Star Wars: Scum and Villainy (and Profit)


Grabow - Session 3.18.15

Grabow was never one for hand weapons, he is more comfortable with his fists but this Vibroaxe was something he couldn’t pass up. They may be fun, though he was still unsure how he got mixed up with these two, every time he thought about it he just shook his head.

He paid attention to them the best he could but they always seem to be all over the place, so much chaos just drove him insane. He wished they would just sit back and plan some stuff out, this Oskara seemed to have good on head on her shoulders, it’s such a shame she rarely used it to plan out things, it’s always shoot this or shoot that! Grabow just decided to follow them for now, bandage them when, not if, they get hurt.

When he entered the communications room and server room he was very happy, everything was where it was supposed to be, not like on the ship where shit is just thrown everywhere. Grabow actually started motioning towards Pash and Oskara behind their backs by spreading his arms around in a silent, “Look this is what clean looks like!”

He watched Pash walk towards the computer almost in slow motion, he knew nothing good could come of it, and it didn’t. In his mind it was if when Pash sat down the computers simply stopped working, then people on comms and the Vibroaxe was at the ready. It seemed like every time he was with these two outside of the ship his life was in danger. All Grawbow ever wanted to do was heal people, not himself!

On the move again, they mentioned something about another Wookiee which peaked his interest, if there was another of his kind captive here he would be there to free him. Grabow was thinking that this Mathus guy may be handy, he would put a lid on Oskara thinking she was a splicer, and Pash thinking he can touch a computer, and he was helping them navigate, things are looking up in his eyes. They made their way to the cells and started freeing others, and there he was Lowhhrick, another of his kind. They are so far and few it’s always a great feeling to see and meet another. Grabow felt an instant connection to this Wookiee.

On the way back to the server room the two just talked quietly. When they come upon the workshop they found two of Teemo’s men there, without even saying a word, just giving each other the same glance they rush the pair. Grabow is so relieved to be next to another Wookiee again. Once those two are dealt with, he and Lowhhrick decided to head outside and start getting the landing pad cleared out. Once again they rush the guards and manage to just throw them off. He was much happier now, maybe just maybe things are really starting to look up! Then he heard the arguing.

“But he must die!” is all he heard coming out of Oskara’s mouth. His hand went up to his forehead and all he could think was, “aoacworo rarcwo rrooahwhrr aooo rrwoao scwo orahananwowa…”

Grabow was just watching and not listening to anything as they all argued and then he was Oskara walk back into the building checking her ammo, Pash shaking his head, and Lowhhrick smiling and walking right behind her. He came to learn that they were friends when Oskara was here, so he was happy to help her with whatever she was doing. So he decided to stick with Lowhhrick, they worked well together so far might as well continue the trend.

When Grabow got inside he noticed Oskara going off to the hallway they freed the slaves from, but Lowhhrick was heading to the main entrance. It’s as if he just knew what Oskara was going to do, maybe they planned it out in advance when she was here before who knows, he followed Lowhhrick.
An explosion almost rocked Grabow out of his skin, with that Lowhhrick took off, Grabow still trying to understand what’s happening just followed and kept pace. The next thing he saw was Gumorians, and Humans alike all ready to defend… a dead Hutt? Grabow while running took in the scene of the crushed Hutt under the chandelier who was still twitching but clearly dead. He thought to himself, he wouldn’t even know where to begin to try and help, as he was cut off almost literally by a gomorian and his axe.

This was not Grabow’s forte, he healed and fought when needed, and this big ass axe was not helping. He was just about to drop the axe when he was hit hard in the leg, so hard that axe dropped right next to him on the floor. He was hurt and just about to die when blaster bolts flew over his head and silence had fallen. Next he felt the rush of a stimpak course through his veins, then he was being dragged.

Vision blurred, sometimes going black from pain, his hearing seemed like he was underwater, he knew he was hurt bad. “BOOM!” he shot his eyes open, he was inside the ship he knew, and there was smoke. He started to slip out again, and the ship started to shake, and he heard explosions. He thought he was dreaming it all and let himself succumb to the darkness and sleep.

Hum of the warp engines and some heated talks in the distance….

Silence, hum of the ship, but not warp, they were idle. Then Oskara was there, she was doing something with his leg as she faded away.


Nice! +10 XP


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