Star Wars: Scum and Villainy (and Profit)

A long, strange trip...

Crew fuels up the “Hand of Sorrow” in Tanaab.

Pash supervises while Mathus upgrades CH-1. CH-1 owes him one.

Pash gets a call from Brinn that some Trandoshans were looking for Trex in Mos Shuuta. They are his clan mates. She hopes that Pash is somewhere safe and far away.

Lowhhrick gets a call from “one of the girls” at the Palace with the same information. She tells him Anatta was able to get rid of them, but not without some effort. Anatta was not pleased. She warns Lowhhrick to stay away – she’s worried about him. Trandoshans and Wookies don’t mix well.

They get underway. Many small jumps.

Lowrhhick and CH-1 have several training fights in the “gym” that they have set up in the engine room, until one time Lowhhrick gets overenthusiastic and disables CH-1’s left arm.

After this, Lowrhhick is bored and gets drunk and rips the holochess table out of its mounts. Lowhhrick passes out, and Pash throws him in one of the holding cells in cargo bay 3. Mathus gets to work repairing the table.

Pash hides the 3 carbine blasters that they acquired from the Nikto bounty hunter around the ship. 1 in the cockpit. 1 by the loading ramp and 1 under the game table in the lounge.

At one of their stops, there is a message waiting from Anatta for CH-1. Anatta asks CH-1 to find out what happened to Trex. Is the “Hand of Sorrow” really the “Krayt Fang”? He tells CH-1 that having some Trandoshans on a blood hunt is one of the worst things that can happen to a person. He tells CH-1 to protect the party if they encounter the Trandoshans – they are valuable to Jabba now since he invested in them.

Pash leaves a message for Orpa and Vex Vio to stay away from Tatooine after they are done with their runs.

CH-1 asks Pash what happened to Trex, and Pash fills him in.

Pash gets a message from the Salk, the shipyard owner in Mos Eisley where they swapped the engines. He has been badly beaten, and his Jawa helpers killed. The Trandoshans tracked the “Krayt Fang” engines to his yard using the BoSS codes. He admitted to swapping the engines, but could not tell them where the group was now. They forced him to give them the BoSS codes for the “Hand of Sorrow” engines. Pash promises to make it up to him the next time they are back in Mos Eisley.

CH-1 plants message on several “Merc for hire” boards that Trex was spotted in Ord Mantel. He offers a bounty for Trex.

The party lands at Steheyon, and Pash finds a shipyard where they have mounts for a quad cannon. Gatto, the shipyard owner, also has canisters of Tibanna gas for sale. Pash deals with him and his workers start mounting the quad on the top gun mount.

CH-1 and Lowhhrick leave the ship to wander around. The planet uses a lot of slave labor, both humanoid and droid. CH-1 is increasingly bothered by the number of “restrained” droids that he sees, and strikes up a conversation with a Medical Assistant Droid. It does not really want to be freed, but CH-1 forces the issue and removes its restraining bolt anyway. The medical droid panics, and thinks it will now be treated as a runaway. CH-1 shepherds it to the shipyard where the “Hand of Sorrow” is being worked on. Several police attempt to stop him, and he kills them. More police show up, and attract Lowhhrick. Lowwhrick and CH-1 engage in a running gunfight to get back to the ship, with the medical droid protesting the entire way. Lowhhrick uses his bowcaster to blow up a mobile gun platform.

They get back to the ship just as the install is being completed. Pash is confused, but takes off. R2-W4 completes the final welds as the crew engages in a dogfight with some cloud cars attempting to stop them. They blow up 4 before the traffic clears enough that Pash can get the ship out of orbit, complete the jump calculations, and make the jump into hyperspace. R2-W4 is singed, but otherwise okay. Mathus takes him away to service him.

Looking at the mercenary forums, CH-1 acquires a job from some “shippers” in a nearby system. They need help with a rival shipper that has been treating them unfairly with his hired muscle. CH-1 promises to visit them after they are done with the mine job.


Now will someone listen to me that we need to change the name of the ship?
Besides … We still have to finish dealing with the Mine and so trigger happy B1 droids.
I have some ideas after we are done there.
If everything is not in shambles afterwards.

A long, strange trip...

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