Star Wars: Scum and Villainy (and Profit)

Oskara's Return to Teemo's Palace...

Session Recap - 3.4.2015

Oskara looked over and was very pleased with herself, it’s been a long time since she had a night like that. This was a fine specimen of the female human, hopefully this would become a long partnership both financially and personally. She slipped herself out of the bed without disturbing Maru Jakkar, got dressed and walked back to her ship, chin up, and her new shoes over her shoulder. “This was going to be a good day”, Oskara said she walked to the ship.

Once back on the ship she found Pash passed out, and Grobow organizing the ship some more. She made her way to her bunk, and simply got dressed she didn’t want to wash off last night… Not yet. Once they were all ready they headed out to this ”Trellik Hive”, and Duke Dimmok. This Genosian wasn’t much better to look at then the last Duke, but he was her in to Teemo. After some time of convincing him that Teemo was a double crossing slime worm, he finally granted us permission to board “The Lucky Guess”. The ship those two human children own, “Oh Joy” was all that Oskara could think to herself.

In route to the Lucky Guess, Oskara noticed some Genosians in some odd places. Something didn’t seem right as it was fairly hard to tell the difference between a hostile or peaceful bug in Oskara’s eyes. She immediately took cover, she assumed Pash saw the same thing since he acted at the same time. Poor Grabow so concerned with his supplies was left in the open. Right away Pash opened fire, with Oskara following suit, she took out a Genosian that was on top of a roof trying to take out Pash. When he fell off the roof he opened a view point for her to spy on a Gand laying prone trying to take out Pash! He was doing just that too, he took out Pash’s cover, and started taking direct shots at him, she needed to end this asap. With the Gand distracted by Pash, and taking aim with her Rifle she managed to get the perfect shot off, gun came tumbling down but she heard moans. [[File:435968 | class=media-item-align-left | 200×200px | GandAlienNEGAS.png]]She swiftly made her way up the ladder to deal with the rest of these guys as she noticed Grabrow and Pash running towards the ship leaving her to deal with it alone. She would not forget that. The Gand just so happened to be Vrixx’tt, the Gand she met at the party last night, and what she is assuming is a Bounty Hunter. One shot to the head ended that hunt. She now picked up some nice new guns, genosian blasters, “This really is a turning out to be a good day”, Oskara said to herself as she walked to the ship.

During the trip to Mos Shuuta Oskara kept mostly to herself working on a program to try and hack into Teemo’s system and just download as much info as possible. This program will do the job she was sure of it, all she needed to do was plug in and execute. The humans babbled about nonsense while Grabow just looked over supplies. The wookiee definitely has OCD she was sure of it.

They landed down in Mos Shuuta at the same dock they took the Sand Devil from. Oskara found that the door was still broken from there escape, she was happy for that. One of the first thing she took notice of was the lack of Imperial presence this struck her as a little odd, but another favor on her side she thought.

It was time to find out how Teemo is using Mos Shutta to his advantage, and how she could use it to hers to see him burn. She was planning to stop off everywhere to find out what she could, he had to be pissing someone off.
Warehouse Aurek is where they found a parts dealer named Hotho Allarn, he had very loose lips and told them about parts Teemo was looking for. Even supplied them with old invoices, listed on them was parts for Battle Droids. Finally she was getting evidence, maybe Pash would stop crying about it soon.

From there they visited Vorn at the Junkyard. He tried to play dumb with them, but the moment Oskara said B1 Battle Droids he opened up. He pulled them to the back and explained how he is summoned to the palace from time to time to work on some old B1’s he couldn’t supply any hard evidence but that was enough.

Oskara made her way over by the Offworld Traders shop. “My day was just going so good, I just had to walk in there.” She thought to herself as she walked back to the ship. Bengra was simply useless, expect now she knew the chocolate that Teemo liked.

Once she got back to the ship the kids put Pash, Growbow and herself into crates and delivered them to the palace as planned. They were going in as part of the shipment to make it to the loading area of the palace with the hopes of having access to the terminal that’s in there.

The travel was uneventful and successful, within short time they were set down. The damn kid almost ruined the whole thing with his, “OK LOOKS LIKE WERE ALL DONE HERE!! WE’LL JUST BE ON OUR WAY THEN”….. Jackass.

After a period of time the crate opened up and Oskara found Pash standing next 41-Vex, she came across this droid a few times but didn’t know him. She knew right away all was good when she saw Grabow playing around with the Vibroaxe, it looked awkward in his hands but she was sure he would manage.

As she exited the crate she took note of the Restraining bolt on 41-Vex. She had some work to do..

Time to find that terminal!


Awesome! +10 XP! Love the little details like the Wookie having OCD. We’ll need to play that up more.


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