not wanting to linger and end up staying the whole day Oskara left, it’s time to make some damn money, and stick it to the empire! On the way back she set the land-speeder on auto pilot and went over numbers on the datapad, and think over the night to all the contacts she made.

Once on-board, she took note that the ship was already loaded, and that the Lucky Guess already departed. Everything is going according to plan. They took off before she even had time to stow her gear, “It’s so nice not to be running for once” she said as she walked through the ship, more to herself than anyone else.

Once they took orbit and hit hyperspace things became very relaxed around the ship. Oskara was really happy to be going someplace rather than running there. ISD_wallpaper_3.jpgShe took the time to talk to Pash about the Lucky Guess and how we could possibly work out a deal for them to simply work for us. She also took her time over the course of the time to slowly take apart her guns and clean every one of them. She really wasn’t used to downtime. She worked out some details with Mathus about the astromechs, and how some improvements may help them, and in private talked a bit about this CH-1.
When the ship arrived in Byblos it was amazing, things were finally going right for them. They accepted the cargo with no problem, paid in full and ready to move on.That’s when the Imperial Destroyer Avenger showed up doing random inspections. Oskara and the others thought best of trying to test their luck, and maintained orbit beneath the destroyer for the time being.
w_i_p__star_wars_speeder_bike_by_paul_muad_dib.jpgDuring this time Oskara took the opportunity to look at Byblos for what it was, one of the top most planets for speeders and land vehicles. Searching the Holonet for used Speeders she eventually came across one for 1500 credits. It is running, modified ARA-Tech 74-Y. She spoke it over with Pash and they jumped right on the opportunity to have something for land travels.

When they set down to pick it up, she was happy to see it was no setup. It was in face a genuine man who has retired from the life of a bike to take the reins of younglings. Oskara thought to herself, “I’m not sure which is more dangerous…”
With that out of the way, a few hours past and the Destroyer took its leave. The Hand of Sorrow followed suit and was gone within minutes and off to the Correlian System.

During the jump to Corellia, and many conversations with herself, Oskara approached the droid known as CH-1. She needed him close she was unsure if it was attempting to go for the same bounty in secrecy. She invited it on the hunt for the Ferrika, and she was still undecided of which way to handle this. Oskara so far was just going with the flow, seeing where things lead her. Maybe this thing could be helpful, maybe she would need to disable him and remove portions of its memory to conceal what she does with this bounty, who knows what will conspire in the next handful of days. The one thing she was sure about was it was going to become complicated quickly.

When they came out of hyperspace right near Corellia, Oskara was a little taken back. Byblos was immense, but Corellia this was something altogether new. The planet itself seemed to be cloaked in armor from all the spaceports, it was unlike she had ever seen in the outer rim. Of course she attempted to play it off as nothing, but her eyes could not lie her feelings of awe.

“zzzZZt Avenger to Hand of Sorrow, Welcome to Corellia… What is your business here?” Snaps Oskara out of her daze. She heard Pash talking to someone before, she assumed this “Elmo” he speaks of for the shield repairs, but now the Avenger is asking about us. She figured this was best left to Pash since he was from this system. Sure enough within minutes he’s blushing read and flirting with the female on the other end, from the conversation it appeared to Oskara they knew each from some schooling. “Pfft, School, if only I was ever that lucky”, she thought to herself as she continued to admire everything outside of the ship.

After some time they were cleared access and moved on to a spaceport, which she learned was Elmos. Oskara thought the same way she always thinks because it was the way of the outer rim, lay on the “Charm” for this human male and maybe they could get a better discount…. As the cargo elevator opened she was sitting upon the newly acquired speeder, looking very… shapely, and exposed. Maybe it was Corellians from her experience with Pash, she was unsure, but he looked right past her and right at the bike. He had her reeving the bike while he just jumped right to the floor and started tuning it. Within minutes the bike sounded much smoother, and this Elmo looked very proud and still not taking the bait of her charm. Oskara simply got off the bike and walked away while Pash and he talked, she had business to handle and this guy was obviously not interested in giving out discounts.

“CoreSec Control, I am contacting to inform you that there will be Bounty Hunter presence within your region. IPKC Number 90-8837-223-1123, Name Oskara, use of deadly force is probable.”, Oskara and CH-1 both contacted CoreSec to identify themselves, and given the standard terms of hunting in a populated region. Though Corellia is neutral to the empire, they continue to work with the bounty hunter guilds. They are given the ok to hunt.

They both gear up, and let Pash deal with his friend for the repairs. She had a lot to figure out within the next 24 hours before the cruiser showed up, on the top of the list was this droid, she needed to test where his loyalties lay….. These are just a portion of the things running through Oskara’s mind as they both set off down the corridors of this massive spaceport looking for transport…..

Reflections of Oskara
Oskara Diary Entry / Thoughts.... 6.10.15, 6.24.15, half of 7.8.15 14 JUL/15

Morning of 7.8.15 game….

As I lay here reflecting on my night, it all seems so surreal. The fact that I’m here for pleasure and my own business and not as a slave, or on loan from Teemo. I take so much comfort in that the slug is dead, even if Jabba had taken justice out on me, it still would have been worth it.
The moons make the sweat on her back and much more almost dance, this night was unbelievably worth it. I had never been to such a party before, not even when on loan, these people know how to live it up. It took a lot to get here but here we are…

Some weeks ago….(6.10.15 recap)

Mathus and Oskara, along with the astromechs finally came up with a game plan for the engine swap. They had no desire to waste any time, so they assigned teams, and everyone was going to do their job… So they thought.
Mathus of course had no trouble getting the new engine out, he knew what needed to be done, and did it. Oskara on the other hand had to deal with an OCD Wookie who kept reorganizing all the tools to face the same way, and a droid with ADD who couldn’t focus on the task at hand. All Oskara kept thinking is that she is going to have to work on his programing when he charged.
At one point CH-1 simply walked off while she was trying to get a good portion of the drive out! Of all things he went off to talk to what looked like Jawa?? Oskara went from “Happy Go Luck Oskara” to “Someone’s Going to Get Shot Oskara” quickly. After some time the droid decided to rejoin the team, not after some of Mathus’s team came over to help. CH-1’s programing is so off the thing didn’t even understand what it did wrong. “Programming issue for sure, gonna have to go over this with Mathus.”, is all Oskara said to herself.
After a while they all started getting into a grove again. It took literally the entire day but they finished the swap. Now the downside, and not a small downside either is, there is no shielding inside the ship from the engines. Oskara did suggest grabbing shielding from the YT-2400 and stowing it until they could custom fit somehow, everyone thought she was crazy. “When it costs extra in the long run, it won’t be coming out of my cut, that’s for damn sure”, is what Oskara mumbled to herself as she headed out into the hanger with her rifle.
Oskara made sure she concealed herself and no one was watching where she was going. As she set off of and started climbing to her perch she was thinking the whole time. “Pash is an ass, but we have been in this since the beginning I trust him. Same goes for Grabow, as annoying as the OCD is it is who he is and it makes him something special to the crew. Now Mathus seems to be an odd one, but it’s neither a good or bad odd, it’s like he has been behind a wrench or computer screen for a little too much of his life. Lowhhrick seems bloodthirsty, and always on edge, but loyal, my only guess is he was their when Order 66 happened, he must have witnessed it all. I guess the same could be said for Grabow…” She let those thoughts linger in her head as she made it to the crate she wanted that overlooked both ships and the entrances.
Freshly oiled, the bipod made no sound as she opened it and set the gun down facing the ship. She slipped out her rations and water and set them next to her, she then took some caffeine (whatever the equivalent is) pills she had taken from Grabows med pack. “This is going to be a long night.” She said quietly out loud, “muffled, good” she thought.
“CH-1, slowly becoming the bane of my existence. Unable to sleep as to watch over the ship since this thing is in dealings with Jawa’s! We could all go to sleep, wake up and have no ship left! This droid was planted by that slime Anatta, who knows what his programming is. I will have to discuss this all with Mathus in great length on how we should proceed with this thing, or if we should just drop it.” Oskara often spoke to herself when isolated in the past, this is how she kept herself going. She noticed this CH-1 was bringing out this side of her again, she was no happy about that either.
She then started to think over what she had now, she knew Pash and Grabow were equally involved, but still these were her thoughts! “A Ship, a crew, freed from slavery of that worm, seen as a better within her home world and not some street urchin, Fine dinners, good clothes…. The long list continues to grow with every day that passes. Maybe I should just stop here and be happy with this before it’s all taken? Or build up some funds, and go as far away from the Empire and Hutts as possible and live out my days.!”
“We both know that won’t happen, the Empire, the Hutts they have taken too much from us. Slavery and Isolation have me referring to myself as “we” and “us” and here I am trying to lobby myself to do what needs to be done.”
“The Empire Must Be Overthrown…” She said softly out loud. “They are the cause for all the misery in the galaxy, and shit rolls downhill” She followed up in thought.
By this time daybreak was starting in, there was no unusual activity that she “sensed” which she is still trying to understand herself, or that she saw. At this point Oskara is not putting much thought into those new “feelings” she’s having, she’s simply just letting it happen. She will need to figure it out soon if it starts getting out of hand.
She made her way back to the ship laid down and passed out as she saw Grabow moving around. He will keep Jawa’s out.

That Afternoon…. (6.24.15)

By the time Oskara woke up most of the equipment and etc was loaded. She did manage a final walk through of the other ship, another set of eyes to see if anything was missed. She came across a small ornate knife, it needed to be cleaned up but a very unique blade to be sure. Besides that one lucky find, everything seemed to go along with Mathus observations.
They decided to take it up for a test flight, all diagnostics checked out, visually everything looked good, except for the very very very dangerous non-shielded engine, turning the ship into a slow cooking microwave oven…
Pash being the very experienced pilot he is took it slow, he knows a little about modded ships being from Corellia. Speed 1, Ok. 2, Ok. 3, Ok. 4…. Mathus already at the engineering station monitors the problem, Oskara and R2 run to repair the transformer that came loose from the hull twisting under new strain. Looking over where the twist occurred, Oskara noted to R2, “some extra supports may be needed now, discus with Mathus at a later time.” As for now she believes it will hold, and the ship is in a good place.
They landed back at the shipyard to pick up the wookiees and that droid. Oskara and Pash put in a call to Duke Piddock about moving some “Stew”, it was time to start making some money. After that call Pash explained to Oskara that he placed a call to Anatta the Weasel. Jabba has a job for us already out past Kessel, we have to goto this mine, collect funds, and assess its overall value.
“The clutches of the Hutts still around my neck, maybe it should be the downfall of the Hutts, then the Empire. I’m going to need some bigger guns.” Oskara started thinking to herself and stopped listening to Pash. When she finally focused again, she heard him saying, “jumping in 3, 2, 1….”
This ship is fast… Oskara had never been on anything this fast ever, they were in Geonosia in what felt like record time. “This ship may rival or not be better than the known falcon, a race may be in order. Tattoine, to Geonosia, stew loaded, off to Ryloth, and delivered in less than half the time is would have taken prior. This engine is the key, the empire is the lock, and the galaxy is their prize.” Is all she thought.
When landed they took some time to make some calls, try and get some cargo to move, make some money. Everyone really went their own way, Oskara though sat down for the first time in a long time and logged into the IPKN (Imperial Peace-Keeping Network). Though her intentions are ill towards the empire, there is only one way to keep track if they notice you, have access to the list that would have your name on it. Added bonus is making money from the empire to eventually help take it down.
Oskara went through the lists, doing a quick glance at the “High Value, Most Wanted, Highly Dangerous Targets” section to see if any new names were added. All the usual rebel leaders, etc. Next was “Imperial Sanctioned Bounties”, she reads down them all finding Nyn on the list, and then the corellian kids from that Lucky ship that smuggled them into Teemos place. “They get one pass this time for their help last time.” She said out loud, then continued on.

Name: Ferrika Lazerra
Species: Correillain Human
Gender: Female
Crimes: Smuggler
Issued by: Imperial Order
Bounty Type: Alive = 10,000 – Dead = 8,000 Credits
Last Known Location: Resdine, Ryloth, Ryloth System, Gaulus Sector, Outer-Rim Territories
Notes: Proceed with caution, she has eluded the empire for some time. She is resourceful.

This was the one Oskara wanted, she needed something to distract her. She immediately grabbed gear, she could be in Resdine in an hour. It took no time at all to get ahold of a rented landspeeder, and was on her way. She had also learned that Maru wasn’t far off from where she was heading and decided she would personally negotiate the deal for the spices, but first the bounty. She needed to know more about this Ferrika, is she a rebel smuggler? If so maybe they could help each other.
In Resdine she learned that Ferrika enjoyed a local Cantina, she started asking around and found a little resistance from the owner. She dared to try and let her “feelings” flow naturally, at first what she… It’s so hard to explain, not felt, but not heard, or saw, it’s something more, but she just knows the owner is lying he knows more. She pressed him harder and then laid on some her “Natural” charm. This seemed to win him over as they went into the back room he locked the door. “This will be a warmup for Maru or I’m going to snap this little man’s neck, either way I’ll get the info I need” she thought.
After leaving with all the info she needed, she actually felt a bit satisfied, she actually enjoyed that. That guy may not be able to sit for a couple days but I’m sure he enjoyed it too…
By late afternoon Oskara arrived at the hotel she knew Maru was at. She attempted to work with the little man behind the counter to go straight up to surprise her, but he wasn’t having it. Though he was not the best at his job as his monitor was angled for guests to read it, and on top of that he must be blind as the font was huge! Without trying she noted what room she was in, then waited it out in the lobby. When shifts changed, and a crowd came in she blended in and went right up. Such shit security in a hotel that Maru is staying in, Oskara actually didn’t fully believe it, she felt she would be grabbed at any moment, she didn’t.
When the door opened, she noticed the surprised look on Maru’s face and just moved through the door ready to start the festivities. Maru stopped that quickly, and explained she was on her way out to something important. It took a few moments to stop this though, even Maru had a moment where she was ready to cancel or be late, but in the end she held herself and offered Oskara a dress to join.
Once at the dinner Oskara felt completely out of place, this was something she never even heard about. They took fine dining to a new level. After some time of feeling like Maru’s play thing she started to test the waters a bit with so many people here. She attempted to start letting her “feeling” flow, it was almost instant there was someone at her own table who she felt? In a strong way, and she could see he felt it too, though he was unsure where the source was. That ended that experiment quickly, if this is what she thinks it is she didn’t want anyone knowing, yet.
The night moved along, lots of amazing food Oskara never had before, lots of fine spirits she didn’t know existed, and she enjoyed every last one of them. “Not every day you get to dine and drink like the emperor himself”, she said to one of the servers as she took yet another glass. She was then summoned by Maru who she was introduced yet again too another “friend” of hers. This time a Mon Colamari, Nemi Codi. He is the owner of many companies and is always looking for new fast shipping. He explained, “We have our freighters that snail their way through the lanes, but sometimes we need something quick. That’s where you would come in so Maru tells Me.?” So a connection was made and something in the back pocket. Maru it seems was here to help Oskara as much as herself. By the end of the night, 2 more connections had been made, a Duros named Tai-San Oldin, and a Drall, Bevel Sage. The Drall it seems really likes Twi’lek females.
With 3 new contacts plus Maru, Oskara was a very happy person this night, then Pash contacted her. She went off in private to speak and found out about the Lucky Guess. The wheels started spinning quickly, she never knew how natural she was at business thinking.
Oskara quickly moved in on Nemi, but he wasn’t biting, there was no cargo to be shipped to the core. She did in fact get the Dralls attention, though she’s not sure if he simply over heard the conversation, or if she never lost his attention. Turns out he had a shipment that needed to be returned from Drall to Ryloth, she took it right away, then moved on to the Duros, Tai-San who in fact has Ore going to Duros almost on a constant basis. She also set up a shipment going to Bibylos that would fill the hull to its max, but they have more than their hull now.
With the party over, Maru and she headed back to the hotel. On the way Oskara contacted Pash and broke down all the cargo they would have. The Lucky Guess would move the ore to Duros, then swing over to Drall and bring back Spa Water to Ryloth. We would move the shipment to Bibylos, then layover in Corellia for the shields to be installed, then continue on to Corasant. Pash agreed that it was a great plan, which she thought was very odd. She believes the spirits made it easier.
Once back at the hotel it didn’t take long, things were coming off in the lobby, as they entered the room………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… …………………… …………………… …………………… …………………… …………………… …………………… ……. ….. … .. .

Oskara sits up in the bed and begins to scribble in her diary app of her data pad while she reflects on her life so far and how she got to be at a high class party tonight, and lying next to this fine woman in the penthouse of one of the best hotels in the system.

“Today really was one of, if not the best days of my life”, was the last thing she wrote out before falling asleep. (reference back to the top)

Guess Who Is Lucky Now

Leaving Lucky Muffdods casino and heading back to where the Devil is berthed ended up being more of a hassle. Seems like I picked up a tail. 2 Humans, a Gann and a Kubas are following me. Someone inside the casino must have let their friends on the outside know I won some credits. I quickly duck into the next shop to get off the street. Just my luck, it is a woman’s lingerie shop. I ask the atendant for some help. I roughly give her Oskara’s size and shape. While she is looking, I slip out the back door and swing around the little group of followers. They seem ticked that they lost me and split up to search. I follow the smaller Human but I think he may have caught a glimpse of me. I decide not to pursue this bad idea and head for the Devil.

Back at the Devil I find CH1 accessing the holonet with a datapad. Lorwick is grinning from ear to ear and sitting on the floor in binders unconscious is our friend Vex from the Lucky Guess. I turn to Lorwick “Why is Vex here?” Lorwick smiles, hoots and points to CH1. I turn to CH1 “Why is Vex here?” CH1 in his monotone reply “ Meatbag Vex, delinquent amount 2000cr to Lucky Muffdods Casino. Bounty of 2000cr to be paid to I day next in exchange for meatbag Vex” I ask each of the 3 of them. “Where is Orpa” Lorwick says “ On their ship” Vex by this time has regained conscious. He looks up and sees me. He starts begging to be released. Pleading me to let him go. I tell him it is out of my hands. CH1 has already entered your info into the Bounty Hunt Registry. All that is left is to hand yo over to Lucky Muffdods. Thats when a really great Idea pops into my head. We have too many contacts and too much freight to move. These 2 kids and the Lucky Guess can come in handy. I tell Vex “Since we are friends. I will front the credits to pay your debt to the casino and your bounty. You just need to sign over the Lucky Guess to me until you pay me back. Say in less then 2 months” Vex balks at the deal. “It that or the mines of Kessel? You wont last there too long”. He says Orpa will have to sign also and she will not like that deal. I go up to the cockpit and call Orpa on the Lucky Guess. She answers after several hails. She looks a little worse for wear. I turn and ask Lorwick if they hurt her. He shakes his head no but says “hurt her very little.” I tell Orpa what has transpired up to this point and what is going to happen to Vex. I also tell her the deal I am offering. She starts cursing at mostly me but some directed at her brother. “Our ship is worth more then the few thousand credits Vex owes” I ask her how long have they been sitting on Ryloth not moving ANY freight? She reluctantly tells me, several weeks. I say “Look, I got freight to move. More then I can handle on my ship alone. You need freight to move. Vex needs his debt to be paid and the bounty needs to be paid to CH1. You move freight for me and pay me back in less then 2 months. It’s a Win, Win for both of us.” She thinks it over and finally agrees. “See you soon.” Orpa flies the Lucky Guess to Nabat and lands 2 berths over from the Sand Devil.

Meanwhile Osk calls an lets me know about the run for Maru. Its 40 encumbrance of Ryll Spice smuggled in antiques going to Coruscant – 40,000cr. She also set up another run for us to stop off on the way at Byblos. 100 encumberance of who know what, 10,000cr. I let her in on the recent events and our luck of acquiring the services of the Lucky Guess. She is ecstatic. She says she will call me back shortly after she sets up a few runs for Vex and Orpa to do for us.

CH1 not wanting to chance losing his bounty, puts Vex in holding cell 1 for the night. Orpa walks up the ramp to the Devil. She does not look happy. I put my arm around her to calm her down and belay her fears. “Osk is setting up a few runs for you as we speak.” She signs the deed for the ship over to me. She wants to see Vex and make sure he is alright. Lorwick shows her to Cargo bay 3. Osk calls me back to double check the cargo capacity of their Nova. Orpa tells me she can handle 100 encumbrance. Osk says she has a run for the Lucky Guess to leave tomorrow from Ryloth with 77 encumbrance of ore going to Duro. They are to meet a Baibai Oldin there. Then they are to go to Drall in the Corellian Sector and pick up a 100 encumbrance load from a Trevos Basio. That load is going back to Ryloth. That should take them 8 or maybe 10 days round trip with their ship. 8,000 cr for the 1st load and 15,000cr for the 2nd load. All going into our account. “Sweet. We are finally making money.”

Next morning CH1, Lorwick, Vex and I go to the Lucky Muffdods Casino. The guy there looks confused when I tell him I am paying Vex’s 2000cr debt. He says “What about the Bounty?” I tell him I will pay that 2000cr bounty also. He shrugs, takes the money and says he is happy. With the 2000cr now in CH1’s account. He is also happy. He in turn pays Lorwick 500cr, who smiles from ear to ear and is happy. Off come the binders on Vex and now everyone is happy. On the way back to the Devil and Guess I put my arm around Vex. “See how easy that was? You work for us. You make money to pay me back. I make money on the runs. You can make allot of money working for me. Even after you pay me back. Oh By the way. It is 5000cr you owe. If you don’t pay me back in 2 months. That amount doubles. Every 2 months, any money still owed doubles again. So don’t try to double cross me or Osk. Then I will not be happy. Get it?” Vex, wide eyed just shakes his head, yes . Back at the ships Osk is there with the documents for all the shipments. She asks Grabbo if he will go on the Lucky Guess and keep an eye on the 2 kids and make sure they don’t do anything stupid. He smiles and says sure. When he get to the Lucky Guess. He finds that they have a complete mini medical bay set up. He starts hooping and hugs both Vex and Orpa till they can nearly breath. We give him 500cr for expenses. I go over the info I got on the route as to where Imperial and pirates most likely are located. Vex is annoyed but Orpa pays attention. I pay the dock fee and fuel charges for the Devil and the Guess and we both take off to pick up the goods. Soon we are loaded and on our way to Byblos. 1-1/2 days in hyperspace and we pop out in system at Byblos. Fuel gage shows we used about 4-1/2 days worth of fuel. At least we are saving time. We put a call in to Soo Pak our contact here. He tells us where to land to transfer the goods. Spaceport control greets us “Welcome Hand of Sorrow. What is your destination?” FRICK! I forgot to change that BOSS code name. I tell them we are not staying. Just a quick unload and show the bill of lading. They clear us to land. Once we are on the ground, we unload, hand over the documentation. We check that the 10,000cr are transferred into our account. Ching. Off we go. Suddenly all traffic stops. The Imperial Star Destroyer is right overhead searching for a smuggler. Luckily its not us but their interdiction field has stopped all traffic from leaving the planet. Osk passes the time serching the Holonet for jobs and odd equipment we may need. She comes across a used 74-Y Civilian Speeder Bike for sale. Only 1500cr. It runs but needs new paint. Level 4235 – dock port 1238344543. We are not going anywhere so she calls them. Yes they still have it. She gives me the coordinates and we use the port docking ring. Bike looks in good shape. We buy it. Into Cargo bay 2 with her. After we undock we try to fly casual. 2 Tie fighters zoom past and swing around and check us out. It is an old friend Terry from Imperial flight school. We make small talk then he hears Lorwick hooting in the background and asks if that is a Wookie he hears. The Dumb Nerf that I am not thinking says yes. Terry gets quiet. Then says “I did not hear that. Keep a clean record Hand of Sorrow. Tie 283 out” Then they fly off. Frick and a Half! Now we really need to change the name on the ship. Soon the interdiction field is lifted and we are flying to a Hypespace point. 6 hour delay. Better then getting boarded. Wally calculates our jump to Corellia. Calculations look good when I check them. Off to Corellia. 12 hours later we pop in system Corellia. “Ah…Its good to be home.” I put a call in to Elmo. He is the best Mechanic I know. Elmo picks up “Pash. Long time since you have been here. Whats up?” I tell him I need some work done on my ship. He says come on down. “I got room and time for you.” I tell him I will see him soon” I contact spaceport control. After 5 million questions I get to tell them I am expected at Elmo’s Repair and mod shop. Level 175, Section 348. They ask what our business is. I tell them I need some cabling repairs done. Osk is having a conniption and mouthing “why not tell them the truth?” Spaceport control buys my story and gives us clearance. After I cut the transmission I turn to Osk and say “I don’t want anyone to know that we have the Speedstar engines in the Devil. That will give us the edge when we need it”. We park in Elmo’s big hanger and Elmo comes aboard. Osk being the flirt she is, unzips her jumpsuit down to he navel. Elmo shakes my hand hard and heavy. Then he sees the bike we just bought across the room. He starts rattling off specs on it to Osk and I. Osk is getting ticked that he has not noticed her or her outfit. Afterwards I take him back to the engine room. He stands there wide eyed with his jaw open. “WOW! Never thought you could fit Speedstars in a old YT-1300.” Then he notices the lack of shielding. “The engines are off, Right?” I tell him “Yes, they are off” He calms down. He takes a moment but thinks we will need 2 sets of YT-2400 shielding and a whole lot of modification to make them fit. Might be tough to get all that material. I tell him “Come on, there is always side stuff for sale or barter. Who do you think you are talking to? “ He replies ”Yea, Maybe. Lets go check the inventory.” On the way out he turns to Osk, winks at her “ Nice Rack there hun. You might want to zip up before you leave the ship. It’s a bit more cold in my shop then in here” Osk smiles that he finally noticed her and zips up her jumpsuit. I turn to her “See…Everybody is Happy”

Pash Edo

There is always a Joker in the Deck

Testing old sublight engines is tricky under the best of circumstances. Especially if we are pressed for time. We are adjusting the settings as we fly by the seat of our pants. A Tweak here, a nudge there. All the time worrying that we missed a bolt or retainer plate somewhere on the install. I make a few simple maneuvers at a speed of 3. Everything seems to hold. I move the settings to 4. The engines growl like a Nexus but they jump to command. Reading the systems on the dashboard and all looks good. I take her higher in orbit and readjust the settings again and nudge her to a speed of 5. My palms are starting to sweat. I have not been in a ship that can go 5 in a long time. The engine sound levels out and we shoot out of atmosphere and head for a loop around the nearest moon. I try a few difficult maneuvers. We hear something break loose and is banging in the gun well, “Oh Great”. Osk climbs down there. It is a resistor box that came loose. She re-attaches it and all is well. I am impressed. Osk found us a flawless gem in an old salvage yard out on the rim of nowhere. Mathus calls up from the engine room to see how we are doing. When I tell him I got the Devil at 5. He starts to cuss into the helmet receiver that I am going to kill the engines on the 1st try out of the dock. I back it down to 3 and bring her around the far side of Tatooine. We see some odd lights in the sky over Mos Shutta. I slow to 2 and bring her down to a low orbit. There is some sort of crazy gala going on at Temo’s Palace. Search lights, music and I sign big enough to see from Orbit. “Frick that Anatta”. Moved right into Temo’s job faster then a Hutt can count the credits he has in the bank. Well at least Mos Shutta looks like it is cleaned up some. I stear the Devil back to Absolute Salvage in Mos Eisley.

Back at the salvage yard we make a last run through the old YT-1300 for anything we may need or missed. I check some access panels to see if anything is hidden. Picked clean. Mathus removes the Beck on Call from our old engines. We tell Salk we will be out of his hair in the morning. Looking over his shoulder as I tell him. I can see he has our old engines out of the Devil already listed on the holo-net. At almost what we paid him for the ones from the old junk YT-1300. Wheeling and dealing. Got to love it. We all get some needed rest.

In the morning I put a call to Anatta. He is not to happy to see my face. He is not happy to have a head on his shoulders this morning. I ask him ”So…how was the Gala?” Holding his head in his hands he mumbles a reply. I press him for the info on the Mine that we are to retrieve Jabba’s money from. Someone to his left hands him a drink and it sort of wakes him up….a bit. He sends us the info and a copy of the deed now transferred from Teemo to Jabba. “Moved into Teemo’s Palace real quick I see” He just smirks, says goodby and cuts the transmission. “Frick that Toydorian”. I tell Osk to get a hold of Maru about her shipment and to see if Duke Piddock has another barrel of Soup for Ryloth. The Duke is a little reserved but he has 2 barrels to ship. Great, I tell him we will be there soon. We pack up any loose tools of ours and stow them. I get clearance from the Mos Eisley port control. They reply “Yes Hand of Sorrow. You are cleared for take off. We have not seen you out in a long time. Good Luck” ….Hand of Sorrow? What a name for a fast ship. We have to transfer the Boss code to the Sand Devil and soon. Off to Genosis. Wally computes our course. I input it. Check the data. I warn everyone to hold on. We are going to test this new hyperdrive. I pull the lever & off we go.

We come out of hyperspace in system over Genosys in a little over 1 hour. “DAMN! this hyperdrive is fast”. I check the readings and all looks good. I notice the fuel consumption is a little higher then the old drive. Not much, but I can live with it. I radio for landing clearance. “Welcome Hand of Sorrow – your landing pocket is 204.” Fricken Hand of Sorrow…. Got to change that Boss code. I Park her in the slot. Osk and I go see Duke Piddock. When we get there We see his assistant. The Duke is indisposed. They have the 2 barrels of SOUP ready and sealed for shipment. We get them back to the Devil and we are soon on our way to Ryloth. Wally calculates the route and we slip into hyperspace. Soon we are in orbit around Ryloth. We are greeted by 2 patrol boats. They mention that they have not seen us ( Hand of Sorrow ) in a long time. I say “Yea, Long Time”. We get clearance to land in Nabat, docking port Δ-223. There will be porters waiting to unload our shipment. Osk goes with the shipment to drop it off and get our payment. Ching…2300 credits into our account. Mathus is beat from wearing the Environmental suit in the engine room. He takes a shower and gets some sleep. Osk is off to see Maru and find out about the shipment to Coruscant. Lowrick is off to get his bowcaster. I think CH1 went with him. I think I will get some much needed R and R. I go looking for a place to get some food, drink and a good game of Sabbacc. I make sure that the port facilities top off the fuel. Top off the water. Top off the tabanna gas. Then take a leisurely stroll down the block. Not far from where the Devil is berthed I find a place called Lucky Muffdods. It is dim and cool inside. There is a 4 piece band in the corner. Looks like there are 3 games playing right now. I tell the tel’wik waitress to please bring me a menu and a pint of ale to 1 of the game tables. The 2nd table is at a 25 credit buy in. I ask if I can join. A gruff Tel’wik freighter captain says “Have a Seat”. He introduces himself as Hodges, The red headed Human female next to him is Annalese, his copilot. Next a soft spoken Defel named Ru’da and last a bald human named Bosk. Bosk just nods to me. I introduce myself and sit down at an empty chair across from Annalese. The waitress brings my ale & a menu. I order a Rugat sandwich with the works. The game starts out slow. Annalese wins the 1st few hands easily. I start to gage each player. Their mannerisms, how they react to a win, a loose, a bluff. Hodges is easy and so is Annalese. After a few more hands I get a better idea of Ru’da. Bosk has only 1 expression. A frown. He never looks at any of the other players. Only his hand & the pot. Not sure I can read him. He is losing anyway. After about 12 hands. He is out of money and bows out. I finish my sandwich and order another ale. Ru’da leaves the game also. A young Tel’wik named Farree joins. A beady eyed Jawa named (I think) Werba and a fat human dressed as a port official sits down. He introduces himself as Mackelroy. Hodges raises the stakes to 100 credits per anti. Everyone agrees. Small talk around the table gets me info on Imperial whereabouts along the Hutt border and along the main hyper routes. My winnings slowly keep going up. After 6 hours we are all tired and the game breaks up. The cantina is packed by now. It is dinner time. I head back to the Devil with an extra 790 credits and info on our travel path to Coruscant. Not a bad stop over this time at Ryloth. Its good not having to duck getting shot at by bounty hunters all the time.

Running (but almost no Gunning)

The group tested the Sand Devil up to speed 4, and incurred 2 strain on it. A step-down transformer in the ventral gunwell came loose during an Immelmann loop, and R2 and Oskara scrambled to fix it before it could damage itself or the ship further.

Coming back into orbit, Pash spotted a bunch of searchlights stabbing into low orbit over the horizon, in the direction of Mos Shuuta. He flew over to investigate and saw that there was some kind of gala going on at Teemo’s palace. Mos Shuuta itself had been cleaned up, and an array a high-end yachts, skiffs and speeders were parked around the entrances to the palace. A bright glowing sign over the main entrance proclaimed the grand opening of “The Palace at Mos Shuuta”.

The group returned to the shipyard in Mos Eisley, and did one final sweep of the junk YT-1300. Oskara found a very ornate but rusty knife in the cargo hold, CH-1 found the parts for a vibroknife and an electrosnare behind an old panel. Pash took the nice banthan leather steering column wraps, and Lowrhick found a 100 credit stick on top of a very high cabinet (and strained a lat muscle while reaching for it).

The next morning Pash put in a call to Anatta to get the information on the mine that they needed to visit for Jabba. Anatta was clearly hungover and clearly not alone in his bedchambers. He said that the grand opening was very successful and invited the group to come out sometime. He gave Pash the info for where the mines are and also the deed to the mine that proved Jabba owned it now.

Oskara contacted Duke Piddock and got one of his assistants. The Geonosian said that they had some “Barrels of soup” that could be delivered to Ryloth. The group jumped over to Geonosia in record time and made a quick pit stop at Gogum Hive to pick up the shipment. They were soon on their way again.

They jumped to Ryloth with no problem. By now Pash was getting concerned since they kept getting greeted as “The Hand of Sorrow” by the local space controls and patrol boats. Mathus made sure that the seals on his enviro suit were good and sealed before returning to the engine room.

During the jumps, Mathus installed the concealed vibroknife and the module from the C3 unit into CH-1. CH-1 was that much nearer to perfection.

They landed at Nabat and were greeted by Nyn, who paid them and gladly took the shipment of “soup”. 2300 credits of profit for a day’s work – well done!

Lowrhick went off to get his bowcaster and CH-1 accompanied him. They also stopped at the Mod Shop and picked up some enhancements for their weapons.

Mathus pealed off his enviro suit, took a shower, and went to take a nap (after making sure that the engines were powered down).

Pash headed out to get a drink and find a game of sabacc.

Oskara checked out the bounties for hire, and after discarding the ones for Nyn and her miner compatriots, picked up one for Ferrika Lazerra, a notorious smuggler wanted by the Imperials. 10000 credits wanted dead or alive.

She rented a landspeeder and traveled to the nearby town of XX, where Ferrika had last been seen. A combination of her force powers and charm won over the owner of the local bar and restaurant that Ferrika was last known to visit, and got the information that she was traveling to Corellia on a high-end space yacht. Oskara vowed to be waiting on Corellia when the yacht landed!

CH-1 also checked the bounties and found one for Vex Vio, 2000 credits wanted alive for skipping out on a tab at a dance hall in Nabat. Lowrhick and he checked around and found that his ship was spotted at a nearby town. They drove over and tracked down the ship in the spaceport, tucked between two larger ships. They snuck up, and while CH-1 was quite sneaky, Lowrhick was rousted from his hiding place by a spaceport rent-a-cop. Lowrhick pretended to leave, and when the rent-a-cop wandered off, he returned to covering CH-1. CH-1 set his electrosnare on the loading ramp of the Lucky Guess, but Vex spotted it and ran back onto the ship while closing the ramp and yelling for his sister to take off. CH-1 sprinted on the ship after him, and shot him with the stun setting. Lowrhick barely made it on the ship before the ramp closed, and sprinted for the cockpit. He disarmed Vex’s sister Opa, made her turn off the engines, and took her back to the engine room where Vex had been stunned by CH-1. CH-1 stunned Opa and they left with an unconscious Vex back to Nabat.

Oskara travelled to where Maru Jakkar was staying, and finagled her way into the hotel where she had a room on the penthouse level. Oskara greeted Maru passionately and wanted to stay in for the night to renew their acquaintance, but Maru had a high-level dinner to go to. She lent Oskara a dress and off they went. The dinner was a long but interesting affair, as Oskara realized that this was a different breed of client for the services of the Sand Devil than hauling “soup” for Twi’lek miners. She tried using her force powers to discover more, but quickly stopped when she noticed that a Mon Calamari yacht captain was suddenly looking around suspiciously.

Pash meanwhile won quite a nice sum playing sabacc and found out from some of the other players that the Imperials have stepped up patrols around Hutt space to suppress the increase in piracy.

Mathus woke up from his nap and broke up a quarrel between R2 and R5 over who would next get to do the astrogation checks. In order to placate them he took them for a nice oil bath.


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