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Session Recap - 3.4.2015 - Grabow's Perceptive

Content Not Found: grabow_ noticed Oskara walking down the dock looking proud, of what he really didn’t want to know. He continued to try and manage all the supplies. The damn Twe’lik just threw it in here and left! “acoooh oaoohuanwa ohwo wohoworc wwahwhwa ra aoacahwhrr ahwh aoacahc scwocc?” _Content Not Found: grabow thought to himself the night before as he opened the first container.

As Oskara boarded and gave him a nod he could smell human on her. The last time he saw her was when she left for the party, he hopes this was not a bad sign she could be a little unpredictable.

Content Not Found: grabow_ really wanted to go up and figure out what the yelling was about between _Content Not Found: pash-edo and Oskara this time, but he had everything laid out in order and was starting to put everything in its correct place. Next thing he knew they were taking off, he was not expecting that so fast and some of the supplies got mixed up, he needed to get this sorted out before this wild pilot ruined it all. Though to his surprise they landed down fairly quickly and smoothly, he was grateful for that. He was also grateful to find out he would be left behind once again while they go meet with some other bug.

The R2 being his only companion when those two left for their social gatherings didn’t bother him one bit. The droid wasn’t bad, it didn’t stop whining about Oskara but aside from that it helped Content Not Found: grabow out here and there.

Oskara and Content Not Found: pash-edo_ returned in a rush telling him to gather supplies they would be leaving within minutes! All Content Not Found: grabow_ could think to himself was, “ohacraao aoacwo acwoanan acrahowo aoacwocwo aoohoo waoowhwo whoooh.” Unfortunately he knew what the end goal was and he was all for that. Content Not Found: teemo_ must be removed one way or another, and after talking to _Content Not Found: pash-edo about what they learned at the party they actually had a chance! He grabbed his med kit, belt, stimpacks and the Carbine Oskara let him “Borrow”. The R2 unit was left to Pilot the ship to Mos Shuuta in short time to be there escape, Content Not Found: grabow could only think about all the hard work he has done for it to be ruined by a droid.

As they were leaving the ship Grabow being the Doctor that he is thought about the well-being of their prisoner Trex, and thought that he should instruct the R2 to feed him. This is what he thought about as he walked down the dock. This must be why he missed Oskara and Pash jump for cover as Genosians opened fire on them! “waoo rooohu aoohoo akahcc akwoooakanwo oowwww wohoworcroohacworcwo rooohu rroo?!?” was all that Grabow yelled as he saw them exchanging weapons fire and he ducked for cover!

Grabow took in the situation and what was happening around him, he noticed all the points of fire, took in where is companions were and started to work out the plan. Then Pash’s cover exploded! “horarcahrarhanwoc, ah acraaowo horarcahrarhanwoc!” Grabow thought to himself. He was in trouble and he needed to be ready, he tried laying down some cover fire for Pash to get out of there but was to unfamiliar with this weapon and missed wide, and Pash didn’t act on it anyways. As he looked over to check on Oskara she was steady and relaxed, and almost enjoying this. She took out one Genosian and then fired at the wall? It didn’t matter because after that shot he heard someone yelling to stand down and they started flying off. Pash injured ran past and Oskara took off towards the rooftop that she was firing at!

Feeling she could handle herself Grabow followed Pash to try and tend to his injuries, thankfully it was nothing. He pulled out a Stimpack and jabbed it into Pash’s side grabbed him and half dragged half carried him towards this small cargo ship. When they arrived they found more weapons in their faces. Grabow was really reconsidering his choices in companions at this point.

Pash explained who they were and who invited them on-board and they were accepted without issue, he got to work on Pash right away tending to the wounds. He laid out all of his medical tools in their place, and using bandages that were pre-cut all to the exactly same length, and pre-measured solvents all in their own containers. To any on-looker it would appear that he was a bit odd, to Grabow he was being efficient and orderly. As he was getting his supplies out, both Pash and he took note of the striding Oskara, with yet more weapons. “aoacahc ohooscrawh ahc rrooahwhrr aooo rrwoao huc orahananwowa, oorc scraorwo huc wwrascoohuc.” was all he could think.

He watched her walk right up to them and drop some pistol on Pash’s chest causing him to wince in pain. “It was the Gand from last night, Vrixx’tt, I assume he was trying to collect on the bounty. He won’t be an issue anymore. He asked me to give that to you, said it may help you shoot better.” Then she walked off to a corner by herself, and started looking over the new rifle.

After patching up Pash’s wounds and tending to the minor blows him and Oskara took he sat down with the pair and went over the plan of taking down Teemo. Now that a plan had been established he was happy there was finally direction.

[[File:437080 | class=media-item-align-right | 250×250px | Tattoine.jpg]]

Grabow was not happy about being back in Mos Shuuta. He had no issues with Teemo to the magnitude of these two, but he was understood the source of all their problems. He wanted to believe that this Twe’lik could take him out, but at the same time he was on the same mindset of Pash. So he urged them on to gather evidence throughout the town which they managed to do.

Now it was time for Phase 2, the part of the plan that he was not looking forward to at all. As the crate closed his hair started to matt to his body from the sweat, and he thought to himself, “ohacro rasc ah wwooananooohahwhrr aoacahc akanrawh? ohacraao ohrac ah aoacahwhorahwhrr!” Between the heat from this planet, and his lack of desire for closed spaces, he was hard pressed mentally. Grabow on the verge of passing out from the heat didn’t even hear what was going on outside the crate, it felt like a lifetime when the crate opened to find Pash. Without haste and pushing past the human he got out and steadied himself quickly realizing where he was. He took notice of the Droid helping Pash and was a little concerned, this wasn’t part of the plan. He searched around as they headed towards what he figured to be Oskara’s crate, and found himself a Vibro-Axe. He would be ready this time if need be…



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