Star Wars: Scum and Villainy (and Profit)

The fall of a slug..

Oskara Point of View - Session 3.18.15

Oskara took notice of this human right away, he was helping them and he had some device around his neck. “Did my actions of helping Lochitep escape Teemo cause him to up his security on his captives?” She thought to herself as she inspected the device around the neck of this human.

He introduced himself as Mathus, a captive of Teemo and splicer by trade. He was eager to help us, save him. He explained to the group the best terminal to do what we needed would in fact be the communications hub, which is what they expected. The plus to this all was they now had the man who watched over the hub.

Oskara had been working on her data pad the whole trip over writing up a program that would work at breaking into the computer system and clone all the encrypted files she could. She wanted as much evidence to present to Jabba as she could if she was going to kill this slug, and if it’s not that’s ok it’s a price she’s willing to pay to free her people of this tyrant.

[[File:453431 | class=media-item-align-right | 300×300px | ServerRoom2.jpg]]

While hooking everything up and trying to look into the computer system everything shut down, at first she thought this human had given them up, she was reaching for Blaster Pistol to put it to the base of his skull. Oskara then looked over to see Pash looking very worried. She was unsure if it was because he was worried about what she was going to do, or if thought he just unleashed the entire palace on them, though she didn’t think there was much difference. What seemed to be almost instant Mathus received a call on his communicator from Kweet, asking what has happened. Mathus without skipping a beat convinced the Major Domo that it was a glitch of some sort and that he was going to perform a system reboot. Kweet bought it, and Oskara slipped the pistol back in its lock position.

After the reboot, Mathus helped them splice into the system and hook up Oskara’s data pad. She was very impressed with his skills, she learned out of necessity this man was properly trained. She thought to herself, “I’m sure I’ll find myself over his should often trying to learn new tricks.” They placed the datapad in the mix of one of the desks to be un-noticed by any straying eyes. It was performing its job and copying, but this was going to take some time, so Pash, Oskara, and Grabow decided to go free their friends if they were still alive. Oskara knew Lowrick was alive, that Wookiee is a beast, and she was still very upset he didn’t make it out with them.

Oskara worked with Mathus to remove the neck collar, and now she had a better handle to remove these things, she planned to free anyone who wanted to be free. Mathus stayed up at the communications hub to be eyes and ears for the group as they navigated the palace. He was watching the monitors and keeping an eye on the datapad.

As they started through the palace Oskara started thinking to herself. She was very happy to have this human with them now, they needed someone with tech knowledge, and “he will fit right in, though if he betrays us he’ll get one in the back of the head.” She smiled to herself a little with the thought of having someone other than Pash to talk to, Grabow is ok but a little too meticulous for her liking.
[[File:453433 | class=media-item-align-left | 250×250px | Lowhhrick.png]]
Gladiator Cells, though Teemo tries to call them rooms or bunks. Oskara remembered the layout for the most part and decided to hang back in the servants halls as Pash and Grabow went down the hallway to try and release who they could. After a short period of time she took notice of Lowrick and Grabow right away they took up almost the entire hallway, she could just make out movement of a couple others behind them but didn’t worry too much. After a short knowing smile to Lowrick and seeing he was ok, they headed back to the Workshop. The collars needed to be removed and they needed to get W2 and the Ship down here.

As the group made its way back to the workshop they found 2 of Teemo’s men looking around. What happened next actually put a little fear in Oskara for the first time in a long time. The Wookiee’s raged, and rushed. Oskara actually laughed a little as she took notice of the faces of Teemo’s men as the Wookiees closed, she was sure they soiled themselves, Gods knows she would have.

Oskara went straight for the communications hub to retrieve the datapad, and Matus. She then told W2 to make his way to the landing pad since the Wookiee’s and the other gladiators were going to clear it. It was time for them to go. She made sure the Datapad was done downloading and safe. He plan now was to store the pad on the ship when it landed then go handle Teemo.

When she made it outside the landing pad was free of Teemo’s men, and these gladiators were all ready to just leave, W2 on the other hand was having trouble piloting the ship. “Maybe with the aid of Mathus we can improve him” she thought. Oskara then tried to explain to everyone on the landing pad how killing Teemo needed to be done and it was going to happen but none of them were really listening, she half thought about pushing the two unknown gladiators off the pad. She hated useless people.

After hearing them complain and bitch for a few minutes and W2 in the communicator complaining to Pash about the ship being a piece of Junk, she simply spun on her heals and walked inside checking her ammo. “I’m done waiting” is all she said.

She made her way into the servants hallway and down into the throne room. She thought for a second someone had spotted her before she could get in place, but didn’t care, she knew the layout and what she wanted to do if that fat bastard was sitting in his throne, which she couldn’t imagine him doing anything else. She walked in planted her new rifle on the steps of the stadium style seating of the room took aim and fired.

[[File:453434 | class=media-item-align-right | 250×250px | Teemo_the_Hutt.png]]

There was a flash, then silence…. “Clink” and then as if the world exploded, the chandler exploded on top of Teemo’s fat ass killing him instantly. She took notice to his body still twitching after the fact. His personal guards jumped for cover but suffered no damage. She was hoping for more damage but eh, she took what she could. He was dead.

Unbeknownst to her, the Wookiee pair ran out from the main entrance to the throne room and just plowed through to the throne guards while Pash and the Splicer held back a bit and started blasting where they could. Everything went a bit chaotic at that point, people were running everywhere, gun fire was ensuing in every direction. Oskara found her calm and started taking in the entire room and she took notice of adversaries to left, she needed find cover and fast. She made her way to the bar with haste, knocking over the droid bar tender in the process.

From her assessment before she knew she had to take care of the foes now before her before she could help her companions. “Thankfully they aren’t a bunch of Gullipuds, though where are those others we are helping” she said in the direction of the droid, but more to herself then anything, as she threw a grenade by the table the pair were hiding behind. Please she found her mark she is already peeking on new targets even before the “BOOM!” as they both go flying.

She took notice of men moving clear across the room, going after the wookiee’s who seem to be almost holding their own against the throne guards. She needed to help, she took aim and started shooting anyone who got close, even with incoming fire she would not cower when her friends were in danger. Shot after shot she found her mark, though not always dropping someone she was doing enough to discourage others she believed. She noticed most were just running out of the room. After a few more shots, she noticed Grawbow go down, he was hurt, hurt bad. Everyone focused in it seemed and in what seemed like a blink for Oskara the room was silent except for the faint cries of the creatures in the hallway. She just remembered, they locked the compound down, she looked down to her bandolier of grenades just for a split second. “No time”, she told herself.

She made her away across the room looking for anything useful, when she came upon the Grabow she noted he was alive but his leg was in a bad way. Mathus was handling the safe, Lowrick was banged up but overall ok. Pash had that worried look on his face, so she knew he was perfectly ok.

With all the evidence, and now this pig dead Oskara felt weight come off her shoulders. Now it’s time to go. She heard over the comms during the whole thing W2 having trouble coming in for a landing, he just couldn’t get it. She was actually annoyed more than mad by this and yelled at W2 over the comms , “LAND THAT SHIP NOW R2-W2!”, was all she said. She heard the useless guys say something but paid them no mind, they wouldn’t live through this. Mathus was quick with that safe, credits, a datapad, and a really nice looking gun, good find he earned that weapon.

When they got on the landing pad, W2 was just landing the ship and opening up the bay. The crew loaded Grabow in the ship and as Oskara was berating the pair of useless creatures for not helping, she tried to drop a grenade on a timer at their feet without them noticing, tried. When she took for cover in the ship they managed to pick it up in time and toss it in the ship. Oskara almost made it to cover when it went off but she got banged up pretty good. Now she was PISSED, dazed for a second, ringing in her ears, she fell into the lower turret spun up the weapons system, rotated around as they started taking off, smiled and pulled the trigger.. Now her day is complete, as she looked at the charred stains of the loading dock.

By the time she exited the turret they are parked in deep space trying to lick their wounds. Spending time with Grabow she started to tend to some wounds, they were going to need to figure out the next step.

Today was a good day, a slug has died.



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