Star Wars: Scum and Villainy (and Profit)

Just a hop, skip and hyperjump to freedom

9-16-2015 Episode

No problems landing at Taanab. Fuel cost us 2000 cr but the dock fee was only 100 cr. Osk is still being moody and mostly stays in her bunk. Mathus asks me to oversee the refueling. He has to do something. In between monitoring the fuel I check for any messages. There is a massage from Brinn. That brings a smile to me. At least she still calls me. I listen to the message. Seems Trex’s hatch mates are looking for Trex. “Damn tenacious Transdocians”. Brinn says she has not seen me for weeks and has not seen Trex for months. She says they were heading to Temo’s since Trex was working for Temo last. She is not sure what Anatta will tell them. “Frick and a half. I hope that Toydorian keeps his beak shut.” I check back on the fuel. When it is done I reset the fuel filter and check the disconnect. Afterwards I check around on the holonet to see if anyone has the heavy mount and the heavy cables for the quad laser. Nothing, but some guy from 1 of the yards I checked with says that he thinks he remembers a dealer on Roche that may have the heavy mount. Roche is way off our path and we are several days behind schedule getting to Jabba’s mine. In the morning we leave Taanab. The next jump to Antillies only takes a ½ day. “Love this hyperdrive” Antillies is just a way point. Wally re-calculates for Kashyyk. While in hyperspace to there. I check the radiation levels in the engine room. All reading normal. I put the space suit in the locker. Mathus gives me the worried look. I tell him “Radiation is normal. Stop worrying. By the way, can we figure out how to operate this?” I pull out the lightsaber I found from my coat pocket. Between Mathus and I we figure out which end generates the saber beam. That the power pack is charged. Just cant figure how to generate the beam. I put it away in my pocket for now. We drop out of hyperspace on the fringe of Kashyyk system. We don’t want to alert any Imperials. Wally tells me we can bypass Randon and go straight to Chalata. “Good Boy” I double check his calculations. They look real good. I enter it and we are there in 1-1/2 days. Lorwick has been getting restless. “Crazy walking fuzz rug” Osk is still avoiding everyone on the ship. “Maybe she misses her girlfriend Maru? Never mind I don’t want to know. At least it is quiet and everything is running smooth” I take some time to hide the 3 Imperial blasters at strategic points around the ship. 1 in the cockpit. 1 by the loading ramp and 1 under the game table in the lounge. 3 hours later Lorwick in one of his moods rips the game table out of its mount. I go to him “What the Frick were you thinking!” He starts hooping and pointing. Not a clue what he was saying. I say “Fix the frickin table!” He starts hooping again. Best I can figure he is sorry but he is not sure he can fix it. I think he actually got Mathus to fix it. We come out of hyperspace with a little shudder but nothing major.
Next we are on to Nimban. We are making good time now. Only problem are these short jump, stop, re-calculate, jump again. At Nimban we re-calculate for Steheyon. When we exit hypersapce we hit a large piece of spacejunk and suffer some minor damage. Steheyon is an industrial world. I check for a repair facility. I find a Toydorian named Gatto that has a shipyard where we can make repairs. At his shop Gatto and I get to talking. He has a heavy mount and the heavy cabling for the quad laser. I show him the quad, the 4 motivators and the empty Tibanna gas canister. He says he can mount it. I ask him how much? He says 1000 cr and he has a Full Tibanna gas canister for 300 cr and he gets the empty one. He can have it done in a little under 2 hours. I say “Deal!” When I get back to the ship. There is a message from the Lucky Guess. “Delivery complete, still on Ryloth. Awaiting any other shipments or are we clean on our debt? Let me know ASAP – Orpa” I check the account. 15,000 cr added right on schedule. I need to call them. Might need to pay the refueling on the Lucky Geuss by now. Just then there is a call coming in. It is Salk from the repair shop on Tatooine where we got the new engines from. He says 2 Trandocians came to his shop. They followed the transponder code from the old engines out of our ship. They forced him to give them the transponder code for the engines he sold to us. They killed all his Jawa workers. They seem to be looking for their hatchmate named Trex. I tell Salk we will take care of the Transdocians and do something for his shop when we get back to Tatooine. It may not be for a couple of weeks. He says these guys are mean and are out for blood. After I hang up with him I call Anatta. Fricken Toydorian is actually cordial for once. He asks about our progress. I tell him we are at Steheyon getting some minor repairs and should be out of here latter today. Another day and we will be at the mine and then we can give him our report. He says “Good….Very Good, by the way. I had a visit from 2 Transdocians looking for Trex. You would not have any idea where he is, would you?” I say “No. I have not seen him since we left Tatooine months ago.” He says “OK. I sent them packing out of here but I think they are going to look for you anyway.” I ask him “Do you have any shipments you need moved? I got someone over on Ryloth that owes me money looking for a run. If not you, how about Jabba?” He says “ I don’t have anything. I will ask Bid Fortuna if Jabba has anything to move. Let me get back to you” We hang up. I then go help Mathus and Wally fix the loose panels on the topside. We are almost done when I hear the engines in their start up sequence. I look at Mathus. He gives me a shrug. I shut the engines down with the beck on call. We go back to welding. A few minutes later Gatto says the quad laser is mounted and hooked up. CH1 then comes outside the ship. In his monotone demeanor. He claims we need to leave……right now! I ask him “why?” He explains that he has rescued a driod from slavery and we need to hide him and leave right now. Mathus says Wally can complete the welding while we are in flight. I slide off the edge of the ship by the ramp. When I get inside there is an odd medical droid inside pacing back and forth calculating on the chance of him getting caught and whether they will disassemble him or melt him down. I look at CH1. He says “He needs our help” I say “Frick and a half. Help me get him in the hidden compartment under the floor panel.” Mathus runs past and says he will prep the engines for start up. I run down the ramp to Gatto. He asks “ What is going on?” I say “Got to run. 1300 cr, are we clear?” He says “Yes.” I pay him and run back up the ramp and head to the bridge. Mathus has the engines warmed up. I lift us off while Wally is still welding topside and the ramp is not closed yet. I pivot the Devil and put her in a steep climb. “Hold on everyone!” CH1 goes down to the ventral gun turret. Not sure the quad in the dorsal turret works yet and I don’t want to test it in combat to find out it doesn’t. Traffic is heavy and I have to do some fancy flying to avoid it. There are 3 of those dual pod cloud car patrol craft shooting at us and catching up fast. I try to keep them in CH1s field of fire. Watching the sensors He soon takes out 1 patrol, then 2 then all 3 are gone. Before we reach orbit I tell someone to get Wally down through the upper hatch. He is a little singed but gives us the OK that the weld is complete and sealed. I punch it to far orbit. I run the calculations for our next hyperjump for Kessel. Check the calculations. Enter them into the navcomputer and slide us into hyperspace. Kessel here we come…. at .5 faster then light speed. Fastest hunk of junk in the Galaxy…


Nice! I really like how you capture the feel of a lot of different stuff going on with the crew and the ship!

I’m going to have to post a recap this week to cover some of the narrative from other PC’s viewpoints.

+10 xp


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