Star Wars: Scum and Villainy (and Profit)

I Command This Boat And Don’t You Forget It

Episode 11-11-2015

So Osk, Marv, CH1, Mathus, The Admin Droid and I sit in Marv’s quaters/office discussing the fate of the droids waiting in the bunker room. CH1 is opposed to a memory wipe. We are all in agreement the droids that had restraining bolts were unwilling participants in the revolt. The main problem is the 9 B1 droids that are left. I ask Mathus if he can not do a full wipe? Just back them up to a point before the EV supervisor droid arrived. CH1 still does not like this idea. Marv says “The B1s were working fine before the EV showed up here 6 months ago. Afterward they seemed to be slacking off.” I mention the fact that B1s are still illegal and their choices are stay here to work and survive or leave, get caught and destroyed. Mathus says Wally and him may be able to back them up to a previous point and then re-boot them. At this point we hear some commotion coming from the other office. When I go look in there. I find Lowhhrick hiding something behind his back. He says “Nothing here, sorry bother” I ask ”What are you hiding?” He shows me the safe in his hand. When I tell him to put it down and get out. He looks at where the safe was sitting. Below it is another safe in the floor. I tell him to put that safe back on top of the other and we will open it later. Mathus after 1 hour says they have the 1st of the B1 droids backed up to a point before the EV showed up. The B1says he is willing to work to survive. Good job guys. I ask Mathus as to how long it will take him to go through all the droids and each to get an oil bath. He replies “ about a day, maybe a little longer.” The miners collect all the dead bodies and there is a small ceremony for them. They place the bodies outside the air curtain to preserve them till transport arrives to return them to their homes. I take some time to record the entire facility and list all equipment, resources, provisions, miners left, droids left and any odd tools. We eventually get the 2nd safe open. There are only old documents in there tracing back to who owned the mine prior to Temo winning it in a dice game. It was owned by Zen Xisor. I read that name 3 times in awe. That guy is a Black Sun underlord. A really bad guy to cross. All the documents are dated over 6 years ago. Lowhhrick then finds an old 1000 cr Colonial coin in the bottom of the 2nd safe. I let him keep it for finding this safe. I have Marv make sure that his upcoming shipment has an astromech droid on it. Takes a few hours the next day but Mathus and Wally are done with all the droids. They go over the maintenance schedule and oil bath procedures with Marv’s semi-mechanic. We put the Admin driod in charge of scheduling. We return the 48,000 cr to the main safe for them to operate and we high tail it out of there.
Back on the Sand Devil. We stow any loose items. Mathus warm the engines up. Wally starts the calculations for us to jump to Teth. It takes us only about 8 hours to get there. When we come out of hyperspace. I can see the Imperial Star Destroyer heading off at 90 degrees to our port. When it gets out of Teth’s gravity well. It jumps to hyperspace. Wow, lucky for us. We get clearance to land at port #2 – level 3 – docking bay 56945. Osk is still being anti-social so I let her be moody in her bunk. I place a few calls. The 1st to Miss Brynn at the Mos Shuuta control station on Tattooine. When the holo comes up with her face there is a smile from ear to ear when she sees it is me. I throw on the charm. I really, really need to get her out on a date when we get back there. I ply out of her the info on Trex’s 3 hatch mates looking for me. They are flying a modified Fire Spray. I think to myself “FRICK. We are already out gunned.” I promise to take her to the Palace when I get back. Next I call Elmo. Elmo’s smirk on the holo when it appears is a great relief. I tell him to watch his back. I got a trio of Transdocians on the hunt after by back side. They might come looking for me there. He inquires as to what I did. I tell him “You don’t want to know. Just be careful. They fly a Firespray. Oh By The Way. I may need you to pick up a Z93 Headhunter over on Coruscant but I will let you know.” He says “Sure. You be careful with Transdocians on a blood hunt.” We hang up. An automated message pops from Coruscant. It is the Dock master. Hopefully it is good news about the Z93. I call him. He tells me he has a buyer for the Z93 but he will only pay 25,000 cr. I tell him “Do it. 12-1/2 for him, 12-1/2 for us.” He will set it up. I check the computer. Seems Lowhhrick is looking up coin dealers on this out of the way rock. I hope he finds 1. I next run the BOSS code for info on the Firespray. It is brand new off the Kuat yard lot. “FRICK ! ! ! , Forward Mounted Auto-Blasters, Forward Mounted Light Tractor Beam Projector, Forward Mounted Concussion Missile Launcher, Level 4 Armor, Top speed of 4. Well I may be able to outrun it.” There is another automated message coming in from Trevos. It says that he has another run from Drall to Ryloth. I call him back . He says same as the last run 4 weeks ago. 15,000 cr. I tell him I will check my ship that did it the run the last time and call him right back. I put a call to the Lucky Guess. “I hope they are still on Ryloth.” Orpa answers. She says they are still sitting on Ryloth. They did a couple of short runs around the area. Only 1000 cr each but nothing like what we do. I tell them “I have another run for them. Drall to Ryloth. Same shipment as 4 weeks ago. When they complete this run. There is a 5000 cr bonus and they are free and clear of their debt. I don’t have anything going in the other direction.” Orpa says that is OK. They still are good on fuel. She also says she wants to continue to do runs for us since we get the bigger shipments. I tell her “No Problem.” I warn them about the Transdocians and the Firespray. I tell them I will call the contact that they are on the way for the pick up at Drall.” I call Trevos back and tell him that the Lucky Guess will be there in a few days for the pick up. After I hang up I notice how late it is. I grab my coat and head out to find a bite to eat, drink and a good Sabbac game. A few blocks away from the dock is a place called Herman’s Emporium and Chance. Inside it is all done up in red velvet. Gaudy but clean. I grab some dinner and a drink at the bar. Afterwards I squeeze into a friendly Sabbac game. There is a MonCalmari, A Rodan, A Human, A Tel’wik and a Quarren. 500 cr is the buy in with 100 / anti. I grab a seat between the Human an the Rodan. 1st hand goes to the MonCalmari. Then I pull a natural 23 on the 2nd hand. I loose the next 2 hands. We all push the following 2 hands then finally I win the 7th hand. Small talk is loose. I spin a tail that I am a down and out trader named Justafa, just trying to pull a few credits to keep my old boat flying. Mostly the runs are the wrong way. I’m just trying to get back to the outer rim along the Corellian Run. Fash Simma the MonCalmari says that he has freight in need to go to Smugglers Run. I win a portion of the next hand. I inquire “How much freight and how much you willing to spend to get it there?” He says “7000 cr for 4 crates, no questions asked.” I tell him “Sure, I can do that for 7000 cr. Luckily a card flips and I win the whole pot with a 23. Next hand starts. Just then I see the engine power up light blink red on my Beck-On-Call. Not paying attention to the game and more to the BOC I loose that hand. Gauging how much time I have for the Devil to power up. I bow out and collect my 1200 cr. I tell Fash I will call him in a little while. When I get back to the dock. I can clearly see CH1 sitting in my seat attempting to steal my ship. The nerve or should I say short circuit that droid has. Then Lowhhrick sneaks out the ramp before it closes. “Where the frick is he going now?” Well anyway, I will show that dumb droid a ride he will not soon forget. I let him lift off. I have to adjust his control or he would have hit the pylon to the port side of the ship that he cant see. Then I hear my com go off. It is Mathus screaming about what is happening. I pull control away from CH1. Put the Devil in a steep full speed climb. Roll 6 or 7 times to the Port side and then do an immelmann. Then I bring her down to the dock. I am standing at the edge of the dock and make sure that bucket of bolts in my seat sees me. When the Devil is back on duracrete. I open the ramp. At the top of the ramp I grab the E11 blaster I have hidden there. I pass Mathus in the starboard access tube on the way to the cockpit. He is a bit space sick green and heading for the fresher. I get to the cockpit. Wally is plugged into the computer shaking his dome. CH1 slowly turns to me. I have the E11 pointed right at him. Now the argument starts. (CH1)”I was just borrowing the ship to go to Formos.” (Pash)”We past Formos yesterday?” (CH1) “I have need to reach Formos. I must complete a bounty” (Pash)“So take the nearest Fricken taxi or use your thumb digit. Now get out of my seat !” (CH1) ”rusted boat only takes freight to out of the way places. Not where I need to go” (Pash) ”Not my fault. You don’t like where I take this boat. You are free to leave her and go where you want” (CH1)”Anatta would not like that” (Pash)”So you are keeping tract of us for that fricken Toydorian?” (CH1)”Took you this long to figure that out? Not as smart as you think” (Pash)”Remind me to shoot that fricken Toydirian when I see him. Why Formos? We have a delivery to make in the other direction to Smugglers Run. Plus we still need to drop off the payment to Jabba on the way. You know Jabba? He is Anatta’s boss.” (CH1)”Formos not far” (Pash)”Its 4 hours to Formos. 4 hours back. That leaves you 16 hours to kill this guy or I am leaving your plated backside there. Maybe, just maybe we will find and pick up Lowhhrick when we get back here.” (CH1)”I need not 16 hours to eliminate target” (Pash)”You better. Now get out of my seat ! I need to make a call and have them deliver some freight here before we go. AND, You ever try to steal my ship I will make sure that you cant reach where I shove the thermal detonator” CH1 gets up and leaves the cockpit. I calmly sit down, close the door and call Fash. I tell him where to deliver the 4 crates. In 45 minuets when they get here, I put them in Cargo #1. They each have electronic locks on them. I pull out a stencil. I mark each with (Medical Waste). “That should keep even the dumbest customs inspector from trying to open them. “Wally, Please calculate us a trajectory to Formos” As I lift the Devil off I think “We will be back tomorrow to pick up Lowhhrick. I hope. He may do dumb things, but at least I can trust him with my back”



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