Star Wars: Scum and Villainy (and Profit)

Let's Go To The Mall, Today!

The party finished healing while parking in deep space off of Tatooine. They then headed for Ryloth to settle accounts with Ota, Nyn Kablo and the Twi’lek Miner’s Union.

Mathus hacked into the Bounty Hunter Guild’s system and determined that Trex did not have a bounty on him. Oskara wanted to see if he could lift the block on her license, but he had to unjack quickly after almost getting caught. The 2 wookies and Oskara worked Trex over for a bit, and then dumped him out of the airlock for his crimes against humanity (including Wookies).

There was a message waiting for them when they entered orbit over Ryloth. Anatta, Jabba’s Toydarian “gossip”, wanted them to immediately contact him. Oskara did and let him know that Teemo had been killed. Anatta told him that this was precisely what they should NOT have done, and hung up.

After landing at Nabat and making arrangements for the refuel and restock of the “Sand Devil” they took the cargo to Nyn. She was pleased with the Geonosian guns, and definitely wanted to set up a regular delivery schedule with Duke Piddock. Oskara and Pash volunteered to do the transport, and also managed to weasel their way in to a cut of each deal for helping to facilitate the contact in the first place.

They also discussed setting up shipments of spice to Corellia through Oskara’s contact Maru Jakkar. Nyn was very pleased with this, since the independent Twi’lek miners were having a hard time competing against the oligarchs that control most of Ryloth’s exports.

Ota was not on planet to discuss what he could do about Teemo’s bounty, so the party went shopping for supplies. Oskara managed to find a bipod and scope for her blaster rifle. After some discrete inquiries, Lowrhick managed to find an armorer willing to make him a bowcaster for the low, low price of 2500 credits (1250 down, 1250 at delivery). Grabow procured a number of medical supplies for the ship (bacta, synthskin, medpacs, etc.). He also priced a portable bacta tank, but decided it was too expensive and could be gotten cheaper on a more Coreward system.

Mathus went to a computing center and managed to crack the encryption on Teemo’s datapad in only 2 hours work. The data pad was full of evidence that Teemo had been spying on Jabba and was undercutting him on key deals. In addition, it had dirt on a number of local underworld figures that Teemo had dealt with. Definitely a resource that could come in handy.

Mathus also went shopping for some tech gear that he could use to more fully take advantage of his abilities. Unfortunately, the gear proved too expensive, and the shopkeeper did not like his inquiries about restricted electronics. Mathus left the store quickly, and did not notice that he had a tail.

After discussing the bowcaster’s schematics with the armorer for several hours, Lowrhick left his shop and went looking for a fight club. He quickly found one, and the rest of the party arrived one-by-one to watch him fight. In the first bout he defeated a Barabel quite quickly, but then lost to a huge Gamorrean. Grabow could not let this insult to Wookie honor pass, and stepped into the ring. His fight with the Gamorrean was epic, but ultimately the Grabow lost and the party was out around a 1000 credits. By this time Mathus had finally noticed his “escort”, and let the rest of the party know. With two semi-conscious Wookies and a possible security situation brewing, the party decided that it was time to return to their ship.

When they returned to the ship there was another message from Anatta demanding that they return to Tatooine immediately and meet with him at the Mos Shuuta cantina. He stressed that with his help, the party might survive Jabba’s wrath.

Before leaving Nabat, the party found a potential buyer for several of the holding cells in cargo bay 3.

R2-W4 plotted a new route direct from Ryloth to Tatooine, and the party was in orbit once again before they knew it.



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