Star Wars: Scum and Villainy (and Profit)

Why are there B1 droids shooting at me?

Episode 10-28-2015

When I hear the door open behind me and in a monotone droid voice “We have him, Roger, Roger.” The 1st thing to go through my mind is “Son of a Frick. That’s the sound of a B1 droid.” The next is seeing myself jump behind the oil bath tank, pulling out both blasters. While I actually do those 2 thoughts. The B1s take a couple of pot shots at me. I aim both blasters at the closest B1. I let him have it. He drops to the duracrete with 2 gaping holes in his chest plate. Love this Genocian blaster. CH1 comes over the comlink in his monotone voice “Is that blaster fire we hear in there?” I yell back “HELP. I’m being shot at!” More shots from the 4 other B1s across the room bounce off the tank I am behind. Then I See CH1 at the door from the ore loading room fire his Ion Blaster. He takes out another B1 with a shower of lightning all over the droid. He yells to all of us. “Set your blasters to Stun” I flick the switchs on both blasters. At this point The EV supervisor droid enters the room with 1 of those huge slow walking load lifters. It is peaking around from the back of the load lifter, so I cant get a good shot. Osk now standding near CH1 has a better vantage point and shoots him. CH1 disables another B1. I take a bad hit in my left arm from a blaster shot. I pull out a stimpack and stick it in my arm to inject the medicine. Man that hurts at first. Then it gets numb while the Stim does its job. I then pop up and aim at the 2 B1s coming closer to me and let them both have it from each of my heavy blasters. They both go down in a wave of sparks. Lowhhrick finally gets to the door. Sees the EV droid and fires his bowcaster at it. I think he hit the arm that had the datapad in it because the load lifter suddenly stops moving. Next I see Lowhhrick drop his bowcaster. Turn and pound the medical droid that is trying to stab him. Soon it is lying on the floor smoking from its motivator. “Remind me later not to get that Wookie mad at me” The EV who is badly damaged slips through the door into the next room. Osk takes off running past the last of the droids following the EV supervisor into the next room. She moves so fast that none of the shots at her hit. That EV was not moving very fast and I could see it is missing the arm that had the datapad in it. I disable the last droid in my path and CH1 gets the last 2 to surrender. I then run past the huge load lifter into the next room. Osk has the EV crawling across the duracrete trying to get away from her. She turns to me and says “Do you have a stimpack? I feel like I’m about to pass out.” I pull out the stimpack. She is facing away from me pointing her gun at the EV. So I jab her with it in the butt. The look she give me is priceless. The EV is screaming at the 2 PK worker droids across the room to attack us. Both of these droids have restraining bolts on them. They seem hesitant but slowly head towards the 2 of us holding mining drills. Osk walks over to the crawling EV and puts a blaster bolt through its head. All the lights in its eyes go out. The 2 PK droids stop where they are. I hear the load lifter behind me in the next room moving again. When I look in there. Lowhhrick has the EVs arm with the datapad still in the hand and is pushing buttons on the pad. Before I can take the pad away from him. We both have to duck 1 of the arms of the load lifter swinging at our heads. I take the pad away from him. “Do you even know what these buttons do?” I ask him. He hoops back at me “ See, I make it move.” I shake my head, shut down the load lifter and go back to where Osk is by the entrance to the mine. We contact Marv with the datapad. He says to send 1 of the mine cars down to the waystation. He tells us they will be up in about an hour. Osk turns to me and says “We should remove all the credit chips from the safe before they get up here. Then we can dole them out back to them as they need.” I smile and agree with her. We go to the office and remove the other 135,000 cr chips and put them into the Devil.
We next sit down at the computer with Wally plugged in. Data shows that there are 12 of the 24 miners left. Each of them gets a 2000 cr pay. Mathus soon shows up with the medical droid from our ship. When Marv gets to the office with 1 of the miners. He looks uneasy and suspicious of us. We send the medical droid with the miner to check out the rest of the miners that are now in the changing room. CH1 and Lowhhrick have moved all the mines droids into the empty room with the 2 blast doors on either side. Even the little flying droid that was trapped in the Devil’s Airlock. Negotiations with Marv becomes intense. We go over what happened up to this point, the past expenses, the future expenses, operating costs, actual needs, hopeful wants and how to go about all the repairs. We agree to send the mines mechanic Ralph and Mathus out to repair 1 of the 3 damaged shield generators. This will allow the mine to continue operation with only minimal problems. The expenses are…
12 miners x 2000cr = 24,000 cr pay
Replacement supplies needed = 10,000 cr
Replacement R2 unit = 4,000 cr
Repair parts for 2 shield generators = 5,000 cr
Extra operating cash = 5,000 cr
Total given back to the mineers = 48,000 cr
Leave us 117,000 credits. Of that, 100,000 cr for Jabba. 17,000 cr for us. We even talk to the medical droid from our ship. He decides to stay at the mine because these men will need his help. Bless that tin heart of his. If it actually has 1. We take 9 of the 10 E11 blasters and put them on the Devil. I hand 1 to Marv and wink. “Here, Just in case it gets out of hand here again” Wally and Mathus are removing restraining bolts from the droids 1 at a time. Checking their programing and updating it to specs. Doing a memory wipe till at least when the EV showed up here. CH1 has a problem with the memory wipe. Osk and I tell him. “Unless we get these droids back to spec. They will remember the revolution and the killing of innocent lives. It is either the wipe or being destroyed. I think the wipe is a better option for them” CH1 wants to free these droids. We tell him “After the wipe and the reprogramming. If they want to leave. Then they can choose at that point. “ Not sure if he agrees or not. He just walked away from us. I still don’t trust that droid. I turn to Osk “Remind me why he is still on our boat” Osk shrugs “ He is an extra gun and a pretty good shot” I shake my head and we get back to straightening out the problems before we leave. Then it hits me. “Oh yea. Trex’s hatch mates are on Tatooine. Frick, got to call Brynn and get an update from her on their ship and where they went.


Excellent! Really fills in some of the details.

Do you take the empty weapon crate off of the other freighter? It held the blasters that the B1’s were using.

+10 xp


OH Yes we take the crate. How may were in it? I cant remember. I will suggest leaving Marv 1 of the E11s…just in case


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