Star Wars: Scum and Villainy (and Profit)

Sunday Shopping with the family…

Oskara Point of View - Session 4.1.15

Oskara’s senses started to come on in full, first the wonderful smell of blood, burnt everything, wookiee, humans, and oils… all she wanted was to get off the ship. As she opened her eyes she noticed Grabow laying there resting, then noticed how long she was asleep for, “half way there, oh joy” she said to herself.

When she got up to the bridge she found Pash with the W4, and this new Splicer Matthus, they had explained to her that they were in the system, the R2 unit figured out a new route, something only they knew as of right now. “Tattaonie to Ryloth in half the time, this could be very useful” she thought to herself.

Apparently at some point of her sleeping the Wookiees spent some time with Trex, it has become more of an uncomfortable silence every time anyone hints at it. All Oskara knew was that Matthus hacked into the IPKC and found out there is no Bounty on Trex. This really upset Oskara because this is her career and she is unable to access this system, she was not happy at about this. Matthus had tried to reverse the lock out on her, but needed to log out before he could.

The knowledge of Trext being dead weight was enough for Lowrhrick to simply toss him out the airlock during reentry to Ryloth, no one else really seemed to care, Trex taunted the shit out of the Wookiees back in Teemo’s Place so just deserves and all that nonsense. To Oskara she didn’t care because he didn’t have a bounty and it’s not like she could collect anyways, her career was being stone walled, she is now losing money.

Anatta had contacted them as they were entering orbit of Ryloth and asked what the status was, Oskara explained that they got all the evidence needed, and that she had killed the Slug he simply hung up, after some ran about, “this is what I said not to do” or something like that, Oskara really wasn’t listening.

Once they landed it was like arriving at the mall with the family for the day, the adults went to speak about big people things, and the kids just ran off and started spending all the money.

Looking to speak to Ota about getting her IPKC fixed, and reversing the bounty on them for killing Teemo as he said he could do, he was nowhere to be found. She immediately started getting this bad feeling about Ota, “very convenient for him to not be here.”

Both Pash and Oskara explained the negotiations with Duke Piddock the new Duke handling the matters of arms. They showed Nyn the weapons and explained the cost, delivery options, etc. Nyn was very happy with what was being offered, and after some negotiating agreed to give them a cut on each deal, and a bonus when making the transport runs themselves. Oskara then proceeded to explain that she had made a very special friend while there and that this friend was interested in acquiring things very unique to Ryloth, with shipment into the Correlian system. Nyn was very pleased by this, the connection was made and they would be the runners for this. This would be more money in the hold for them, but still in the back of her mind was her IPKC.

From there both Pash and Oskara decided to walk the market and get some much needed supplies before they move on. They contact Grabow who howled about being in the medical supplies shop getting some new equipment and bacta. He kept saying how he “needs” to have a full tank installed on the ship ASAP, and some more things that Oskara simply stopped listening to as she heard the credits going right out the account.

Both Pash and Oskara cringed every few minutes as the datapad pinged for another purchase. When they saw the last ping of 1250 credits labeled “Down Payment for Custom Weapon – Bowcaster” that was the breaking point and the account was locked down. They started receiving commincation requests from Grabow, and Matthus, Lowrhick was being silent. Surprising.

Over the comm was Matthus, “I have a list here of things we are going to need for the ship”, he started rattling off a bunch of items which intrigued Oskara and did nothing for Pash, but once he started spitting out numbers they shut that down. “Get it cheaper” was all she said over the comm, and she looked over at Pash who was shaking his head. When Grabow got on the Comm, they broke it down that a full tank was NOT needed at the time, it would require the ship to be modified and they did not have the time and possibly the funds for something that big at the time. “The disappointed growl of wookiee is both sad and a little funny at the same time”, Oskara thought.

Both Pash and Oskara were not planning to really spend any money except on the ship, that was until she walked past, “Mods!”, the local mod shop. It was a very small shop as the demand for such things is so small here. She found herself a scope, and bipod mount for the new rifle. “Few credits here and there on herself for killing a Hutt”, she thought that was more than enough payment, until she found her new barrel for this weapon.

Apparently while she was shopping Pash found out that Lowrick found some legal hand to hand combat fighting. They both decided to check it out maybe place bets, this Lowrick was pretty fierce. When they arrived they caught the tail end of Lowrick knocking out a Barabel, he decided to double down and out walked one of the biggest Gamorreans that Oskara had ever seen, and spending time in Teemo’s Palace she has seen quite a few. The fight lasted a few minutes but in the end Lowrick fell, Oskara was honestly very surprised by this, and thought to herself, “How much did this cost us now!” Then out of nowhere Grabow walked into view and onto the ring, grunting something about the honor of a wookiee or something, and ….. “ONE THOUSAND CREDITS!” Oskara said loudly in surprise! Though no one really heard her say it over the crowd going crazy over another Wookiee / Gamorrean fight.
Grabow lasted a long time she was actually very impressed and from the looks she saw, so was everyone else. He was able to take a beating but couldn’t really dish it out. In the end he fell to his opponent.

Oskara watched the Wookiee’s walk back to the ship with a little less bounce in their steps, losing to a Gamorrean, she would defiantly not let them live this one down. When they got back to the ship there was a message from Anatta, telling them that they are required to return to Mos Shutta, and meet him in the Cantina. He spoke of Jabba’s wrath. Well rested and all agreeing they decided to head back, “who knows maybe the palace will be ours now” is all she could think.

Taking the new route W4 figured out, they were back in Tattonine much faster than Oskara wanted to be, but never the less here they were.


“Mods!” the mod shop made me laugh. Almost as good as “Spatula City” – the one stop for all ypur spatula needs…

+10 xp

Sunday Shopping with the family…

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